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Foal Star

Happy New Years!



This story is a sequel to A study on Sodium Polyacrylate

Its been five years since the diaper project. Things have gone realitvley well In Ponyville. Except for the fact that there has been a epidemic of ponies having bedwetting issues and Celestia is the latest victim. To combat ruined sheets, emberassing excuses and messy clean ups Luna proposes a solution to diaper up the bedwetters. That also includes princess Celestia as well...

Cover art: evilfrenzy

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Comment posted by Rapak deleted Jan 31st, 2019

It looks Amazing and cute as well too you did an great job on this fic. Foal star.

thank you. Im glad people are loving it.

Yeah. So are there going to be more of this fics or taking an break of them also. You welcome also I like your oc as well too

And. I. Don't like it people hated your stories. Or anyone tories that they make of t. Like it hard to make them even making good and cute or fun ideas in the stories

Well, ill be tryung to finish uo some of my other age regression stroies and my Trixie story if possible.

Oh okay im hope they are pretty good and cute as well stories. Alo are their going to more of ocs stories as well too.

Also I hope your trying your best to finish them.

Ok who’s the two meanies that are thumbs downing your comments?

Probably just trolls.

Please tell me this is getting another chapter. It’s awesome!

Interesting. This leaves for a lot of open possibilities. Was it Discord who started all this? Perhaps he had summoned the meteor that Flurry found and used, without knowing, to make all ponies need diapers like she did?

Perhaps Discord and Luna were teaming up to play a super prank on Celestia?

Or, perhaps, could Mrs. Paddington being used again by another vengeful pony who wishes to make the regals feel a little less... well... regal?

Lots of little possibilities on the before, during, and after with this one. :)

going need a diaper supplies to deviled special enchanting diaper!

Do you have a diaper fetish or....?
Because most of the stories your write have something to do with diapers or babies

Yes, I do have a diaper fetish lol....But I prefer to write non sexual stories with diapers

what started your diaper fetish, hmm?

Im not sure? it just happened while I was in a dark place in my life.

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