• Published 23rd Dec 2018
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Padding Pearl's Life Out - PaddedPearl

A young mare goes in for a job interview. Things seem a little too... Padded out for her liking.

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Employee Induction

Pearl awoke with a start. She was laying on her bed, her head fuzzy and her eyes half-lidded. Everything felt groggy and sluggish as she sat up. Why did her head feel so weird...? She could barely remember the last day, everything was a blur. Had that job interview gone well...?

Slowly, she rolled off the bed, panting as she felt her butt heavily drag her down. Had she been eating too much, or something? Why was her butt so heavy?

Pearl shook it off, yawning sweetly as she waddled into her bathroom, looking at herself in her mirror. With a sleepy smile, she grabbed a brush, fluffing up her mane and neatening it up.

Once she was done with that, she splashed some water in her face, yawning cutely as she dried herself off. And as she turned, stepped back into her bedroom, and saw her mirror, it all clicked.

She was wearing a diaper. And her curtains were open. Her hooves shook. She felt a desperate need to close her curtains, but... She couldn't push herself to do it. Here she was, standing in her apartment, whimpering meekly as she saw ponies passing by outside, flying past, doing things in their own apartment. And her heart skipped several beats as she saw people looking at her, giving her strange looks before going about their days.

The mare quickly dashed out of her bedroom, blushing hotly as she felt herself almost, for the slightest second, get stuck in her doorway. Memories, fuzzy memories, were coming back. She remembered yesterday, it hadn't just been a diapered walk home...

Pearl was waddling through the street, giggling to herself when she suddenly walked smack-bang into a mare who had been looking elsewhere. She was white, with a curly purple mane, and gorgeous violet eyes. She let out a light yelp as she bounced backward, looking at Pearl with irritation, which quickly turned to confusion as she saw the diapered mare. Pearl giggled, and turned, swaying her padded butt in the unicorn's face.

"Sorry ma'am! I guess my silly sissy butt didn't see you there!" She said, with a dazed giggle. The unicorn stammered, watching it sway, blinking rapidly as she tried to clear the image of the DeltaCorp's spiral logo from her vision. It seemed to stick in her vision, distracting her, as she watched that diaper sway...

And then it was over.
"I'll be on my way! I wouldn't want to slow you down or anything!" Pearl said, with a giggle, happily trotting off.

Oh Celestia... I... I humiliated myself in front of her. She feels familiar somehow... Like a celebrity or something. Man, if she's actually famous I think I'd die!

A set of three loud, sharp knocks her front door startled Pearl, jolting her upright.

She shakily waddled her way to her door. The thought of removing her diaper never even occurred to her, it just felt so natural to have the huge, soft cloud of pillowy warmth between her legs, despite the waddle she had in her step.

Gently easing her door open, she peered out into the hallway outside her apartment. She squirmed ever so meekly, slightly relieved, slightly... disappointed... that no-one was there. All she could see was a large, faintly blue coloured steel box, with cute whales and rainbows and unicorns printed on it, sitting innocently in front of her door. It was about the size of a microwave.

Shuffling out, Pearl grabbed the box, then froze as she heard a door open. Her cross-hallway neighbour peered out, and locked eyes with Pearl. Once again, she became aware of the sheer humiliation of wearing a diaper, yet she couldn't bring herself to run. The mare simply watched, mouth agape, before blushing and skittering back into her apartment.

Pearl almost collapsed, legs shaking.
"Ergh... Wh-whatever." She mumbled, dragging the box into her apartment, and kicking the door closed.

Once the box was situated in her living room, Pearl sat down, blushing as she felt the cushion of padding underneath her fluff up against her rump, acting as a strange sort of seat. She ran her hooves along the metal surface, looking for some sort of opening-- As her hoof ran over one of the rainbows, it pressed inward, the box flipping open. Pearl yelped, trying to shuffle back, but only succeeding in falling over backwards.

With an irritated blush, she sat up, shaking her head.
"Urgh... Darnit..." She situated herself, looking at the box again-

It had folded open entirely, showing the lid had some sort of screen on it, and stacked neatly inside were several small, tightly sealed plastic packages.

However, before Pearl could properly inspect them, the screen flickered to life, and gentle, relaxing music began to play, that tickled Pearl's ears. It was warm and inviting, and she shuffled a little closer to hear the music more clearly, as a video began to play.

She saw ponies sad and alone, under a grey sky. They slowly trotted around, heads down, until suddenly, the clouds began to fade, showing the DeltaCorp logo in the sky- The spiral behind the triangle slowly began to spin, catching Pearl's eye. She watched it as a voice began to speak, and the ponies began to smile. As more walked on screen, she only vaguely noticed they were wearing diapers...

"Welcome, [USERNAME UNAVAILABLE], we are pleased to make your acquaintance! You lucky [GENDER UNAVAILABLE] are the first of hopefully many testers of DeltaCorp's wonderful products! We are here to obey and do as we are told for our customers!" The stallion said, cheerily. Pearl blinked, watching the spiral spin, the music making her ears twitch. It was so gentle and nice, it was impossible not to just sink inward, relaxing in her big, cushiony diaper...

"In your induction-- Sorry, introduction kit, you will find several things to help make your testing more efficient! Several of our generic pullup diapers, self cleaning, sealable, and oh so comfortable! They swell up over time, so you gotta change often or you might get stuck in doorways!" The stallion chuckled lightly, and Pearl giggled along with him. She didn't entirely understand why, but the nice voice was laughing, so she felt like laughing, too.

"Now, that's not all! Here you will find several DeltaCorp branded pacifiers! Made for pacification, naturally! Just pop one in and suck the afternoon away! But not yet, loyal tester!" The voice spoke, and Pearl stopped before she could grab one of the packaged pacifiers. She didn't want to make the voice mad at her... She really, really felt like doing as she was told. And man, that logo sure was pretty...

"Lastly, but far from leastly, our patented (patent pending) DeltaCorp Diapersuits! Fullbody latex suits with a diaper that inflates based on your brain patterns! Exact brain patterns not entirely tested. Do not use with erratic emotional patterns, or while under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, caffeine, or hypnosis. And as an extra little bit of fun, they seal permanently!" The stallion spoke cheerily, mumbling occasionally, but Pearl didn't mind. She wasn't really listening...

"Just put it on, wait ten minutes, and the zipper's gone! Woah, now that's magic. DeltaCorp is not liable for humiliation suffered by wearers of DeltaCorp diapersuits. Only a high-up DeltaCorp official, such as me and my fellow board members, are able to remove them! So you better make a good case, sweetie!" The voice said. Pearl had well and truly zoned out by now, the words washing over her like a wave. A faint line of drool ran down her chin, her eyes locked onto that swirling logo. All the ponies on-screen were wiggling their padded rumps, hundreds of DeltaCorp logos swaying in her vision. She was so sleepy...

The diapered mare was asleep before she'd even hit the floor, a dazed, happy smile on her face. Vaguely, she heard the voice finishing up.

"Now, dear tester, our dear, loyal, beloved [USERNAME UNAVAILABLE], sleep. Have a good rest. Oh and make sure to turn off this video before you do! This video loops, we couldn't figure out how else to make it play-- So yeah, you might want to turn it off..."

Pearl was already snoring, blissfully slipping off into dreamland.

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