• Published 23rd Dec 2018
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Padding Pearl's Life Out - PaddedPearl

A young mare goes in for a job interview. Things seem a little too... Padded out for her liking.

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Occupational Hazards

... and several hours later, Pearl awoke to the sound of knocking on her door. With a weak groan, she sat up, yawning cutely, and rubbing her eyes. She slowly slid off her couch, and, deciding to let the knocker wait a few more minutes, changed herself, her old diaper tossed aside. The fresh padding was nowhere near as big as the one she'd just been wearing, but Pearl knew it'd slowly start swelling on it's own, soon enough. A mental image of Rarity in her boutique, designing diaper-based outfits while dragging around her own huge, poofy weight had Pearl shuddering with excitement.

She was shaken from her reverie when she realised the knocker was still knocking. Waddling over to her door, she peeked through the peephole, and jumped a little when she saw it was Loose Fur, one of her new bosses. Quickly, she opened the door, nodding politely.
"U-um, hello sir!" She said, eagerly. He gave her a charming smile, cockily swaying into her apartment and looking around.
"I assume you've gone and done what I asked?" He said, with a smirk, glancing back at her. Pearl nodded, as she closed her door.

"Y-yes, sir, of course! She was very... eager to take part. And make lots of fun designs." She said, with a giggle. Loose nodded, and sat down on her couch, stretching eagerly.
"Mmm. It pleases me to know things are proceeding correctly." He said, with a nod. Pearl smiled.
"Um... So... Do I get an office now?" She joked. Loose laughed weakly, tapping hos forehooves together.
"Ahhh... If only, aha. We have yet to actually acquire an official office building... That warehouse we met you at is pretty much all we have, at the moment." He said, with a chuckle.

Pearl blinked.
"Wait... Then how did you afford all this fun stuff?" She pointed to her employee induction box. Loose smirked.
"That's most of our stock right there, actually.That's why we're having you target certain... important ponies, to ensure we can, ahh... secure funding, and continued interest."

Pearl shrugged.
"Well, alright... Wait, why don't you guys wear diapers? Me and your secretary gal are." She said, with a frown. Loose blushed slightly.
"Ahh... Well, it wouldn't do for the heads of the company to be waddling around in diapers now, would it? No, we'll hold off for now." He said, with a faint laugh. Pearl frowned a little harder, feeling something... stirring in her mind. Slowly, she felt whatever it was taking control of her body. She swayed over to the employee induction box.

"Well, if you're sure..." She said, mouth moving on it's own as she bent over, hips slowly swaying, the DeltaCorp logo on her rump slowly swaying with it.
"So... What exactly happened when I got into the boutique? I lost control of myself, and just... went wild..." She asked. Loose glanced over, clearing his throat as he saw her rump, his blush deepening a little.
"Ahh... We call it the Sleeper Agent program. Just a little thing we had... programmed into you, to make you better at convincing ponies to wear diapers, especially when they're... unwilling." He said, with a nod, his eyes casually following her swaying rump, as she dug about in the box.

"Hmmm... How do I do that? I don't remember a lot..." She straightened up, and Loose wrenched his gaze away. Pearl slowly opened the packaging of the product she'd fished out- one of DeltaCorp's diapersuits.

"Oh, through some simple hypnosis. It's pretty simple, really. Sway a little, talk softly, left right, left right, all that." He said, waving a hoof dismissively.
"So, I've come to discuss your next... targets today-- what are you doing?" He yelped as he saw how close Pearl was. She put the diapersuit down next to Loose.
"We can discuss that soon... First, let's discuss how... reluctant you are to wear your own products." SHe turned around, slowly swaying her padded rump inches from his face. The stallion blushed deeply, body growing warm as he watched, panting slightly.

"A-ahh, crap, I told Spiral we had to be more careful with the hypn-- s-stop!" He cut himself off, as his eyes were drawn to the logo, swaying left, right, left, right... Slowly, his breathing grew calmer, softer. His eyelids began to droop, a faint, dazed smile spreading across his face.

Pearl giggled as she glanced back.
"Now, you're going to put that diapersuit on, and no matter what, under any circumstances, you will not want to take it off. You'll be fully aware of that, but you'll absolutely love it nonetheless. You'll love the humiliation and utter shame that comes with wearing a permanent thing like that. And you won't tell the other board members that I hypnotised you into doing this. You just did it because you're such a cute little sissy, you felt like showing the whole entire world just how much of a diaper-loving sissy you really are, deep down." She purred, finishing her statement by bopping her diaper against Loose's muzzle.

"Now... wake up." She giggled, turning around as Loose snapped back to reality, shaking his head.
"Wh-what was I..." He glanced to his left, seeing the folded diapersuit on the couch next to him, his breath catching in his throat as he quickly grabbed it.
"H-hang on." He said, stumbling to his hooves. Pearl stepped back, giggling softly as he stripped out of his fancy jacket and tie, his suit pants flying away as well. Entirely naked, Loose panted as he unfolded the suit, and eagerly stepped into it, pulling the tight, shiny latex over his fur.

As he finished pulling it up, the latex ending at his neck, right under his chin, the zipper slowly began to fade away. At the same time, the rump area began to swell, the diaper inflating rapidly between his legs. Bigger and bigger, bigger and bigger... And it finally stopped as the zipper finally wicked away, permanently trapping the stallion... He sighed dreamily, rubbing his huge, rubber diaper, a dreamy, dazed smile on his face.

"Hey, sissy, wake up." Pearl teased, giggling deviously. Loose snapped to attention again, wiping the drool from his chin.
"U-um, yeah." He blushed brightly, pressing his hind legs together.
"A-anyway, n... next target, yeah." He cleared his throat.
"Her name is... uh..." He shook his head.

"Her name is Fluttershy. She lives outside town, near the forest. She's close to a brash pegasus we want to try and get a diaper on... She's always flying about, so she'd be the perfect advertisement for our..." He slowly rubbed the rubber of his diaper again.
"... p-products." He said. Pearl giggled deviously, and slapped his rump, earning a cute squeak from the stallion, and a rubber squeak from his huge padding.
"On it, boss." She purred.
"You can go, now. I'll see you later." She said, giggling as Loose waddled toward the door, blushing and trying to squirm out with his huge diaper.

As the door shut behind him, Pearl once again returned to normal, like a bucket of ice water had splashed over her mind. She shook her head, blinking rapidly.
"O-oh, that's... That's not gonna end well... What's going on with me?" SHe rubbed her eyes sleepily.
"Oh well... Fluttershy. I think I know her... She'll be a fun one..." Pearl giggled softly, once again setting out, to have some... fun.

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Comments ( 14 )

Nice, I like the diaper suit stuff, keep it up.

Thank you!~ Diapersuits are an idea I've been very eager to try out~ :D

Hypnotizing her boss? LOVE IT! I kinda hope he hypnotizes the other heads so they are all wearing the "products"

Nice to see those corporate ponies are being subjected to their own products, karma!


I think you two are going to enjoy the coming chapters, then!~ ;)

Glad to hear it's backfiring (shame about the mane 6 getting caught in the middle but maybe when they find out they might help, certainly Rarity will making special products for them <3)

Loving this story!

I miss this story!! When's the next bit coming out?

So you are working on extra chapters and just haven't gotten around to uploading them a season later? I look forward to Rarity going whole hog on diaper chic.

Does anyone know what happened to the author of this? It looks like she hasn't been on in almost 3 months

Soon!! Sorry for disappearing friend! > .<;
Oh no, I write them as I go, but I do have plans! :)
I'm back now, sorry!!

Although it's been quick paced (Not a complaint) I love what's occurred so far and I'm looking forward to what's to come.
(Would love to see pearl use her newfound ability to make things change for a more padded world for all to enjoy)

Wow after reading this little series i can safely say that i can't wait too read the next chapter! (Loved what you wrote) P.S plz don't be dead </3

Hope your doing okay 👌

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