• Published 23rd Dec 2018
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Padding Pearl's Life Out - PaddedPearl

A young mare goes in for a job interview. Things seem a little too... Padded out for her liking.

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Pun About Padded Out Content

Pearl smiled weakly as she looked herself up and down in her mirror. She stood before the tall, floor-to-ceiling thing, looking at her freshly-washed fur and brushed mane. She was wearing an awkwardly tight business suit, with a pencil skirt and pinstripe jacket, and it was hellish.

The thing itched around her rump, the stockings clung just slightly too tight, and the jacket was missing a button at the bottom, meaning it hung slightly loose around her belly. And the tie, oh lord the tie! She'd entirely given up on it, meaning she had a tuft of fluff sticking out where the tie should be. All in all, she looked like a filly wearing her mother's clothes, which was generally a bad look for a job interview.

Pearl groaned meekly as she remembered that. She'd gotten an invitation to a job interview earlier that week, and with nothing else in sight, she'd decided to take the sender up on their offer. The company's name eluded her, annoyingly hard to remember. At least she'd memorised the address...

With a soft sigh, she glanced toward her bed- She already had her outfit for the evening planned. A loose shirt, some soft sockies, and a nice big diaper to pad herself in, so she could just snuggle up and forget this suit existed. If she'd have to wear this for the job itself, she'd just die...

Now that Pearl thought of it, the letter hadn't mentioned what the job even was... But she shook her head. She was running ever so slightly late, so she didn't have time to question it. Making sure her curtains were pulled, and her doors were locked, the mare jogged out the door. She couldn't have anyone seeing her diaper, that'd be utterly mortifying...

It didn't take too long for Pearl to arrive at the address, and as she looked up at the building, it began to occur to her that she may be being pranked. The place was a large warehouse, entirely unmarked and unbranded, with a single open door off to the side. As she trotted in, Pearl was at least grateful to see the lobby was pretty clean. A cheery looking mare sat at the reception desk, pulled right up as close as she could be to it.

As Pearl approached, she looked up, and smiled. "Hello! Ahh, Miss D.Pearl, right?"

"No Miss necessary, just Pearl will do." Pearl said, meekly. She hated being called 'miss'. The receptionist nodded with a soft giggle.

Pearl squirmed a little. "U-um. So... I'm here for an interview...?"

The receptionist nodded eagerly. "Of course! We've been expecting you. Please, just go into the next room and have a seat." She gestured to a door to her right, and Pearl nodded. The comfort of the well furnished lobby disappeared immediately as she walked through the door, however...

She was in the warehouse itself now, and it was dark. There was only a single light coming from the ceiling, illuminating a single chair, and about a foot in any direction around it. Pearl gulped, and as the door clicked shut behind her, it occurred to her just how quiet it was in here. The only thing she could make out was a very, very faint static.

"Miss Pearl." A stallion's voice spoke, calmly. Pearl almost jumped out of her skin, yelping lightly as she realised she wasn't alone- Through the darkness, she could just barely make out the outlines of four ponies, sitting at a table, with the chair facing it. She meekly approached, and sat down.

"U-um... Did you guys... Forget to pay your power bill?" She laughed weakly. Start with a joke. Ease 'em up... By implying they're broke. Good going, Pearl, you dummy.

The ponies remained silent, and Pearl gulped. "Um... Uh..."

"Good to see you accepted our invitation to our program." The stallion spoke up finally. Pearl could vaguely make out that he was one of the two middle ponies, rather tall. She couldn't make much else out though.

"And, um, what program is that, exactly? The letter didn't really say..." She giggled weakly.

"The DIAPER program." The stallion spoke.

Pearl's heart skipped a beat. "... Um, excuse me? The what?"

This time, a mare answered. "DIapered Adult Pony Entrance pRogram." She said, calmly.

"... That spells DAPEP, though." Pearl noted. Her head was starting to feel kinda funny... The static was getting louder.

"Well, we wanted to make it roll off the tongue a little better." The mare said. She sounded rather put-out, but before she could continue, the stallion spoke.

"Our program involves you publicly wearing and showcasing our products, and... convincing other ponies to wear them."

"P-publicly?" Pearl squeaked. Immediately, her cheeks went red, and she shook her head, pressing her legs together. "I-I love diapers, but I-I can't wear them publ- W... Wait, why did I say that?" She stammered.

"Say what?" The stallion asked. He sounded like he was smirking…

"I love diapers!" Pearl repeated.

"Oh, you do? Perhaps you'd like to try one of our products on, then." The mare offered.

Pearl stammered. “W-wait, wh..."

Before she could continue, the door she'd entered in opened, and the receptionist entered. As she stepped into the light, Pearl realised she was wearing a diaper, and wow it was huge. It looked like she could fit another pony in there, and Pearl almost wondered if she could try...

"Wh.. What's going on with my head?" She whimpered, hooves coming to rest on her temples. The urge to wear diapers was overwhelming right now. She had no idea why. The words were pummeling into her brain, making her whimper sheepishly as the receptionist offered her a package, and left once Pearl had taken it.

Hooves shaking, she pulled it open, cheeks going bright red as she looked down at the thing. It was faintly pink, and looked oh so soft...

"We know you only wear disposable diapers. Perhaps you'd like to try something a little... Fancier." The third pony spoke. A mare as well. She sounded fancy, maybe from somewhere Prench... But she could barely focus on accents, her hooves shaking as she took the thing, shuddering at it's softness. The sound of static was so loud, pushing out all of her other thoughts...

"You're going to remove your skirt, put that on, then squeeze your skirt back on over the top of it. You're going to accept our offer, and go home, happily displaying our brand to everyone you pass." The stallion spoke, and Pearl couldn't help but obey. She kicked her skirt off, gasping as she was finally able to breathe. Then she unfolded the diaper, and rolled onto her back, shivering as she kicked her underwear off, and sat her plush butt in the soft material. She didn't need powder or anything, it was so beautifully soft and silky already...

As she slid the fabric over her exposed skin, Pearl's eyes rolled. It felt so soft... And as she tightened it, sealing the diaper on her for the forseeable future, a full-body shudder ran up her spine. She simply lay there on the clean concrete floor, kicking off her forehoof-heels to get a better feel of it's surface, a mindlessly happy look on her face.

An unknowable time later, she shakily stood, panting weakly. Glancing back, she saw the company's logo- A large spiral, with an upside down triangle overlaid on it. She heard the fourth pony clear his throat.
"Do you accept our offer as public promoter of DeltaCorp's diaper products?" He asked, firmly.

"I... I-I accept the position." She said, shakily, knowing she was being forced to speak and not even caring. Maybe this would be good for her... She always stood behind closed curtains, closed doors, too terrified to ever let anyone know of her diaper-based habits. But the idea of everyone seeing her sissy self in a big, poofy diaper, waddling down the street, it made her feel happier than she'd ever felt.

"Very good. An introductory package will be sent to you soon... Please, keep an eye out. You are excused." The first stallion said, calmly. Pearl nodded, and pulled her pencil skirt back on, hearing the fabric rip and creak as it strained over her diaper, ending up as more of a belt than anything.

Pearl happily waddled out, looking at the padded receptionist with a dazed smile. It felt so right to turn and waddle her butt at the mare, who simply giggled and waved goodbye.

The walk home was a blur. On a whim, Pearl decided to take the scenic route through the city, taking almost an hour, her giant, padded butt shaking and swaying and attracting stares and blushing glances as she bared her diapered butt to everyone she could.

And then she was home, and everything came back. Pearl immediately began to pant, panicking as she realised how publicly she'd just humiliated herself. It wasn't like this was a small town or anything, admittedly, but still, it would be hard to look anyone in the eyes, if they'd been one of the hundreds to see her big butt swaying back and forth, all padded and poofy and...

Pearl slipped to the floor, sighing as she rubbed the soft fabric of her diaper. It was so hard to care as she rubbed over her huge, poofy butt, giggling as she sluggishly crawled into her bedroom. On a whim, she ripped her curtains open, and shook her diaper in her window, giggling faintly to herself before climbing onto her bed, and collapsing, cuddling her plush toys close as she tossed her disposable diaper into the bin. She wouldn't be needing those any more... And speaking of not needing things, the suit was still so uncomfortable. She ripped it off as fast as she could, the ruined skirt, baggy jacket, and itchy stockings flying across the room in quick succession, leaving her soft and silky and comfy in bed.

As she lay in bed, Pearl glanced at the mirror again. This morning she'd been an uncomfortable, squirming, itchy, awkward mare. Now she was soft, and happy, and all padded up in a huge, poofy diaper... And as her hooves slipped downward, mindlessly rubbing across it's surface, all she could do was smile and fade away into a peaceful, blissful, soft and happy trance, drooling ever so faintly onto her pillow as she imagined everyone looking at her...

And in her dream, they were all happily wearing diapers, too... That'd be nice...

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