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" I can see her, feel Aria as she goes by. By Starswirl's gnarly beard, she's gorgeous. She's a hot, gleaming brilliance flying through the inky blackness and setting a pilot light in my heart. Just like the fiery cloak that engulfs her burning body. "

Preread by DragonShadow.
Yes, this is a loose, affectionate parody of She's Dazzling. No, you don't have to have read that story to read this one, though it will enhance the experience.
Also, I mean no offense to the original work. This was just a weird little idea I had.

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Comments ( 30 )

I'm going to take an educated guess that this got rejected more for the mention of delicious flat chest then the arbitrary excuse of this being too vaguely 'not MLP enough' excuse. Hardly see how or why this could be confused as "Not friendship is Magic" when literally all other Dazzling fics like this have been passed with just as much mention of vagueness to where they are in the immediate world, which seems like they're in their apartment in the human world based in the Equestria Girls universe.

Sonata, you are such a freak. xD


Is that a hunchback of notre dame reference in the synopsis? :pinkiegasp: You, sir, deserve a cookie for that!

topkek, +1
I do hope ellie comes back too, and can eventually finish the original. I actually love her writing style, and you did a good job with the mimic here. ;)

You did it. You mentioned this to me a while back, said you weren't going to write it because you're losing inspiration, but you did it. For this, I thank you, because you took a wordplay joke and took it to the extent of a ship fic with Shakespeare levels of symbolism and word choice plus turning Sonata completely insane. You have just won the internet.

Also, Sonata's a pyromaniac. That's my siren

Yes. You and your story deserve a yes from me! You actually deserve 3 yeses! Yes!

~ This girl is on fire! ~

I'm now imagining Adagio going to the hospital with Aria and Sonata, and begging the doctors to put Sonata in the asylum... :rainbowlaugh:

:raritydespair:WHY ISN'T THERE ANY WEED?!

The fact that a girl is being set on fire kind of ruins the funny-ness for me.
Although Sonata missing the point kind of evens it out.

Yeah. I really didn't change much to reduce vagueness in this version. Mostly just a little more description and that line about ponyfolk.

It had to be done.

"Don't let this siren cast her spell, don't let her fire sear my flesh and bone."
*Munches cookie*

Thanks. And yeah, I'd like to see her finish that as well. I rather liked the original, and her style in general.

Well, I can't take full credit for the style, as the flowery style was part of the story this one parodies, though I took it toward the comedic route of being filtered through Sonata's brain. Nonetheless, I thank you. I'm glad to see this finally be published.

There are no words to sum up how awesome you are right now.

Thank you, thanks, and thank you kindly!

Sonata? She'd destroy the minds of all the doctors who saw her.

Sonata smoked it all, of course.

Yeah, the comedy here is a little on the dark side, but nothing darker than what one would find in slapstick cartoons.

This girl is on fire:rainbowlaugh:

feel the heat, feel the heat.

5771362 Who rejected this story?

Where did you get the cover art?

As with almost all my covers, I drew it myself.

I couldn't tell was it just her nightgown that went up or did she also get set on fire Don't mean to sound stupid, just couldn't tell.

The story was pretty vague about it, yeah. Pretty much up to interpretation, that part is, but humans aren't all that flammable, so it's probable that only her nightgown and maybe some hair was actually on fire.

Makes sense.

Anyway, great story. Really did love the way you wrote it, even if it did confuse me. You've earned a follow.:pinkiehappy:

Why, thank you. Glad you liked it, and I hope you enjoy my future projects.

This was very cute.:twilightsmile: I think that I will read more of your stories soon.

Thanks. I hope you like what I have to offer.

This could easily take a rather dark twist. I like stories with these kinds of possibilities. I like this story.

That was morbid but hilarious. Plus, more AriSona is always a good thing. Nice work!

Sonata is pyromaniac.

Liked it, good job!

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