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Some things never change, sometimes they change form, or we forget about them and create an entirely new experience.

Aria's day consists mostly of sleeping and reminiscing. But she does enjoy the moments when she can spend time with Adagio and Sonata. She may not act it, she may even appear to despise it. But she enjoys it.

After all, they are the only two things that matter most to her. Especially one of them in particular.

I hope you enjoy this little one-shot.

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Comments ( 10 )

"Qaulity" time? Never heard of such a concept.

I have, however, heard of quality time.

6516979 fixed! Sorry about that...

Ahh, AriaNata. I'm not sure if there's actually much chance of anything between the two, but darned if it isn't one of the cuter ships!

Also; to answer the kid's question, I think Adagio would be the grandma in this case. :trixieshiftright:

Perfect!! :pinkiehappy:

She kinda already has old lady hair, give or take the color, and I can even picture her wearing little glasses while sitting in a rocking chair and knitting in between evil plans, or as a calming-down measure.

6518871 "those young whipper-snappers! I'll get you one day you bilge-rat Rainbooms! Get off my yard!" :rainbowlaugh:

They just kidnapped a child, and no one noticed afterwards? She an orphan or something?

Enjoyed reading this, good to see Aria being reluctant and aloof without being too moody or violent. One shudders at the thought of Adagio's reaction, finding something like that in her bed.

I would desperately love to see more of this.
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