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Oh god Seven Fates, what have you made this time?:facehoof: And why do I get the feeling I'm going to like it?

Edit: Read it... I don't even know what to say. I want to like it... but at the same time it disgusted me beyond belief. Is that normal?

LOL at all the downvotes. In before 'Eww, anthro!'

3362472 I love how your avatar is condescendingly looking down at the comment right under it. Also yay for anthros

3362577 I'm a clever bugger, yes.:pinkiecrazy:

Oh hey, a Button fic I might actually want to read. :pinkiehappy:

The age of consent In new jersey is 16 with a 4 year rule... not sure where you got 19 from... every state is different the usa doesn't have a national age.

Not gonna lie.

That was kinda hot.
also caught my interest.

Buttonette. Mmmhmm.:ajsmug:

Could use more of this.:pinkiehappy:

3363183 You have to be at least 18 years of age to star in a porno in the United States.


That's not the age of consent though...

Two different things, with different laws...

I'm not into this kind of little fetish deal or whatever you want to call it... But I somehow ended up reading the whole thing anyway. :rainbowhuh:
Maybe it's some kind of subconscious bullshit, I don't know. You did pretty good with it, though. Damn you internet and your ability to make me read and somewhat enjoy gay shit. *shakes fist at his laptop*

All characters are at the United States of America's legal age of consent, no younger than 19 years of age, and therefore legal.


Funny story about the description... I once was playing hide and seek as a child in my school in about year 2 I believe...? Anyway, you can guess what happened. Yes, I hid in there. Girls were telling me to get out (thankfully at the time no one was in there) and when the recess bell ended, I went out and went back to class. They just stared at me like I was mad at the time. But hey, who knows at that age right?

They were just being wussies, if the situation was reversed no guy would care.

What the fuck?!?!

I got no sexual stimulation from this, but I have to say...

That was the funniest thing I have ever read!

You, Sir/Madam, deserve a medal in sexual comedy!

By the way, this is coming from the great Equestrium, the guy that hates anthro and human to the core! However, one must know I'm the type to try new things, within the terms of reason, of course. So although I got no sexual stimulation from this, aside from being in a similar situation without the butt fucking and more me doing the fucking in the school's restroom, this was indeed a great read, and I encourage others who dislike anthro and human to at least give it a try, if not for stimulation, but the comedy of such a piece.

I was a little sad it wasn't true futanari.:ajsleepy: I wanted some mare-cock in this. :rainbowlaugh: Then again, I'm not the one who decides!

no younger than 19 years of age

bullschitt. Don't you lie to me.

Why didn't Button's smack to the horn hurt Snails? It's incredibly sensitive as seen with Sweetie Belle smacking Rarity in the horn and visibly hurting her

Fucking spectacular!!! I support this!!!!!:moustache::trollestia::yay::twilightsmile::raritystarry:

More please <3:heart::heart::heart:

Anthro seems to be an up-and-cuming popular style of Clop. And this cums in Second Place, right behind Hot Button Beach Day, but right before third place, which is The Class President is a Pervert

3363884 Actually, there' a reason the story exists in its present format. FiMFiction does not permit the erotic depiction of human or anthro minors. That you're even reading this at all shows the amount of work I put in to getting this out there.

3364295 Operating on 'retard' logic for Snails. He probably got a headache later.:pinkiecrazy:

3364187 Would you be surprised to hear the next chapter I have planned might actually involve an actual futa?:raritywink: Also, are you saying you've been caught with a girl's panties in the restroom and forced to crossdress?:pinkiehappy:

3365140 He's too stupid to feel pain? :rainbowlaugh: Well, that explains their lack of self preservation when they barged into an Ursa's cave, they've never felt pain before. Here's hoping they bite off their tongue, a common problem for people like that. :rainbowwild: Anyway, one wonders exactly how many time SS and DT have done this? :ajsmug:

3365183 Maybe you'll find out in the next chapter.:rainbowwild:

3365193 Oh, there will be a second chapter? Well, that's welcome. I swear if Button's mom show up....I will have no words. Before you ask, I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing

this sure is the most.... interesting fic I've fav'd in a long while...
I have no more words.

3365324 ... and you liked it.:raritywink:

I wouldn't be surprised if the next chapter did involve an actual futanari. And I'm quite happy you kept the pony cock, instead of human cock. it's one thing that turns me away from even reading an anthro story. As for the restroom thing, no, I just fucked two girls in the restroom at school once. It was nice, however only one of them was a pegasister. The other was not, so I didn't exactly get into it as I did with the other.

Oh god the fuck did i just read :rainbowderp:


IJAB, is that you?

Can anyone explain why anything dealing with Button and/or Button's mom has to ALWAYS be a CLOP FIC?!

I swear it's like like some secret rule I don't know about, where you can NOT have a fanfic about Button's family without clopping.

3365692 Button is one of but a few young male 'characters' on the show. Seeing as Snips and Snails have already been inspired to be bully characters thanks to Equestria Girls, and Spike is completely uninteresting, I was left with a few options. First, I had Pipsqueak, whom, beyond his bits in Luna Eclipsed, is nonexistent. Featherweight? Does that little voyeur even say anything? Had a hard time trying to work Rumble into the part too.

I eventually settled on the Button Mash option because A) he is a background character, growing in popularity, granted personality by the fandom, which made it far easier to manipulate his situation for this, and B) rule of boredom. I wanted to work with a different character from my norm.

I can't speak for the rest of the fandom, but I can only assume that the clop bursting around Button/Button's Mom is simply a symptom of the popularity given by Jan's animation.

That being said nobody is forcing you to read any of this. If the clop bothers you, there is always the option of unchecking mature.:pinkiehappy:


Answer #1: Go write one. :twilightsmile:

Answer #2: Because it upsets you, personally. Didn't you know that? :pinkiehappy:

oh great more ppl with eqg trixie icon....

In this story, seeing Snips and Snails as bullies are the same as Bulk and Skull in Power Rangers: where they'd be the bullied instead of the bullies. But I digress ever since EQ came out, yet that was more Sunset Shimmer than S&S.

So far, great story.

3365789 'cause clearly that changes everything. :raritywink:

3365797 This clop did not me me hard, so I declare it a failure. I am sorry, but I am harsh to clop, unlike other stories which can advance. I hope you do make me hard next time, though.

can i please add this to a folder in my group?

^My reaction through the whole thing.

3365930 You're welcome to add this to your group.

I don't want to be offensive but, this is just.....sick.....:pinkiesick:

3366363 Femdom coupled with forced feminization/crossdressing and a dash of pegging isn't for everybody. Why would I be offended?

3366372I'm just saying.....Luna what people put on fanfiction these days.:facehoof:

I think he should have gone farther, it was so arousing that I had to take a break while reading. :twilightblush:

3366379 You honestly don't pay an awful lot of attention to the fanfiction scene, do you? This is pretty tame compared to some things in this fandom. Hell, other fandoms get far worse than this. It's been like this for years.

3366411Trust me I know.......:pinkiesick:

3366379 Haven't even read this story, but... these days? Have you heard of St. Fan's Ranma 1/2 Lemon Story Archive? A hive of sexual depravity that exists for, as the name implies, solely Ranma 1/2 lemons. That website has been around since, like, the early 2000s. Fandom depravity isn't new.

3366424 Oh maaan, I still remember that site. Always felt a little pissed 'Yet Another Ranma Lemon' never continued.

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