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w-w-wow just wow

best story i've ever read 100/10 five stars would boner again A+++++

i was interested until the dildo came out
you make me scared friend
im gonna go hide somewhere

That was a really well written story. Bravo!

I honestly hope that this story gets another chapter. SOON!

This is one of the better clopfics I've read. I don't even like hetero sex in fanfiction, and I found this amazing!
I really hope there's a second chapter soon...:pinkiehappy:

I want to like this, but the whole cheating on Wind Whistler thing just ruins for me. Still, the writing was good and the sex was hot so good job.:unsuresweetie:

What is this? I don't even...:applejackconfused:

Well, that was pretty damn good. But I never want to read the word "spermy" again. :pinkiesick:

On one hand, cheating on Wind Whistler. :fluttershyouch:

On the other hand, filly Caramel being used as a plaything. :pinkiehappy:

... very worth a follow. :pinkiecrazy:

I couldn't decide if I'd break out in tears for betraying my girlfriend, or if I'd get excited and dump her in his situation. *Choices are to be made, but they also make you who you are.*

This is a really great story, content-wise, although the formatting could be cleaned up some. it was utterly worth reading despite that, so it's a testament to your writing quality. :pinkiehappy:

Stop making me like straight sex! :fluttercry:

You just have to throw in bondage and humiliation and crossdressing and then make it straight, don't you?

I especially liked Pinkie in this. :pinkiehappy:

Seriously loved this story. Extremely well written, unique concept and Caramel? Im not even usually into male submission, but this was excellent. Absolutely excellent. I have to say though, the only thing that would improve this would be a follow up involving Caramel being lured back in for another night, and Rarity inviting Macintosh over for fun.

God I hope you write the sequel to this. The world needs moar M/M clop.

Two things.


clopclopclopclopclopclopclopclopclopclopclopclopclopclop :raritywink:

i know i already left a comment on this story
but re-reading it, i really have to say
this is one of the most fantastic pieces of its type i've ever read
i'm sad that you've left us after delivering your masterpiece
because the world needs more stories like this
plz come back some day, we miss you


How awful. Since ponies don't normally wear clothes, crossdressing is kind of uncommon. Feminization? Similarly so.
But... it was one thing when he was being punished, or forced, or raped, even if he enjoys it, and a whole other thing when he's intentionally being unfaithful. Rarity is a monster for making him choose, but Caramel is pretty awful for hesitating and then choosing an orgasm over his girlfriend. If he was lost in the moment, then it's more okay, but he stopped and went, "aw, don't make me choose!"

You didn't have to do that, Caramel. You could have gotten up and walked away and finished yourself.
This isn't forced fem anymore, it's infidelity fem.

“Caramel! You did it again!” the grey pony whined.

Didn't know Rarity was grey :raritycry:

Anyway, this was an enjoyable story. Thanks for writing it

Man, if I was caramel I would have broke down crying.

Well that escalated quickly... Pretty nice though good job.

Wow. It seems Caramel never gets a break, in the show or in fanfics.

Poor little pony.

You could at least put a space between each paragraph.

There needs to be a sequel to this so bad <3

Needs a sequel.

I like this.

Please write more. This is the best one I've read yet!

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