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Weird, the chapter says 7,364 words. But the word total says 0.

And oh god, that play on words.:facehoof:

Favoriting and thumbing up just because it's you Bronystories.

Bronystories is at it again!
...I would gladly have your children, sir.

This story made ME sore in the butt, if you know what I mean...

that sounded sexier in my head

As of this writing, the story is still waiting for approval.

3119220Look at that, it was approved.

Actually, I'm still waiting for the story to be approved. :ajbemused:
The Heartbreakers were right. The waiting is the hardest part.

Which is why "the waiting" is also the nickname for my penis. :raritywink:

3119454But it gives me a total word count. Doesn't that mean approved?

Oh dear god...I'm a bit afraid to read this. I'll give it a fave and thumbs up because it's the great Bronystories.

Much appreciated!

The erotic asphyxiation mentioned in this story was so intriguing that it may warrant its own sequel.

The pun. It hurts. My ass.

Loved it! Love ur way with words..."baby bird batter"----eff it I'm still laughing about that one

You can imagine my excitement when I realized that no one had used the title "Soarin' the Butt" on FIMfiction before. It's been more than two years since Soarin' first had a speaking role. I'm surprised it took this long for that title to be used.

Soarin's ass is sore now huh? :facehoof:

That chapter title was a beautiful play on words, well done.

You are a sick, sick man. Have an upvote and a moustache. :moustache:

Hmm... now I want a sequel where Spitfire and her gang bounds and gags Lightning Dust and Gilda, and butt rapes the fuck out of them.

I like the way you think. :raritywink::heart:

"My stories tend to have goatse conclusions." :duck:
"You mean because they have gaping plot holes?" :pinkiehappy:
"No. It's because they're very open-ended." :raritywink:

I just like the ole classic justice endings. Sequels are nice too.:twilightsmile:

I prefer to think of it as eventually consensual. :raritywink::heart:

ehhhh i dont see it that way......
but thats just me i guess.....

... I see nothing feminine about that outfit.

I actually toned down the "rapiness" of the story.
(heh. "Rapiness." Sounds like "rape penis.")
Lightning Dust and Gilda may call it rape, but this is about Soarin' learning to embrace his masochistic tendencies.


It still seems kind of rapey... But given that you can bend time and space to make sure everything ends up being ok, and that it has always been ok, I'm sure you will. Right? *Pounds fists*

That said, I'll read it anyway. :p

Hoo boy, this needs to be continued.

3120457 Please, PLEASE, Make that story. I felt really bad for Soarin' the entire time and that would bring good, sexy justice! :raritydespair:

Well, soarin is fucked (in more ways than one!)

On a side note, why the fuck did I read this? *ponders*

I was expecting a beer enema for Soarin, to loosen him up in the end. But it still turned out as a great story. And he still loosened up in the end :raritywink:


beer enema

(Sounds of Bronystories furiously taking notes.)

After reading this, I feel like the sequel is about having Soarin grow some balls and back bone. Because if it's another one of those 'Crush joins the rape' I'll just skip it.

Goody goody,
A new story to read.
And it's also cloppy,
To quench thy need.

Soarin' be blessed,
He is the god of pie.
Though a touch of incest,
Would make this thing fly.

"Who?" you may ask,
Wondering who to incest.
While they will just bask
At other's wonderful breasts.

This is getting nowhere,
Well that is the plan.
To get your underwear,
And bury it in the sand.

To dance is to be free,
To be free is to be limited.
I'm just being silly,
With a heart that is beaded.

Oh Bronystories,
How you make me grin.
Charm me with your writing,
As if it was a sin.

And now, a short piece entitled "What Happened In Cola's Mind When She Read The Description Of This Story."

On the surface, Soarin' seems like your average student at Cloudsdale High, but he's living a double life.

:trixieshiftright: Interesting.

Only the school bullies, Lightning Dust and Gilda, know his secret and he, in turn, knows theirs.

:raritystarry: Gilda? Dust? Secrets?!

Contains anthro characters,

:raritydespair: Dammit!

rape, mind break

:twilightblush: Well, maybe anthro's survivable in this case . . .

and hermaphrodites.


It's like there's a goddamn conspiracy, I swear.

Dammit Bronystories . . . ! :flutterrage:

Can say the chapter name pun was rather amusing :P

A compliment?:rainbowderp:
I'll take it!:rainbowwild:

They're not that hard to get xD Just doing something new/innovative/different tends to be enough x3
And would have made an erection pun of that first line, but been too bothered by mine as of late to want to bother xP

And then Soarin finds out that Spitfire, too, is a hermaphrodite. :rainbowwild:

You toned down the rape! :rainbowhuh: Why...rrrgh.

3122308 3122315

Beer enema's definitely a good next move. And, personal experience talking here, it will fuck you up pretty hard, what with direct bloodstream access. He'll be a drunk little slut, stripping his own clothes and -- :twilightoops:

Guess I got into the story more than I expected to. :twilightsheepish: Learn something new about yourself every day . . .

In regards to the story, while some people are turned on by pretend rape, it's not appealing to everyone. I'm finding a vast majority of people on this site only enjoy reading clopfics when the sex is consensual.

I didn't tone down the rape element for the sake of appealing to a wider audience. I did it because I felt Soarin' would eventually break and realize he loved the abuse.

I don't want anyone to thing that I'll be shying away from rapefics in the future. (In fact, I'm nearly finished with a forced gangbang which results in pregnancy.)

For those of you who don't like rape, rest assured I have some consensual stories in the works, too.

I was listening to Bad Machine... God...

“Now I want you to start stroking my cock,” Gilda said, “Go ahead and choke my chicken while glomming my gooey griffin gash.”

This made me vomit fruit loops into the tub, that how funny that line was.


Dude, isn't this story totally like "Futanari Musume ni Okasarechau!" by Kurenai Yuuji just with a cheerleader outfit instead of normal girly clothes? Good one! :raritystarry:

We apparently have a similar taste in mangas. I tried to expand on the limited narrative by including more characters, scenes and dialogue.


I was like "Hm, haven't I seen that before?" and when it came to the scene of Gilda pulling Soarin onto her lap it flashed before my inner eye and I remembered why it was so familar. :rainbowlaugh:
A good choice and you made it even greater with the extra stuff you added. :rainbowwild:
You did an amazing job on this one. :rainbowdetermined2:

............good story, but not what I'm in to. thumbs up, but ima go get some brain bleach.


Hey, I'm not impugning the choice. It was more, well, the rapey was working for me, so . . . frustration.


It's your story, not mine. I wouldn't presume to tell you how to tell it. And, for something I cannot quite inherently find fappable for Futesque Reasons, it's very good stuff. :twilightsmile:

Oh wow. That was... different.

I can't decide whether I liked that story or not, but either way, it was entertaining to read.

The beer enema idea also came from a manga I read a while back, a lot of this story sorta matched it, except it was on a train, and the one getting banged was a woman who was asleep. :rainbowwild: I can only imagine what this story would have been like unedited.

I was doing fine until we got to the cloaca then I had to stop. Watched a youtube video on them that didn't make them seem as sexy as you where trying to make them and it totally turned me off. Shame as I was really aroused from this. I'll try getting into it again tom. Good job either way I still liked and fav'd.

Doesn't the fact that this contains rape warrant the 'Dark' tag?

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