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You gotta kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight.


"You've got to be strong now./And if I come and hold you now,/You'll be safe and sound." -James Iha, 'Be Strong Now'

Applejack is being stressed by a number of factors. At home, she shares her issues with her grandmother. As the two ponies talk, Granny Smith remembers a letter that Applejack's father wrote to her when she was a newborn. Will the orange mare be able to read the letter at all?

Image created by DespisedAndBeloved on deviantArt.

Audio drama of the 'Be Strong Now by Obabscribbler

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Comments ( 40 )

That was kind of adorable

well, it's a good fic. :,3

James Iha
guitarist of The Smashing Pumpkins James Iha
+1 to you

just gonna go over here
and fucking cry for three hours

So full of feels... :fluttercry:

step 1. assume fetal position

step 2. rock back and forth

step 3. release tear ducts


Will the orange mare be able to read the letter at all?

No. Filthy mud ponies don't know how to read.

Aawwwww, thatvwas so cute and sad...*hugs Applejack*

Sigh, AJ and stories about her parents are a tear jercker for me. :applecry:

That hit me right in the feels. :fluttercry:

I think you did pretty well with spelling and grammar too, with only a couple of minor slips. I also think you did pretty well with the Apple family accent. That kind of thing can be tough to write sometimes. :ajsmug:

Al in all, thank you for this story. It was certainly a good, short read. :twilightsmile:

Well this has been a tear-dropping experience. *Lies down*
*Tries not to cry*
*Cry a lot*

cute AJ stories are best AJ stories^^

2739934 Earth ponies, they're the niggers of Equestria.:trollestia:

2739882 One of my favorite musicians and one of my favorite bands.

2742944 he is pretty damn awesome
also this story
fuck you
it was marvelous
I put it in my hall of fame

2742954 Yes, I noticed your group, which is littered with wonderful musical references. It brought a tear to my eye, seeing so many wonderful songs mentioned.

2743493 hehe
big 90s rock guy? :pinkiehappy:

2743541 Mostly a Nirvana/Pumpkins/Failure guy myself
I do enjoy The Butthole Surfers, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains though
And Radiohead counts I guess, because once upon a time they were a rock band

2743555 Huge Pumpkins fan myself, as well as STP, Rage Against The Machine, No Doubt, Foo Fighters, NOFX, Rancid, Social Distortion, Tool, and Aquabats to say the least (in fact, a huge ska in general, though that should be apparent with some of the songs I use to title my fics).

2743598 a superb selection :moustache:

This peice was so beautifully written... It brought tears to my eyes. Wonderful and emotional, really tugs at the heart stings. :pinkiesad2:

I hope you don't mind, but I liked this fic so much I have put together an audio version on YouTube.


First off, let me say I'm very honored that you chose one of my fics to turn into an audio format of such. I honestly wouldn't of thought that anything that I wrote would be performed!

Secondly, it was wonderfully done. I understand you had to make a few changes to make it flow better in audio form. I won't lie that when I was proof reading it when I finished, it was really late since I wrote it after my night class so I'm sure there were some issues. Nevertheless, it was done very well!

I would like to add that the music you selected for both the incidental background music and the beginning was marvelously picked. I am quite a fan of Luther Vandross' "Dance With My Father" and the connection is wonderfully linked. I would normally suggest that the referenced music be used, in this case "Be Strong Now" by James Iha, but using "Dance With My Father" was simply excellent.

Lastly, I want to say you did a great job on the accents of Applejack and Granny Smith (and Deft did a smashing job as well). To be honest, my first thought about you doing an audio version is that I was worried if the dialects would transfer (since I write each character's accent in their lies if needed). But as it turns out, I didn't have to worry, as you did a fantastic job.

Thank you very much for doing an audio reading! It was very great to see and hear my work get out there for more readers to enjoy. I never would of thought a small flash-fic would get the honor to be performed! Thank you very much again!

I have to say that I enjoyed this quite a bit. It did have some cliches that were glaring, like the whole keeping the letter away from the intended recipient. That and it was kind of vague. But, it was pleasant and though I didn't have the "feels", I liked it. :ajsmug:

I won't cry, I wont cry....:applecry::fluttercry::pinkiesad2::raritydespair:


I just Can't

But this was kind of adorable.:ajsmug:

Just the Letter! Put the icing on the cake!:fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:

2792810 i heard that reading. man, it tugged at the heart as dash was reading the letter

5264852 Thanks for reading/listening to it! And I think you mean Applejack xP

5266276 :twilightblush: yeah. guess i was more tired than i realized for that slip up.

5267622 Haha, not a problem. Thanks again

Oh my god.., my feels hurt!! :raritydespair: I'm literally crying

I wanted to like this story, but there were a couple of issues that kept me from finishing it. The biggest problem was the idea that Applejack's father would have to choose between feeding his family and paying off a loan. Even if for some reason they had a late apple harvest and didn't save enough apples from the previous year, they still have chickens to lay eggs. They have grass, which ponies can eat. And they have relatives who would be more than willing to share basic necessities with them to help them through lean times. So early on, this story strains my suspension of disbelief.

Aside from that, this fanfic has some awkward lines like: “He and Idared, your mother, worked so hard fer this farm and fer you youngins.” This is a rookie “as you know, Bob” line of exposition. Of course AJ would know her mother's name.

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