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Set in the past, this story follows teenage Carrot Cake, a slacker who's ship may finally have come in. A false premise directs Carrot to a job interview. There he meets the bosses' daughter and falls for her beauty. What obstacles and rivals will Carrot have to overcome in order to get the girl?

Rated teen for moderate sex humor.

Cover Illustration by John Joseco

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...wha?:derpyderp2: what?:raritydespair: WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!:twilightoops: You have got to be joking:facehoof: omg!!!! this is wrong this is so so wrong!!!!

A pony shows up for a masterbaker position at a bakery and the manager directs him to his office however, when the manager shows up, he finds the pony clopping in his office. When confronted about this behavior, the applicant says: "I could have sworn there was a second 'T'"

Thanks for the new joke :rainbowlaugh:

I just wanted to emphasize that I'm not making any hate speech towards the GBLT community. Calling the pony equivalent of a brony a 'homo' is an abbreviation for homosapian, and nothing more. If anything, I try to call attention to how small-minded it is to label any group as degenerate based on their innocuous activities, which may stray from the norms of society.

Not that I have any room to get up on a high horse. (pun unintended) After all, the last chapter of this story was basically one, long American Pie joke.

after I read the first chapter I almost didn't want to continue but now it's getting good.:twilightsmile:

Soup: Wanna get laid?
Cup: Buck no!
Carrot: Wanna get dinner, then get laid?
Cup: Okay!

I will! I have the next part written down on paper. I'll get it on here soon.
Thanks for sharing your interest! :yay:

“I bet he's one of those homos.” Buttermilk said, “You know what I'm talking about, dear? Those colts obsessed with homosapians.”

i read that and i had to put my laptop down for fear of dropping it when i laughed so hard i started crying :rainbowlaugh:

Edit: ooooohh the puns, they hurt! :fluttershbad:
some of those were truely inspired though

You never cease to surprise me, Bronystories!

:pinkiehappy:YES!:pinkiehappy:'YES!:pinkiehappy:YES!:pinkiehappy: It's finally here!:pinkiehappy:!!!!!!!':twilightsmile:'.......SECOND!

LOVE IT....NEED MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage:

Ha! Very amusing fic.
For some reason I kind of want an epilogue, or maybe another short chapter, in which the Butter parents meet their grandfoals. Though I have no idea how you'd make that interesting.

:facehoof: The puns, they hurt! Seriously, they're really bad! That aside, I found myself mixed between laughing and groaning throughout.

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:Such misunderstandings! Also, The dialogue/love making scene seems familiar, like something I read in a Pinkie Pie x Big Mac XXX comic.:twilightblush:

With the crackdown on Teen rated stories that's been going on recently, how long before this one gets slapped with an M rating?

954515 wait this isn't m rated

It's currently rated Teen. I'm wondering if somewhere down the road, someone deems it a Mature story instead.

Only the Cakes could make pastries sexy.

I wouldn't know about that...:applejackconfused:
Yeah, you caught me. The steps were inspired by an excellent :pinkiegasp:X:eeyup: comic... but who do you think taught the steps to her in the first place? :pinkiecrazy:
That's right. The Cakes. :pinkiesmile:
But that's another story, for another time... :pinkiehappy:

This was epic. Really. Epic.

Just. Epic.

That´s all I can say. Epic.


Thanks for the feedback! I'm really proud of this story, especially the last chapter.

The Cakes! My favorite couple! And done so well. Better this than that unsettling and extremely skeevy "My Pink Salvation" junk :applecry: You, sir, always have my admiration in matters of love.

Thanks. I think the best love stems from adversity. Lyra and Bon Bon are my favorite couple, but Carrot Cake and Cup Cake are a close second.

Argh! My sides hurt from laughing so much. I think I almost choked on my skittles at one point. This is by far the best Cakes story I have read in a long time! Bravo!:heart:

Thanks. I feel like this is one of my more underappreciated stories. Glad you liked it.

2342108 I found it better then some of your others no offence, it wasn't that graphic nor too little, but a good mix of the two, with plenty of puns to make us laugh. have a mustache sir!:moustache:

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