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After becoming an alicorn princess, Twilight receives a new pair of wings. Celestia and Luna comfort her in their own way before her coronation. What they should've done was teach her how to hide her arousal.

This story was written in the midst of the "alicorn Twilight" hysteria which permeated the brony fandom in the weeks leading up to the season three finale.

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So, Twilight's an alicorn I guess? We'll know more of her fate once we get closer to the season three finale. In the meantime though, let's have some good old-fashioned speculation!

2071301 The best kind

2071301 I can't wait for Dash to suck on her horn while Pinkie and Fluttershy play with her wings. Rarity can either use her horn where it counts, or find one of those fancy strapons she hid in her boudoir. Spike and Applejack can join in wherever, I guess.

Great Scott, insta faved.

Maybe in the "Mature" sequel. I worked hard to keep this story Teen-rated.

Wait. A Bronystories story that ISN'T mature? Impossible!:pinkiegasp:

The return of the mayonnaise and penguin at the end completely caught me off guard. Even the guard himself wasn't expecting that.

Well played. :twilightsmile:


Which I applaud you for since most of your stories turn into the some of the raunchiest things I have ever seen. That must've been quite difficult.

Very suggestive without going explicit.

Twilight, It's time to realise that part of being a princess is having your subjects worship you. Let them pay tribute to your divine personage

It's been known to happen on occasion.

This story was almost rated Mature. I had to make a few edits in order to pass moderation.

You can see what the edits were in this blog post.

Here's some speculation for you...is there really gonna be a season 4 where soon to be Princess Twilight uses her new found royalty to help her friends reach their dreams?? All this coronation stuff really sniffs of a Series Finale, as opposed to a season finale....

There's so much that needs to be answered:
- does Rainbow Dash truly become a Wonderbolt? (Wonderbolt academy might have dunked that, but I still have doubts)
- does Rarity get to see her ambitions of being a world-famous fashionista in Canterlot realized?
- what is gonna happen to Spike? Does he become like Princess Twilight's personal bodyguard, considering his status of being a dragon? And on a related note, would that mean he actually matures in size and age, and not because of greedGrowth, as well as wings? (come on, if Twilight could give Rarity temporary butterfly wings, she should possibly be able to give Spike a pretty awesome set, and don't even mention to me the bonk that Spike's apparently a wingless dragon, every other dragon that has shown on the show has wings, I would hope that Spike's comes in soon.)
- what about the CMC? Would they finally realize their talents, despite all the hints and winks of what the talents of the three of them would be?
- finally, what would happen to the others that haven't been mentioned (Pinkie, Applejack, and Fluttershy)?

I'm getting the feeling that this Princess Coronation thing is similar to Kim Possible, where they had the movie where the main character finally defeats her main enemy for good and also realizes that she had stronger feelings for her best friend other than just being friends. That was the supposed series finale, then they went and got about another 15 additional episodes after that supposed series finale.

Hmmm, which comedian voice should I read this fic in?

Read it in Rodney Dangerfield's voice, because alicorn Twilight gets no respect.

Really!? You made THIS!? Why, there's no better way to welcome what many consider to be a bane to the fandom than with Rule #34 and #35!:pinkiehappy:

I applaud your lewdness!:moustache:

2072098 :rainbowlaugh: I'm surprised I only got one downvote. :rainbowwild: And yeah, though I was talking about in the season finale.

Also, 10 bits says the downvote was for not giving Applejack a lead role in the orgy. :trollestia:

“I can't even begin to imagine what that must've felt like," Twilight thought, “All I know is, I don’t want to be a princess. I just want to be the adorkable librarian of Ponyville and go on adventures with my friends. There are so many things I haven’t experienced yet.”

“Like sex?” Luna thought.

Twilight blushed.

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. :rainbowlaugh: What the buck Luna!? :rainbowlaugh:

omg omg omg SHE DOES TURN INTO AN ALICORN :raritystarry: I haven't seen it yet!:raritydespair:

This...This is just gold, yet simultaneously I find it impossible to even...If you do this sequel, how important is the penguin and jar of mayonaise gonna be?


I seriously doubt Hasbro will kill off this cash cow (pony?). If anything, Twilight is probably not the one getting crowned. Remember the talking filly princess doll that's been sold for awhile now? Shining Armor and Princess Candence has been gettin' busy over at the Crystal Kingdom... :trollestia:

Of course, it begs the question, how are alicorns made? Is it when an alicorn and a pony, who love each other very much, have- uh, you know... Or is it when some mundane pony is "elevated" to royal status by the other alicorns? I tend to think it's the former, but trying to make logical sense of MLP is an exercise in futility.

It's Magic, they don't gotta explain crap! :twilightsmile:

Yup, Twilight's going to become known as the Princess with the strangest fetishes in Equestria. I'll bet whatever she does with that penguin and mayonnaise isn't as weird or creepy as Luna and Celestia's incest.

I find it disturbing (which is code for wtf??) that the mane six are only sad about seeing Twilight leave and not Spike.

A sequel?.....you earned yourself a follower good sir:moustache::moustache:

I love the idea that Celestia's all "here, you can be an alicorn whether you like it or not." Quite an interesting thought...

2072168 signed up for a Season Four. So no, we'll have more than just the coronation to deal with, and (probably) those plot lines will be resolved.

This story!

This story>whats probably going to happen. xD

Commence read.

A penguin and a jar of mayonnaise. Strange, but whatever works for her.

Luna was very encouraging. :trollestia:

well written though...
All The Best to You,
Brony and Dashing Proud :rainbowdetermined2:,
Lightning Flash

I am strangely left wanting to know about the mayonnaise and the penguin.... particularly the penguin.

In my story, Spike and Owlowiscious come to live with Twilight. Spike wouldn't be sad, because he's not leaving Twilight.

This was funny. I was snickering throughout the whole thing.

But when I read this

“As a matter of fact,” Twilight said with a sly grin, “be sure to bring a jar of mayonnaise and a penguin with you.”

I flat out lost my shit for several minutes.

oh please tell me that this story has a clop sequel with the penguin and mayo. :pinkiehappy:

DHX Media's investment documents show that they've already been paid to produce a 4th season.

Whether or not Twilight becomes a Princess, she's confirmed to become an alicorn. And the transformation will have something to do with inventing her own spell.

2072116 Well, he had a story that was Teen until knighty started giving him crap about it.

Talk about inb4....

I'll read this very soon.

This does put a bizarre spin on Celestia's whole, "go to Ponyville and make some friends"-bit in the series premier.
Make some friends ... so that I may tear you away from them.
I'm kind of surprised I haven't seen the Trollestia-crowd going nuts with that idea.

“As a matter of fact,” Twilight said with a sly grin, “be sure to bring a jar of mayonnaise and a penguin with you.”

Oh, Twilight, you should hold out for the wet celery and the flying helmet. Just don't ask what they do with it, because it turns out to be fairly boring.

Oh bloody hell, another story by Bronystories that I'll have to read. Damn you for being amazing.

(Joke) Alt. Title: Wingbonin' It
And here's the song I leave on every "Twilight = alicorn" fic:

Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta go satirize this fad.

*Reads* *First reaction after reading*
What. The. Buck.

That was... interesting?

That was HILARIOUS good sir:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:, i broke my ribs from all the laughing i had from this story

Wow, reading this while in public and trying not to laugh and look like an idiot is damn near impossible. My bottom lip is bleeding now and my stomach hurts, good show Bronystories. That was fucking hilarious.

A good running joke that wasn't extended overlong. I'll be up voting this before removing it from my favorites.

It would takes months of practice before she learned how to fly.

It would take months of practice before she learned how to fly.

“Becoming an alicorn doesn’t mean you have to leave your friends behind,” Celestia said, reassuringly, “I’ve had plenty of non-alicorn friends over the years.”

I could be wrong, but I don't think that comma's necessary.

When you've been inside as many ponies heads as I have, you learn to spot a virgin’s mind a mile away.

When you’ve been inside as many ponies' heads as I have, you learn to spot a virgin’s mind a mile away. (Apostrophe after ponies)

Well, except for this one involving a penguin and a jar of mayonnaise.


After reading:

I... But... Twilight... Wait... I... The fuck?

Unnecessary ellipses aside.

That was one hell of a fucking funny story, man. Dare you to write a chapter about the penguin and the mayo.
Just do it.

Thanks! I'll fix those typos.

Edit: Fixed! :pinkiehappy:

This is genius. :rainbowlaugh:

2073159 What I meant was that the mane six don't look like they're sad about seeing Spike leave. They're only upset about Twilight. That doesn't make sense.

I prefer the interpretation I read once upon a time where the Elements of Harmony make their bearers ageless but drive them insane if they fail to bear the burden. If anyone knows what story I'm talking about, please remind me.

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