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When young Twilight Sparkle is afraid of the thunder and lightning one fierce night, there's only one pony who can comfort her and show her that there's nothing to be scared of. Her Big Brother Best Friend Forever.

(It's raining like crazy here and that's just how I like it so I became inspired and voila!~ I've been meaning to write a story w/ Shining and Twilight anyway because their relationship is so adorable. Hope you all like.)

Here's a totally amazing fanfic reading.

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Read it before it was cool. :coolphoto:

A very d'aww story you have here. :twilightsmile:

2547441 Thank you, Sir Josh. :moustache: My royalness approves of your praise.

You're weclome, Miss Toni. *Sips on tea* Quite.

2547482 I knew you were one of them stereotypical Brits! :rainbowlaugh:

N-n-n-no! I... *shifty eyes* I'm modern! Look, erm... *Frantically browses the net* A-ha! YOLO SWAG LAWL! Have I... passed?

2547494 Ick, no, you have failed.
"Oh-no, I wasn't..."
("Oh-no, she wasn't...")
"No, I wasn't..."
"Prepared for thiiis!"

Oh well, I guess I'll just return to my mansion in Scotland, drink wine and shoo away the kids from my lawn. :ajsleepy:

2547513 Nah, you're too young to be chasing kids off your lawn. Wait until you're forty to do that, bud. :derpytongue2:

What's with all these random comments? :applejackconfused:/:rainbowlaugh:

This is a very heartwarming and daw inducing story. :heart:

GAHHHHH!!!! Why do I read stories like this...it kills me easily. too sweet

This was brilliant and cute and I loved it!:pinkiehappy:

Filly Twilight is just so damned cute!:twilightsmile:

Hi there. I hope you don't mind, but I thought this story was so cute, I have put together a dramatic reading of it.

This story is cuteness incarnate. =D

Nothing weird bout jazz hands XD Very cute sweet little piece.

I read this on the promise of cute, and I was not disappointed. :pinkiesmile:

I added it to some other groups while I was at it. This deserves more attention. :twilightsmile:

Now that I have Contributor status over in the Heartwarming group, I nominated this for Heartmelters (the "best of" folder). It's in. :pinkiesmile:

Aww, so adorable! You really captured the brother-sister relationship between them both! :) If only my own brother could be a BBBFF... :(

heard scribbler's pony tales reading of this and found it a very story:rainbowkiss:

i imagine it is just what would have happened while twi was a filly

beautiful! :twilightsheepish: one of the best stories I ever heard. i love SA and Twilight's relationship, although personally I wished they were written as friends and not brother and sister. but I digress, Love your story. keep on writing :raritystarry:

Adorable and touching.:raritystarry:

Like, fav and added to my recommendation group.

That was so adorable. It really hits it close to home actually. :fluttercry:

BRAVO! :yay:

Aww! That's adorable!:rainbowkiss: Reminds me of my sister coming into my room during a thunderstorm and I had to calm her down and tell her "There's nothing to be afraid of." *flashback* ...I miss those days. :applecry:

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