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Years before six brave mares faced off against a returned Nightmare Moon, a young mare by the name of Sauer Kraut lived on her family’s farm in the Mysterious South at the foot of Macintosh Hills.

Her biggest issues in life were the constant search for new challenges and projects as well as her family's unenthused reactions to them. But was it really her fault that nopony got the brilliance behind her ideas?

However, her entire life got turned upside down the day a patrol of the Southern Equestrian Legion shot down a mysterious creature flying right overhead.

Big thank you to Recon777, Alcatraz, Civviq Writer, Silver Lighnen, Turning Gears,
Iryerris and last but not least KeyframeProductions for advise, brainstorming and proof reading!

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One thousand years ago, King Sombra ripped the Crystal Empire from the world, leaving the crystal ponies a nation without a home.

One year ago, the Empire returned and Sombra was defeated, thanks to the valiant efforts of Shining Armor, Princess Cadance, and Spike the Dragon.

Today, a handful of the Crystal Empire's lost children finally find their way home

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It all started with a car battery, a taco, and dreams of home.

Then Sonata Dusk's plans to return to Equestria literally blew up in her face...and left three strangers from an even stranger land relying on her to help get them home.

Can a former evil Siren, two teenage freelance heroes, and a naked mole rat somehow find a way to send everybody back where they belong?

Sonata the drama!

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Magician pulls rabbit out of hat? Standard.
Rabbit pulls magician out of hat? Not so standard.
Psychotic lagomorph pulls filly magician with delusions of grandeur out of hat? Normal for here.
Lagomorph can't/won't put her back? Sounds like a case for the Freelance Police.

Sam and Max have handled many big cases, and their biggest are yet to come. However, it looks like there's someone else along for the ride...someone who refuses to be sidelined, is eager for the spotlight...and is too cute not to spoil rotten.

Part of the PWNY-verse.

Edit: New cover art by EmmyWithVeri!

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