• Published 20th Nov 2014
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Sonata the Drama - MythrilMoth

Sonata Dusk accidentally summons Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, and Rufus to Canterlot High.

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Sonata Good Start

Sonata stood back and studied her handiwork under the light of the full moon.

"And Aria thinks I'm a brainless ditz," she said. "Hmph! I'll show her! Just wait until I go back to Equestria without her and Adagio! They'll be stuck here in this horrible world and I'll be back home where I belong and I'll make all-new, better friends! Then I'll be the one laughing!"

Before her stood the huge horse statue on the lawn of Canterlot High School. She'd been watching the Rainbooms the day after the Battle of the Bands, and knew that the base of the statue was a portal. After all, Twilight Sparkle had gone right into it, and she was from Equestria!

The only problem: the portal was closed right now.

But if the portal could be opened from one side, surely it could be opened from another, right?

It had taken Sonata a few weeks to figure out how to open the portal. She'd drawn diagrams, written out lengthy equations, doodled pictures of herself laughing at the other Sirens from Canterlot.

And now...now, it was time to go home.

The shards of her magical gem were taped to the statue all around where she'd seen the portal. Each gem shard had the bare end of a wire wrapped around it. The wires were all braided into a bundle with two leads, to which she'd affixed alligator clamps. A car battery sat next to the base of the statue.

She took a bite of the tasty chicken fiesta taco she'd picked up on the way to the school as she checked to make sure each gem was exactly where it needed to be, and the wires were secured. Nodding, she knelt down and attached one of the alligator clips to the negative terminal on the battery. Then, taking a deep breath, she attached the second clip to the positive terminal.

For a moment, nothing happened.

Then, the gem shards began to glow.

The gems began emitting sparks. Red arcs of electricity snapped back and forth between the shards, forming a web of red lightning across the base of the statue.

The battery began to vibrate, and the ground began to tremble.

"It's working!" Sonata cried happily.

Then, one of the arcs of electricity leapt away from the web, striking Sonata right in the taco. Her hair stood on end and her teeth began chattering.

A big spinny glowy thing formed between Sonata's taco, the statue, and the battery. For a split second, she saw the inside of a Mexican restaurant.

Then, the whole thing went SPLODEY!!

Sonata was blown across the courtyard, landing on her tushie. Her taco was reduced to crumbling black ash. The car battery exploded, raining shards of plastic and metal and spraying searing hot battery acid everywhere.

The shards of Sonata's gem rained down like hail, shattering into fine ruby dust as they hit the ground.

She sat up, rubbing her head. "Owchie..."

"Ugh...what just happened?"

Sonata looked at the statue, which was miraculously unscathed. Two people lay against its base. One of them sat up, rubbing her head. "That was seriously freaky...Ron? Ron, are you okay?"

The other person groaned and tried to sit up. "Okay, someone ate way too many refried beans." This second person looked around frantically. "Rufus? Buddy? Speak to me!"

A tiny little rodent shape scurried up the boy's arm. "Uh-huh! All systems go," it said in a chittering, did-that-thing-really-just-talk? sort of way.

The girl stood up. "Where...are we?"

Sonata picked herself up off the ground. "Umm...hello?" she asked.

"Oh, hi there," the girl said, taking a step closer. She had light skin and thick, wavy red hair. "Sorry if this is a strange question, but...where are we?"

"Oh, this is Canterlot High School!" Sonata said.

The girl frowned. "Canterlot? You mean...Camelot, right?"

Sonata laughed. "Camel? Don't be silly! That's silly! Who'd name a high school after camels?"

"Uh...huh." The girl looked around. She pulled something out of her pocket. "Wade? I need a GPS lock."

A moment of awkward silence passed.

"Wade?" The girl frowned. "Ron...I'm not getting a signal."

The boy—Ron, apparently—stood up, dusting himself off. "Huh? But....that's impossible, right? Wade's got the whole world wired!"

"I know," the girl said. "Either whatever just happened fried the Kimmunicator, or..."

Sonata waved a hand to get her attention. "Umm...excuse me..."

"Hey, Kim? Is that girl...blue?" Ron suddenly asked.

Kim blinked. "You're right!"

"Umm...I think...my taco might've accidentally brought you here from another dimension," Sonata said.

"Oooooh...yeah, that'd explain the whole, y'know, big glowing explosion thing," Ron said.

"And the Kimmunicator not working," Kim added with a frown.

"Kiiiiiim," Ron said warily, "You don't think...you don't think this is..." He gulped nervously, then whispered, "Drakken's daughter?"

"I don't know," Kim said. "Let's ask her. Are you Drakken's daughter?"

"I don't even know who that is," Sonata said. "Umm...look, I'm really sorry. I was trying to open a portal to Equestria...I just wanted to go home..." She kicked at the grass. "I didn't mean to bring you here. I'm really sorry."

"It's okay," Kim said gently. She looked around. "So...what's Equestria?"

"You...you're not from Equestria too?" Sonata asked.

"Never heard of it," Kim said.

"Sounds kinda horsey though," Ron put in.

"Aww...! You mean I went through all that for nothing?" Sonata whined.

Kim frowned. "I don't...see anything that looks like a pandimensional vortex inducer. Or any other kind of dimensional portal thingy."

"Oh, I was trying to use pieces of a magical jewel and a car battery to force open a portal that's hidden in that statue over there," Sonata said. "It just...didn't work."

"Can't imagine why," Kim said. "Well...we're gonna need some help if we're ever gonna get back to Middleton." She approached Sonata, extending her hand. "I'm Kim Possible."

"And I'm Ron Stoppable," Ron said. "Oh, and this is Rufus." He held up the little pink naked rat thing he was carrying.

Sonata accepted Kim's hand and shook it. "I'm Sonata Dusk!" she said cheerfully.

"Interesting name," Kim said.

"So uhh...why are you blue?" Ron asked.

Sonata shrugged. "I dunno. I just am." She looked at Kim, then at Ron. "Are you brother and sister?"

"Boyfriend and girlfriend," Kim said.

"Oh. That's cool. I just thought, because you both...nevermind. So...the world you're from is called Middleton, huh?"

"Earth. The world we're from is called Earth. Middleton is our hometown."

"Ooooh, that makes sense," Sonata said. "Well, this town is called Canterlot, and this world is called..." She frowned, tapping her chin. "You know, I'm not really sure what this world is called!"

"How can you not know what your own world is called?" Ron asked.

"Uh, DUH! It's not my world, remember?" Sonata said. "I was trying to leave this place!" She shrugged. "I just never bothered to find out what this world is called."

Kim sighed. "Well, we'll need information. And help. And a place to stay."

"Hmm...well, since I got you into this mess, I guess I should help you, even though I'm evil," Sonata said.

Kim blinked. "Wait. You're evil?"

"Oh, totally!" Sonata said. "Me and my sisters tried to take over the world a little while back, but some girls with better magic than ours beat us and took away our power, so now we're just stuck here." She shrugged.

"So...you tried to take over the world...and you're not like, in jail or anything?"

"Nah, they just made us pick up a lot of trash."

"Huh," Ron said. "You know, Kim, this world sounds like it's..."

"Not our problem," Kim said. "Look...Sonata...usually I don't team up with evil people. I beat them up and put them in jail."

Sonata cowered. "Don't beat me up and put me in jail!"

"Let me finish!" Kim said. "BUT...we need your help to get home, and maybe we can find a way to send you and your sisters back to your own world. IF! You promise to start over and be good from now on."

"Huh. Be good," Sonata said, rubbing her chin. "Well...I guess the whole being evil thing was a lot of work, so...I dunno, maybe?"

Kim sighed. "I guess that'll do for now," she said. "So...got any ideas?"

Sonata thought for a minute. "Ah! I've got it!"

"What?" Kim asked eagerly.

"I'm hungry!" Sonata announced. "Let's get tacos!"

Kim facepalmed.

"You know, I could go for tacos. Rufus?"


Kim sighed. "Fine,", she said. "But you're buying, because I don't think our money would work here."

Sonata giggled sheepishly. "Eheheheheheh...about that..."

Ron groaned. "This adventure is not off to a promising start."

Author's Note:

This is just a silly whim I had. I don't know how often I'll update it. Probably once in a blue moon. But after the brainfart I had earlier that led to the title image, I just had to do something with this.

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