• Published 20th Nov 2014
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Sonata the Drama - MythrilMoth

Sonata Dusk accidentally summons Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, and Rufus to Canterlot High.

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Sonata Supervillain

Oroku Saki and Kim Possible stood back-to-back, eyeing the crowded hall warily. "What is this madness?" Saki demanded.

"Team Go," Kim said grimly. "Superheroes from out of town. Watch out for the blue guy. And apparently we're at a point in time when Shego was still one of the good guys, which is bad for us because she's the most dangerous enemy I've ever had."

"HEY! Pay attention," Shego snapped, firing a warning shot over Kim's head. "In case you didn't notice, you're ridiculously outnumbered here. Plus, we have superpowers. You really wanna put down the thing and come quietly."

Kim's eyes narrowed. "Oh, I really don't," she said, taking her favorite fighting stance.

"We should escape without engaging the enemy," Saki whispered, eyeing Hego warily.

"Yeah, between Wego's copying power and Shego's everything, that's not gonna happen," Kim said. "We don't have a choice, we have to fight our way out."

Saki's brow tightened grimly. "Then if we must," he said, adopting a fluid stance.

"Are you two done flapping your lips yet?" a snide voice asked as a purple-skinned, purple-jumpsuited man appeared seemingly out of nowhere. "Because the sooner we hand you ninjas over the cops, the sooner I can get back to my me-time."

"Teleportation?" one of the Hamato ninjas asked.

"Shrinker," Kim replied. "He likes to get in your six, watch out for sudden tackles."

Kim was forced to dodge a sudden plasma blast from Shego, who had a contemplative frown. "You know an awful lot about us for some random ninja we've never fought before," she said.

"Know your enemy," Kim said as she adjusted her stance, then sprang forward and kicked Shego twice in the chest before delivering a spinning kick at her head. Two Wegoes caught their sister, while two more jumped up at Kim and launched her into the ceiling. She bounced off, coming down roughly on one shoulder, but rolled with it, sprang up, grabbed three Wegoes, and hurled them into Team Go like bowling balls.

"Clever," Shego said. "What's your name? I wanna make sure the reporters get it right when I break your face."

Kim thought about that for a second. Wouldn't do to use her real name, so...

"Yori," she said. "Yori the Red Poppy."

"Alright Yori, let's dance," Shego said, her fists burning with plasma.

"It would be my honor," Kim said. She launched herself at Shego, flipping up to the ceiling at the last second to dodge a charged swipe, then swung down behind Shego's head, wrapped her knees around her neck, and threw her into the wall. This swift sequence of events galvanized everyone else into action.

"Attack!" Saki ordered, drawing two kunai from his equipment pouch and wading through the sudden swarm of Wegoes rushing him. He deliberately went for disabling rather than killing strikes; red shoulders and knees briefly sprouted blackened steel blades before pulsing with red energy and fading to nothingness.

Ichiro and Kisaki were having markedly less luck with Mego, who would burst into view in front of one of them, then shrink down and reappear behind him; this had the effect of forcing the two shinobi to clumsily dodge one another's attacks. Gotou had only just recovered from Hego's initial attack, but was visibly dazed and reeling; a straight punch from Hego slammed him up against a wall, and he slumped to the floor, unmoving. Dan fired several stun darts at Hego, which sank into his neck and chest. He slowed to a reeling shuffle, blinking dazedly as he yanked the darts out and crushed them one by one. "Such dirty...tricks," he slurred, before drunkenly lunging at Dan.

Saki swept in low from the side, drilling his foot into Hego's left kidney, sliding past him on one toe, then spinning around and planting a hard, sharp kick into the small of his back. Dan followed through by leaping onto the larger man's shoulders, wrapping a wire around his neck, and yanking him to the floor with a tremendous crash.

"HEGO!" Two Wegoes rushed in, slamming into Dan and sending him flying; two more appeared and scrabbled to untangle the wire from their brother's neck, while three more stood between Hego and Saki.

Kim, meanwhile, traded blows with Shego with almost contemptuous ease, smirking beneath her mask. "I'd almost forgotten what it was like having a good sparring partner," Kim said.

"Partner this, thief!" Shego said with a snarl as she launched two fireballs, which Kim dodged with a straight vertical leap. She coiled her legs against the ceiling and laid Shego out with a diving tackle, then sprang off, spin-kicking Mego in passing, and landed next to Saki.

"Well," she said lightly, "we're holding our own against Team Go, I guess that's something we can brag about."

"They have very little in the way of real skill," Saki grunted. "Except for the woman. She clearly has a thirst for battle."

"You don't know the half of it." Kim glanced at her watch. "Chopper should be inbound, we need to get out of here or we'll miss our ride."

"Oh, sorry, Little Miss Ninja Pants," Shego said in a mocking tone, "I'm afraid you're gonna miss your flight."

"Surrender the stolen goods and we will show you mercy!" Hego proclaimed.

"Yeah, we'll leave your faces alone so the cops can ID you and break everything else!" a Wego said.

"Now now, Wego," Hego admonished, "banter like that is too edgy for proper heroes."

"I tire of these fools," Saki rumbled. "Chuunin! I'm authorizing you to ignore Sensei's first commandment! Do whatever it takes to clear a path through the superheroes!"


Before the heroes could react, Mego was pinned to a wall with a kotetsu through his shoulder and more than half the Wegoes in the hall were fading into dull red embers. Twin screams echoed out as the two real Wegoes fell to the ground, clutching bleeding abdominal wounds. Kisaki stood over them, holding a bloody kunai. "They'll live," he reported. "But they're down for the count."

Hego paled. "Brothers!"

Shego narrowed her eyes. "You...you maniacs!" Green plasma blasts send ninja flying in all directions. Saki braced himself, threw a brace of shuriken at Hego, then rushed at Shego with his arms out at his sides. With a flash of steel, a pair of gauntlets sprang into place on his forearms, each with a set of long, sharp blades and curved spikes protruding from the back.

"Oh snap," Shego muttered as she was pushed back, using plasma to block the very sharp, very deadly blades of Saki's gauntlets. Kim watched for a split second before firming her jaw, turning to Hego, and pulling an egg filled with crushed glass and black pepper from her equipment pouch.

"Sorry about this," she whispered to Hego as she jumped in his face and smashed the pepper glass egg bomb right in his eyes. Hego let out a tremendous bellow of pain, rage, and confusion and began flailing around blindly, his super hands tearing great chunks out of the walls. "EVERYBODY, TO THE ROOF, NOW!" Kim yelled. "While there's still a roof to get to!"

"Wait, where's Hanto?" Dan asked.

"I think the big guy got him first," Kisaki said. "I'll check on him."

"Hurry," Saki said as he kicked Shego into a wall. She was crumpled in a ball, unconscious, and bleeding from a gash on her forehead. "We don't know how quickly these superheroes will recover and I would rather not be around when they do."

Kim looked over the defeated, wounded forms of Team Go, her eyes clouded with remorse and regret. "I'm sorry," she whispered as she raced for the roof. "I owe you guys one for this."

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...damn. That had to suck.

...how ironic would it be if this is the fight that leads to Shego pursuing villainy?

Forgive the pun, but Team Go just got shredded.

Shego not really a villain at all but under cover looking for the criminal "Yori the Red Poppy"? To get back at her for this fight?

Actually, her backstory is that after one particular nasty defeat against villains, she became fascinated with villainy and how villains did things, and started losing enthusiasm for heroism...and respect for her team/siblings.

Considering how she started acting toward Kim in the last season, It would be massively ironic if Kim first got her interested in crime, and then got her interested in getting out of crime...

ohhhh :)

Heh now i am also suddenly wondering what a pony raised by Shego and Drakken (or shego and her bros) would be like XD


The hero creating his own villain (and/or viceversa) is an old cliche.


Very nice.

9564552 I feel the same way, especially since Shego got owned by the Shredder before he became a villain!

9564702 I'm expecting it in the vein of that one episode of Venture Bros where Phantom Limb sought out the Manotaur :rainbowlaugh:

And now we'll never know how it ends.
Not his most popular story, but well loved by those who knew it.
Rest in Peace, MM.

Sad but true, MythrilMoth passed away. Here's the relevant link.

Anyone else wonder what happened to this story?

Author has been gone for years... They were last online back in 2019 account is basically turned off but the stories live on

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