• Published 20th Nov 2014
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Sonata the Drama - MythrilMoth

Sonata Dusk accidentally summons Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, and Rufus to Canterlot High.

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Sonata Interlude

Evening had fallen over Middleton. In a two-story house in the middle of the suburbs which had two attached garages and one odd structure perched on the roof which featured accordion shutters and an array of antennas, dishes, and scopes, the Possible family was gathered together with their missing daughter's most persistent nemeses.

"I don't get it," said Dr. James Possible, a man with a rich, deep voice, a face right out of a fifties sitcom, and well-groomed brown hair with graying streaks at the temples. "They can't just be gone." He took a sip of his coffee and ran a hand over the growth of stubble that framed his mouth.

"Dad, your own space sensor stuff picked up all that weird wormhole residue at Bueno Nacho," one of a pair of young twins seated around the low, lacquered table said somberly.

"Wouldn't be the first time Kim and the sidekick got caught up in dimensional travel shenanigans," Shego said as she walked around the living room, running a gloved finger along various surfaces. With a laugh, she added, "Heck, usually it's Dr. D's fault." She looked around. "Nice new digs, by the way. Global Justice really came through for you guys, huh?"

Mr. Dr. Possible shot the blue-skinned, flower-wreathed man seated on the sofa a dirty look. "Drew, if you—"

"I most certainly did not," Dr. Drakken said. "What would I have to gain from making Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable disappear?"

"Umm...taking over the world?" the other twin offered.

Dr. Drakken snorted. "Puh-lease," he said. "I haven't made a serious take-over-the-world attempt since that alien invasion."

A red-haired woman who had just walked in from the kitchen raised an eyebrow at that. "Really?" she said. "Because Kim and Ron still seem to need to thwart you every Thursday." She frowned. "Actually, it is every Thursday. Like clockwork..."

Dr. Drakken growled. "Look, it...it's complicated, alright?"

Shego rolled her eyes. "Yeah, no. Dr. D. puts hits on Kimmy's website himself about some half-baked scheme, they show up, we fight, that's it." She smirked. "It's like when you old people get together for bridge once a week, only without cards, less boring, and with more chances of actually blowing up a bridge."

"Old people?" Dr. Anne Possible asked in a mildly offended tone, flinching. "I'm not that old..."

"Watch it, Shego," Dr. Drakken grumbled. "Jim Possible is my age, remember?"

"Whoa, sorry," Shego said with a chuckle. "Heh, yeah..."

"Okay, so assuming for the moment Drew isn't behind this," Mr. Dr. Possible said, "then what did happen to them?"

"Why not find Monkey Fist and beat it out of him?" Shego asked. "I mean, it's been raining monkey ninjas all day every day for the last three days. There's gotta be a connection."

"I am afraid Monkey Fist is not the architect of either the attacks or the disappearance of Kim Possible-san and Ron Stoppable-san," a deep, rich voice intruded. Everyone jumped as an elderly Japanese man with a long white beard appeared in midair above the living room table, seated on nothing in a lotus position, and slowly lowered himself to the floor.

The front door opened, and a teenage Japanese girl in a black ninja gi entered, bowing deeply. "Please pardon our intrusion, Possible-san," she said.

"Ooo...kaaaaay," Shego drawled, "who are you guys?"

"I am Sensei," the elderly man said, "head of the Yamanouchi School in Japan, and ally of Ron Stoppable-san."

"I am Yori, kunoichi and student of the Yamanouchi School," the girl said. "We have come to offer our assistance while we await the return of Stoppable-san and Kim Possible."

"Then you know where they are?" a younger voice intruded from the fifty inch plasma TV on the wall. The visage of Wade filled the screen.

Mr. Dr. Possible leaned forward, eyes hard. "Who. Took. My. Little. Girl?"

Sensei held up a hand. "We do not believe the disappearance of your daughter and Stoppable-san to have been an act of evil intent. There are too few in our world who know of the existence of the place they have gone. It is more likely they were spirited away by an accident, or an act of fate."

"And just where are they, and how do you know about it?" Shego asked suspiciously.

"Before I explain that, I must explain the danger which presently threatens our world," Sensei said. "Also, you, Shego-san, should contact your brothers in Go City as soon as possible. I have already dispatched shinobi to assist them."

Shego blinked. "My brothers? What?"

"The armies of Genghis Kong are attacking Go City as well," Yori reported. "Presently, their attacks are limited to Middleton, Go City, and the Yamanouchi School. I am afraid our own ninja are spread thin, but the item Genghis Kong seeks is not at Yamanouchi, and the school itself is protected from destruction."

"It is our hope that those who you call 'supervillains' will come together to aid in the battle against Genghis Kong and his armies," Sensei continued. "Just as Drakken-san and Shego-san have done here in Middleton."

"Genghis Kong?" Wade asked, furiously typing away on his computer. "I don't have any intel on a Genghis Kong."

"You would not, young Wade-san," Sensei said. "Genghis Kong has not been a plague upon this world for a thousand years." He leaned forward and steepled his fingers. "Genghis Kong is an ancient monkey demon, vast and terrible. His spirit essence is bound to a bull demon of great power and immense evil who dwells in a distant world. Long ago, when that bull demon was defeated by the great protectors of that world, Genghis Kong's physical body was destroyed, and his demonic essence was sealed.

"Some time ago, the seal on Genghis Kong's essence was broken. How, we can never know. We did not detect his return until it was too late. Now, his armies search for the amulet which will make him unstoppable."

"There's always an amulet," Wade muttered.

"You will have noticed the monkey ninjas only appear during the daytime," Yori said.

"That's...actually been bothering me," Shego admitted, frowning.

"At present, Genghis Kong's power rises and sets with the sun," Sensei explained.

"Solar-powered demon?" Mr. Dr. Possible asked, brow furrowed skeptically. "That seems like a stretch."

"Not all demons are bound in darkness, Dr. Possible-san," Sensei said with a chuckle. "Some demons are bound in light." He resumed his more grave expression. "If, however, his armies retrieve the Moon Monkey Medallion and return it to the Great Seal of Sarushima, it will unleash a demonic plague upon this world that has not been seen in one thousand years."

"Okay, so let's go find this monkey demon and kick his butt," Shego said, pounding a glowing fist into an open palm.

"Alas, Genghis Kong has no butt to kick," Yori said. "As Sensei mentioned, his physical body was destroyed long ago. He exists only as a demonic spirit."

"As long as Genghis Kong remains incorporeal, the world is in grave danger," Sensei said. "In order to end the threat he poses to all life on Earth, his body must be restored. Only when he regains physical form may he be defeated by the Master of the Mystical Monkey Power."

"So we need to shove this demon back in a body, and we need Ron to kick his butt once he has one again," one of the twins summed up. "So...how do we do any of that?"

Sensei sighed. "Alas, for the moment, everything rests in the hands of Stoppable-san and Possible-san."

"Which brings us back to where is my little girl?" Mr. Dr. Possible asked.

"I was briefly able to make astral contact with Stoppable-san," Sensei said. "I do not know how he and your daughter have come to be where they are, but they are alive and well in the Land of the Great Horse."

"The land of the who what now?" Shego asked.

"The Great Zodiac Animal Worlds surround and encircle our own," Yori explained. "It is a lesson Sensei only recently taught me when I began my advanced meditation and enlightenment training."

"They are higher planes," Sensei continued, "inhabited by mythical beings of great magic, wisdom, and enlightenment, or so it is told. I myself have never been able to directly ascend to any of the Great Zodiac Animal Worlds solely through meditation. It is only because Stoppable-san came into contact with a powerful magical relic from our world that I was able to find him at all."

"Yeah, that sounds like Ron," Wade said.

"In order to return Genghis Kong to his mortal form, the Seven Rainbow Monkey Crystals must be brought together," Sensei said. "Long ago, the Rainbow Monkey Crystals were scattered across the Great Zodiac Animal Worlds. One of them was taken to the Land of the Great Horse, and is already in Stoppable-san's possession. I have instructed Stoppable-san and Kim Possible-san to seek out the remaining six and return to our world as quickly as possible." He sighed. "Alas, I fear their journey will be long and difficult."

"Hmm," Dr. Drakken grunted, rubbing his chin. "And you say these daily hailstorms of monkey ninjas won't stop until they gather these monkey marbles and come back home?"

"That is correct, Drakken-san," Yori said.

Drakken let out a long, discontented growl. "Gaaaah...! Very well!" He stood abruptly. "Come, Shego! We need to steal that Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer again!"

"Oh yeah!" Shego said with a wicked grin.

"Hey now!" Mr. Dr. Possible said, standing up just as suddenly. "I know what you're thinking, but we are not just going to stand by and let you go steal a Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer!"

Dr. Drakken glowered at him. "I would have thought you'd be more supportive of an idea that would bring Kim Possible back home," he growled.

"Of course I am," Mr. Dr. Possible said. "That's why we're going to ask nicely and borrow it." He smirked, eyes gleaming. "And then you and I are going to work together on a way to find Kimmy-cub and Ronald and help them."

Dr. Drakken scowled. "Grrrgh...FINE, take all the fun out of it," he muttered sourly.

Sensei smiled. "I wish you the best of luck," he said. "Yori and I will remain here to assist in defending your town from the monkey ninjas in the meantime." He glanced at Mrs. Dr. Possible. "Would it be an inconvenience?"

Mrs. Dr. Possible bowed. "It would be our honor to have you in our home," she said.

The twins glanced at one another. "Hic-a-bic-a-boo?"


"No, boys," Mr. Dr. Possible said sternly. "You're not going dimension-hopping looking for your sister."


Mr. Dr. Possible turned his smirk on his sons. "You're going to monkey-proof the house."

The twins beamed, then hi-fived each other.

Shego watched the Possible family with a twinge of discomfort. "I, uhh...I think I'll go make a call to Go City," she said awkwardly. "Check up on my idiot brothers..."

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