• Published 20th Nov 2014
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Sonata the Drama - MythrilMoth

Sonata Dusk accidentally summons Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, and Rufus to Canterlot High.

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Sonata Predator

"And over here is Quills and Sofas, which also sells beds! Oh, and this is where the Golden Oak Library used to be! Before it got blown to smithereens and...oh, and if you look over there, you'll see—"

"Ooh, what's THIS?"

"—umm...that's a turd on the ground."

"Well that's silly. And gross. Who thought a turd on the ground was a good idea for an attraction?"

"I don't think it's an attraction, I think somepony just pooped here. Uhh...let's move on with the tour! The Ponyville school is over this way..."

Ponies watched curiously as Pinkie Pie led Sonata through the streets of Ponyville, showing her the sights. It seemed like every twig, blade of grass, tiny puffy cloud, flower, and...well...turd on the ground excited the Siren as she flew in sinuous spirals like a kite dancing on the wind...or like an eel swimming in the air, undulating and coiling and diving and swooping and climbing.

Behind them, at what she thought was a casual distance, flew Rainbow Dash, keeping a wary eye on Sonata. Not far behind her was Fluttershy, who looked concerned.

Rainbow dropped back a bit. "Hey, Fluttershy," she whispered, "do you trust that thing?"

"Umm...well...I'm sure that if Twilight thinks she's worth giving a second chance to, then she can't be all that bad..."

"I guess," Rainbow said. She frowned. "You sure seem nervous about this, though."

"Oh. Well..." Fluttershy ducked her head. "I just...haven't had very good experiences with predatory non-pony species," she said. "Or, well...I guess Sonata is part-pony, but...she still feels like a predator to me, and it's making me a little nervous."

"Seriously?" Rainbow asked. "Because I've seen you treat manticores like kitty-cats, and—"

"I was talking about griffons," Fluttershy said in a breathless rush. Then, with a shuddering breath, she added, "I just...I feel the same unease around this Siren that I feel around, well...griffons." She ducked her head. "I know I'm just being judgmental, but..."

"Wait, you're scared of griffons?" Rainbow asked. "Seriously?"

"Well...yes, a little," Fluttershy said. "You can thank your old friend Gilda for that."

Rainbow facehoofed. "Fluttershy...Gilda's just a jerk. You know that, right?"

"Well, yes...but she's also a predator. I'm sorry, I just..." She shuddered, then looked at Sonata. "And...and I feel like...Sonata's also a predator. So she's making me nervous."

"I'm not a predator, silly!" Sonata said. Rainbow and Fluttershy drew back as their faces were suddenly full of blue Siren. "I don't turn invisible and I don't have infrared vision and I'm not from space and I don't skin people alive and collect their skulls as trophies and that's not the kind of predator you meant, is it?"

"Uhh...what?" Rainbow asked, blinking at Sonata.

"Oh...goodness...you heard me," Fluttershy said timidly. "I'm sorry. Please don't be upset with me. I didn't mean to judge you or hurt your feelings. Oh, I didn't hurt your feelings, did I?"

"Nah, it's cool," Sonata said, doing a loop in the air. "I mean, I don't even know what you were saying, not really, so..."

Pinkie bounced up to them. "Sonata!" she called. "Don't you wanna see the school?"

"Oops! Sorry! I just got distracted by these two following us," Sonata said. She waved cheerfully at the two pegasi. "Bye! See you later!" She flew off after Pinkie.

Rainbow and Fluttershy exchanged a glance, shrugged, and followed them.

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