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I love Rarity and Sunset Shimmer they are my favorite MLP characters.


Two weeks have passed since the defeat of The Dazzlings and after saving Sonata Dusk from some bullies Sunset Shimmer offers the former Siren her friendship.

Chapters (3)
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I'm liking this so far

Good job, my friend I look forward to what happens next.

I will have to be honest. After only a few sentences, it became apparent, your rather rushing in this story, Further, you have many incorrect punctuations used such as question marks where a period should be instead. I would highly recommend getting yourself a beta reader for your stories to assist you

6111566 Well from the looks of it,

it's his first story so I wouldn't be harsh on him. We all start somewhere.

6112232 It was not my intention to be Harsh, so I apologize if i came off sounding as such. However, not being honest about what needed worked on and or improved on or fixed, would be a disservice to any budding writer. At least that is my opinion :twilightsmile:

Keep it up man!

It has its flaws what hidden masterpeice doesn't?

Keep the chapters coming please!


What makes this story differ from the other "Sonata Dusk becomes a good guy" fanfics out there? (not that this isn't a bad story)

I look forward to your next story, my friend.

6153703 You're going to love my next idea.

Please don't take this the wrong way, but this story feels very bare-bone. More details would've helped bring the story to life a little more.

That said, yay for Sonata! A happy Taco Siren is best Taco Siren. :twilightsmile:

6153838 I agree with you yay for Sonata!!!

6153710 Awesome, I look forward to it.

I have to agree, it seems you rushing this, take your time. I mean they became friends way to fast. Like You should have drawn out the Rainbow and Applejack not trusting her until she proved herslef

I would like permission from you, the author, to edit this story and send it back to you with a few grammer and punctuation errors fixed. Please?

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