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Aerial View was a freewheeling Pegasus who loved to fly more than anything else, so the aerobatic stunt team, the Wonderbolts, seemed like the perfect way to for her to make a living. When she meets other great flyers, Aerial finally gains the motivation to work hard and climb the ladder to command. Then came an event that would change her life forever.

This is my entry for Scribblefest 2016. It occurs over 20 years before the start of First Gear so it can stand on its own or be read as a prequel. Depending on the response, I may write more stories about the generations preceding Gearhead later.

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This short story was my entry for the EFNW Pre-Con Contest (#49), and another stylistic experiment on my part. I consider longer stories to be my strength. This story takes place in The Gear Series verse, but 11 years before it starts. I never actually say it in the story, but Dawn is 5 years old, Gearhead 6, and Dusk is 7. While some others are mentioned, they are the entirety of this story's main cast.

Let me know if you would be interested in seeing more of Gearhead's foalhood. Prelude to First Gear would have to be with him from about age 3 to before he leaves for Ponyville.

Gearhead comes from a proud farming family, but his power keeps him from being able to farm without there being some disastrous results. With his father's help, he is able to gain normal mobility, but he still must find a way to gain control over his power, so it does not become a curse for him to carry all the days and nights of his life.

As a member of Herd Verdant, Gearhead can gain access to the resources tied to the two other ancient Houses that form the Alliance: the Azure Wing of Los Pegasus and the Third Conclave of Flowing Shadows in Hoofington. After failing to find any answers at the Azure Library, Gearhead gets acceptance to study at the Hidden Library. Will he finally find what he is looking for?

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This original side story is my entry for Equestria Daily's SHH&HLE event. It is an anthology of short stories featuring as many ships as I can shake a stick at, but has the advantage of most of the stories not being connected, so readers can enjoy the ships they support, and skip the rest. The connected stories will be indicated by their daytimes, and list one pony in a pairing twice. Also, fair warning this fic features nearly all of my original characters. Do try to keep track. Ready? Lets go!

It is the first Hearts and Hooves Day since the return of the Crystal Empire and the Crystal Heart. The day is young, and many a mare or stallion see a great opportunity to get together with her or his intended beloved, at least for the day. Join Princess Cadence, Shining Armour, and the other married couples of 'FiM' as they tell the tale (or tail) of what can happen to many a heart in just one day!

Any evaluations you might have on this fic would be appreciated, even though it is clearly a shipfic. Just know that if you only give a Like or Dislike, I cannot really use that as feedback to improve my next effort, which is likely to be the Third Gear main story. Anyway, if you have anything you would like to share, please do leave a comment below.

Note: No, Ba'ast isn't in this one. It's just a fun picture, and it seems I like to cause a little chaos myself now and then.

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