Third Gear OSS: Sharing Hearts Is Magic

by BNuts

In the Morning: Pinkie Pie and Trenderhoof

Pinkie Pie was excited, but then she usually was, to some degree. Give her the slightest reason, and she found a way to throw parties with the highest amount of energy around. Today was different, though. Not only was it Hearts and Hooves Day, a special day for couples, but Pinkie wasn't even in Ponyville at all. Today found her waking up in Detrot!
Detrot was completely new to Pinkie Pie, and Pinkie Pie was completely new to Detrot. This meant new opportunities to make first impressions, and more importantly, friends. It was too bad Pinkie's Ponyville friends couldn't make it, but hey, she understood that everypony had her or his own thing going on, especially on a day such as this. Pinkie could never dream of holding her friends back.
At the same time, none of them could possibly hold Pinkie back from this, a party that was sure to have the highest energy out of all the celebrations she'd planned so far. It would be a party that would allow the ponies in attendance to set their hearts and souls out for all to see, and the theme was so perfect that it would be a waste if nopony showed up -- because the theme was 'Detrot Rock City!'
Pinkie hopped on down to the venue, one of the largest night clubs available within the entire city -- except now Pinkie was almost done turning it into a day club. Just a few last-minute decorations, and all she'd have left to do was ensure the bands got set up. And then it would be up to the ponies of Detrot to show up.

"I've done it!" A stallion who was a bit lanky trotted up to Pinkie, all smiles and satisfaction.
"Hi! I've never seen you before," Pinkie said. "Then again, I've never seen most ponies from Detrot. Not yet, anyway. Ha!" She snorted a little. The stallion laughed along with Pinkie for a couple seconds, then he shook his head to get back to business.
"Wait a minute, this is important, Miss Pie."
"Please, call me 'Pinkie!' All my friends do,"
"Okay, Pinkie,"
"What I mean to say is, I did it."
"What did you do?"
"I maximized the publicity for this event. Now that I've blessed it as the hottest trending event in Eastern Equestria, you should have no problem selling out tickets."
"Selling? Silly stallion, admission is free or by donation. How else are we all going to be friends by the end of the party?"
"Even better: it's like a charity event."
"No, it's a party. To make friends."
"But you see, without my publicity backing it, this would have been a total bust. A complete flop."
"Why?" Pinkie's ears drooped, and she went from happy to dismayed in three-quarters of an eyeblink.
"Well, because you didn't have the right connections, I suppose."
"You didn't know anypony here. But now you know Trenderhoof, so everything will be just dandy."
"I'm Trenderhoof,"
"Ooooooooooooh. Why didn't you say so, Trenderhoof? Hey, mind if I call you 'Trendy?'"
"I prefer 'Trend,'"
"Hey, that's cool!"
"That's exactly what I do, Miss... I mean, Pinkie. I go all across Equestria and publicize all of the little ponies and events that would practically be unknown if not for my word on them."
"You mean..?"
"That's right: ponies get famous on my word, and because I spread my word about events, they become well-attended. I can change anything that's obscure or unheard of, and make it into the newest, freshest trend in Equestria."
"All by yourself?"
"Yes. That's part of my genius."
"But I thought I did a good job giving out invitations!"
"That may be fine where you're from --"
"Ponyville. It's where I'm from, silly."
"Oh yes. Anyway, giving out invites yourself may work fine there, but that's not how many other cities and towns work. Maybe you've noticed that ponies aren't quite so friendly here?"
"Now that you mention it, some ponies did slam their doors in my face."
"And of those who took the invitation, how many do you think bothered to open it, or just forgot about it, or even threw them out?"
"But that's rude!"
"Again, not the way of ponies in Detrot. You have to understand them to be able to spread the word to them, and I know how. That's how I maximized your event's--"
"Oh, I see,"
"Yes. If you want to throw parties with as many ponies as possible, then I'm pony you should know who can make it happen outside of... Ponyville, was it?"
"Yes it is!"
"Okay, when does the pre-party start?"
"One hour!"
"Then I'll help you finish decorating. When are the bands supposed to check in?"
"Oh, here they are now!" And Pinkie bounced off to introduce herself. Shrugging, Trenderhoof followed.

* * *

Although it was still morning, right on the hour the music started thumping and the ponies, they were jumping in the club. Between sets, Pinkie gamely approached ponies to introduce herself. Trenderhoof kept careful watch of the pink Earth Pony so he could grab her by the tail and point out on whom her 'aggressively hyperactive' style would not work to her favour. Although it exhausted him, he found great satisfaction in guiding Pinkie, and in making her parties even better than they would have been originally -- not that this one would have exactly been as bad as Trend had originally thought, given the dozen ponies who actually arrived with their invitations in hoof.
Trenderhoof was very impressed with Pinkie Pie and her high energy, not to mention her ability to make friends -- most of them on her own. The Unicorn felt that she had a lot of party planning skills. She could go far on her own, and even further with his help.
Hours later, the party was still going strong, and through ponies' donations, Pinkie was raising a significant amount of bits. "Hey, we should team up again," Trend said to Pinkie as she worked the music machine.
"Okey-dokey, Loki! I mean, 'absolutely, Trend!'" Pinkie chuckled and blushed a little at her mistake.
Hm. I wonder if there are any other ponies who are even remotely like her? Probably not, Trenderhoof thought. "I brought you a drink, Pinkie."
"Thanks, Trend. This is really thirsty work!"
Except to you it's not work at all, and everypony here knows it. But are any of them impressed by you the same way I am?
And the party went on, into the night.