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"Hey, it's Starlight. Meet me at your portal in an hour. I'm coming over."

Sunset Shimmer was enjoying a completely ordinary day when those words appeared in her journal.

Whether or not it will stay ordinary... well, they'll have to play that one by ear.

Part of the Montage Cinematic Universe.
Cover art by Mit. Used with permission.
Spoilers in the comments.

Chapters (31)

The Joining.

Adagio had heard the ritual’s name spoken in hushed tones ever since she was a little girl, but what did it mean, exactly? Now that she’s come of age, she’s about to find out.

But knowledge begets more knowledge, and not all truths are comforting. In the swirling coastal fog, pathways aren’t always clear, and sometimes it’s hard to tell friend from foe…

Edited by PresentPerfect

Additional pre-reading help from Dragonas77, Seether00, and djthomp

Cover art created by 2135D

Chapters (4)

Sunset has heard in the news that a series of robberies has been occurring in her neighbourhood recently, but never did she believe that she of all people would be a target.
Upon discovering the thieves invading her apartment however, Sunset finds herself thrust into a cavalcade of awkward situations over who she suspects the robbers to be, as she feels that she can neither ignore the situation, nor entrust it to the proper authorities.

Set after the events of Rainbow Rocks

Chapters (15)

It's not that driving is impossible, it's just impossible for a formerly-hoofed creature such as Sunset Shimmer. She had almost wrecked Flash's car in the past, and to be honest, it would've been funny if she did.

So without a ride to Pinkie's place, Sunset is forced to wait at the bus stop. She could complain about sitting in the freezing weather, or how the bus is notorious for being late and smelling like bodily fluids, but Adagio Dazzle is also waiting for the bus, sitting alone miserably on the bench and shivering in her boots.

Chapters (1)

(Part 1: LBS) After the Battle of the Bands, Aria realized that she still wanted to stay with the other two Sirens. If anyone were to ask her, she'd say it was "just cause". But the truth was she stayed for Sonata.

(Part 2: LCS) Aria and Sonata are happy together, finally ready to start their lives with one another. Time to see if their marriage can hold up to their anger, stupidity, and selfish, gold-digging landlord.

Chapters (33)

It's the first day of Spring Break, so the Rainbooms and the Dazzlings decide where better to spend it then at the beach? While there, Sunset is asked by Adagio if she'd be willing to see something alone with her.

Why does this request both excite and terrify Sunset at the same time?

Many thanks to a bunch of wonderful people who aided me in this endeavor. Thanks to Harmony Charmer for all of her support in the creation of this fic, BRyeMC for the edits, Calm Wind for the cover art, and all those who read the fic and told me that they enjoyed it.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Going Somewhere...?

You have another unexpected encounter with Adagio, but something is different... Now Sunset is involved.

Author's note: You may want to read the prequel, or else you will be a little lost.

Cover art by SkycatcherEquestria.

Chapters (5)

You've found yourself in a rather awkward predicament with the Dazzlings. Will you be able to evade them, or will they find out that you're not from this world?

Sequel here: Not A Trick?

Chapters (2)

When Coco Pommel is summoned to Ponyville, she encounters the last thing she thought she'd ever see: a Rarity who has completely lost the passion for her profession.

Moved by Rarity's plight, Coco will do everything she can to bring the sparkle back to her friend. But will she, an almost complete outsider to Rarity's life, be enough?

Editing duties courtesy of nanashi_jones.

Chapters (4)

As the eternal regent of Equestria, Princess Celestia's knowledge of magic is without equal. Over her long life, only a few gifted ponies who had a great destiny before them have had the honor of learning at her side. Sunset Shimmer was one such pony: one of Celestia’s best and most promising students. As she learned at Celestia’s hooves, their bond strengthened until they became far more than student and teacher to one another.

Sometimes those closest to us are the ones who can hurt us the most.

[Note: This story does not directly tie into Equestria Girls]

Chapters (3)
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