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Limited Liability is a changeling with a very routine life. He works at a bank. He lives with a marefriend. He goes through every day making sure he isn't discovered.

At least, that is, until the day that the hive has planned to invade Canterlot. On that day, his love runs out, and his disguise fails. Trapped in public with a chitinous body for all of Equestria to see, Liability has to find a way not only to survive, but to avoid ruining an invasion years in the making. Along the way, he learns a very interesting lesson about the ponies around him.

Written for the Equestria Daily "Outside Insight" contest.

Cover Art by Ruirik.

Chapters (1)

The mane six take shelter in a place that is, for now, safe from a disaster occurring outside.

This gruesome tale of violence and death is not recommended for colts, fillies, or the faint of heart.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Odrsjot

Rainbow Dash and the Noble Jury fly east.

Chapters (200)

A filly's tumble on a skiing trip teaches an unexpected lesson to an unexpected savior.

A Price of Loyalty story (no additional reading required). Written for the Everfree Northwest 2014 Pre-Con Contest.

Chapters (1)

After eighty years Pathfinder has seen it all, and tried to drink most of it away. When an eager young guard comes with questions for him, he is forced to relive some of his hardest memories. Memories of Home. Memories of Loss. Memories of wind and stone.

Note: 2/10/2020: Updates every Monday.

Part of the Price of Loyalty Universe.

Pre-reading and Editing: LoyalLiar, The24thPegasus, and SolidFire.
Cover art by me.

Chapters (33)

This story is a sequel to Kiss of the Dark

Six months after the events of Kiss of the Dark, Twilight is deep into her pregnancy with Sombra's child. The foal is due any moment now, and she grows more excited by the day.

However, her memories of Sombra still haunt her. Torturing her in her dreams, making her feel guilty for the things she's done with him....

Once Celestia catches wind of it, she takes it upon herself to help her former student once more. After all, its best that they fix things once and for all before the foal arrives...

Cover by AmberSolaen/Starburst Dawn.

Reading Kiss of the Dark before reading this story is recommended, but not required.

Chapters (4)

Celestia knew, Celestia always knew the truth, so it had to be true.
Twilight trusted her, didn't she?
And fillies always grasp to truths, to their heroes, and drink in everything life throws at them.
So two and two make five.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to A Song of Storms: Of Skies Long Forgotten

It has been twenty years since the fall of the Cirran Empire, and Commander Hurricane has led the pegasus pony tribe into a comfortable role in accordance with the Tri-Pony Compact. But a supernatural blizzard without end brings forth the suppressed hatreds that have festered among the three tribes, and the resulting famine threatens to eradicate all; earth pony, unicorn, and pegasus alike. With a bloody war looming on the horizon and the fate of their ponies at stake, the three tribes must find a way to survive together, or they will assuredly die alone.

Sequel to "Of Skies Long Forgotten." Reading of that story is not absolutely necessary to understand what is going on, but it is strongly recommended for you to understand the references.

Officially part of "The Price of Loyalty" storyverse, in collaboration with LoyalLiar

Editing by LoyalLiar and Ruirik
Cover art provided by Ruirik

Chapters (22)

How far will you go to save your family? Your friends? Your empire? Twenty years before the events of the Hearth's Warming Eve story, long before the pegasi had even met the other two races, Commander Hurricane was a simple farmer in the great Cirran Empire. When the neighboring griffon nation declares war on Cirra and everything it stands for, the young Hurricane finds himself thrown into the middle of a conflict with the fate of his very race put into question. Will he rise to be the pegasus Cirra needs him to be, or will the mighty empire fall to the claws of the griffons?

Officially part of "The Price of Loyalty" storyverse, in collaboration with LoyalLiar.

Now with a side story! Come check out my friend Ruirik's Wind and Stone and follow along with the journey of another legionnaire who struggled through the Red Cloud War at the same time as Hurricane. (*contains references to events in the sequel to OSLF, Snow and Shadows, so be wary*)

Cover art by Ruirik

Chapters (18)

A short fanfic, inspired by a beautiful poem by Rudyard Kipling. It is not a war story, although it does follow the hoofsteps of a certain soldier. It is a story about tolerance and not taking things for granted. It shows that everypony, even the best of the best, is capable of making a mistake.

Written by Dolar84 and translated by myself. Special thanks to Comma-Kazie for proof-reading.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the read.

Chapters (1)