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Greetings, pony readers!

This is a group for adventure stories - for a specific type of adventure stories. Stories with a much bigger scope than just one band of wandering heroes. Stories that follow the general format of a high-stakes game with many players, each with their own reasons to play, and their own ideas of what constitutes "winning". Politics, warfare, intrigue, ancient evils being unleashed, you name it!

Which stories get in here is up to the admins. Currently, the team consists of Kolwynia, MidnightRambler and IceColt. If there's a story you'd like to see in here - be it your own or someone else's - send any of us a PM and we'll take a look at it.

We emphasise quality over quantity. There won't be many stories in here, but each one of them will be worth your time, or at least we think so. In a way we're like a mini-Vault, except run by three guys instead of one, focused on a specific genre, and hopefully much less pretentious.

Go on, have a look at our Main folder, and we hope you'll find a thing or two you like!

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