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Sergeant Gary "Roach" Sanderson and Lieutenant Simon "Ghost" Riley of Task Force 141 are revived in Equestria after being K.I.A. on the Russian-Georgian border. A massive combined evil force threatens to destroy the nation, and now the two must defend the ponies. Is there more to their arrival though?
Crossover with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Takes place between episodes 12 and 13 of Season 3.

This story was granted to me by JWR832, since he was unable to continue it. So, as one of his editors, I will be taking over. I will be consulting with him often, and he will be helping me change it to his liking. For my own purposes, all cursing (other than a few British words) will be omitted. I'm sorry if you don't like this, but it's just the way I write. Thank you all for supporting him, and I hope I can do almost as good as he did. This fic was just too good to die.

Featured February 5th, 2014. Keep it up, guys!
Reached 400 likes 11/11/14! Thank you guys!!!

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Good morning, afternoon, night, or whenever you're reading this. My name is Edward, aka 'patient 42', and I am currently residing in an insane asylum.
I suppose it all started When the ruler of this place called Equestria tasked her personal student, Twilight Sparkle, to travel to Earth and study the human race.
Unfortunately for Twilight, when she teleported to our world she, well... she appeared in the middle of the road. Right in front of my car. Needless to say, this put a pretty big dent in her expedition. ...as well as my car's bumper.

Sounds crazy, right? But hey, maybe thats the reason why I'm in this cell.
Point is, The story I'm about to tell you is the tale of events sparked by that ill-fated night.

note: In this plane of existence, the franchise "My Little Pony" does not exist. In short; this is not, nor will it ever be, a 'brony meets pony' story.
Also, on a more recent note, I had this idea and began writing way back in S2, so this is in no way inspired by EqG. (also, its non-alicorn twilight)

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A sequel to Pulling Through
(If you have not read that, I highly rccomend you do so before reading this)

It's been years since Rainbow Dash left the Academy and is now living her life in the quiet town of Ponyville. None of her close friends know of her past in the Academy, the life she used to live and the pony she always loved...

When a new hearthrob of a stallion comes into town will Rainbow Dash still remember her old flame?


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Your name is Lightning Strike, a pegasus tranfer to Cloudsdale's one and only "Cloudsdale's Academy for the gifted and talented".The only otherpony you know is your all time best friend, Thunder hoof, a dependable friend and caring pony ...

You aim to make the school wingball team with Thunder hoof and get an athlethic scholarship but school never seems to be that simple.

Along with everything else, you also get to experience the many ups and downs of high school.

How will you cope going to a new school, away from home and friends?


Please comment on what you like and what could be improved!
Taken inspiration from many fics on the website. No plagiarism intended.

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The Producers have long been the bane of the Top Gear team's existence, sending them off into the most dangerous and hilarious of situations in the name of good television. Now follow Captain Slow, Hamster and Jezza as they are sent off again into the unknown as some of the first humans to set foot (Or wheel) into the land of Equestria.

Oh, and the Government isn't exactly on board with this one either...

Teen for language and sexual references.

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Twilight Sparkle, a new ruler in Equestria, has only been a princess for a few weeks. She just returned from an adventure in a new world that she never knew of, but she still doesn't feel ready for life as a leader. On the other hoof, Flash Sentry is just a new member of the Canterlot Royal Guard. As a member of the guard, his job is to protect the three princesses in Canterlot, as well as tour with them wherever they go. This turns into a romantic relationship, and they live happily ever after.

Actually, no they don't. That only happens in fairy tales.

Rated Teen for suggestive scenes and innuendo jokes, but if you know me you know that my stories are always the PG rated version, where the acts aren't described after kissing or touching. This story takes place after Equestria Girls but before Season 4, not including any new developments in the series or comics after the movie.

Artwork by: cat4lyst.
Edited/Pre-read by: Gemstone The Unicorn (final chapter only).
External Links: Goodreads.

First Story: A Guard and a Princess.
Second Story: A Prince and a Princess.

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My name is Simon "Ghost" Riley. I was part of Task Force 141, an elite group of soldiers composed of the best of the best. Our mission was to take down Makarov, the mastermind of Russian invasion of America. The team consistered of myself, Roach, Ozone, and Scarecrow with sniper support from Archer and Toad. We didn't find Makarov, but we did find a jackpot of information. On our way to the landing zone, Ozone and Scarecrow were killed by mortar fire while me and Roach managed to survive. I dragged him all the way to the LZ but fate had other plans in store for us, specifically death at the hands of our own commanding officer. Shot point-blank, the shock and blood loss made my vision blur as everything went dark. I couldn't feel my body or when I hit the ground, but I could smell the scent of something before flames engulfed the world. I tried to resist Death's offer, but in the end, I gave in. I welcomed his embrace, hoping that I'd finally find peace.

Instead, here I am, alive and kicking in a world full of bloody ponies.

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