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Pulling Through - Noponythere

The story of how you get through High school with the help of your friends...

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Chapter 2: Meeting new Ponies

Welcome to Chapter 2 of my story. Still have many ideas lined up for this story. If I can get to at least 10 chapters with this story I feel I have done this fic proud.

Please comment if you feel I should post longer 2000 - 4000 word chapters or shorter >2000 word ones.


Chapter 2: Meeting new people



She stares at you with a guilty look. You don't know what to do. You've never have this much interaction with a mare before. While trying to create a plan of action, you nervously rub the back of your neck with your hoof.

"Uhhh... yeah sorry to kee-"


don't cry.... be a Stallion, take the pain!

"OWWW!" A tear wells up in your right eye.

"Jerk... why didn't you tell me!" Her face shows a mixture of emotions. She is partly angry at you for not telling her earlier but also slightly guilty about what she said and that she didn't ask herself.

You continue to nurse the bruise on your head while following Rainbow Dash. "I’m really sorry, but we were caught up in the moment of the race remember?".

That quickly makes her perk up. Somehow you always know the right thing to say to ponies. "Hey you're right. I guess we were kind of having fun." but before she continued she quickly turns back to guilt when she faces to you and notices some blood coming from the wound.


This time you cover her mouth with your hoof, you've had worse injuries and you can take the beating. You continue to try and reassure her you're ok as you walk towards your dorm.

"Sooo.... how come you transferred here halfway through the year?"

You think for a minute to try and explain it in a way without making it sound like you're bragging. Sometimes, maybe you're just too modest.

"Uhh... me and my Friend are playing for the school Wingball team... we got in with an athletic scholarship"

Her face lit up at the last part.

"REALLY?!?!?" She turns back to you waiting for further confirmation. "I'm here to on an athletic scholarship, all the scholars share the same timetable together"

You begin to imagine spending every class with Rainbow Dash. Both your competitive natures are bound to conflict. Your wings slightly rise at the thought of spending time with Rainbow Dash, though not enough to be noticed. You decide to question why Rainbow is so keen on being in the same class.

"Why are you soo you excited?" This quickly causes her to blush heavily again, she decides to walk faster to avoid you seeing her face.

"You know, if you weren’t injured. I'd probably have hit you again" You decide to continue your plan. You run towards your dorm screaming, you pound the dorm room door screaming at the top of your lungs.

"OH GOD HELP MY THUNDER, SHE'S GOING TO KILL ME!" She buys it and charges towards you, anger and embarrassment in her face.


She knocks you to the ground and grabs you by the neck and pushes you down. You hope she isn't actually going to strangle you to death, in front of your own dorm. She continues to lean on you pushing you against the door. You repeatedly bash the door, hoping Thunder hasn't fallen asleep.

Suddenly, you fall backwards into the room, the cause being Thunder had opened the door, removing your support. You lay there on the ground, with your hooves trying to Hold hack Rainbow Dash, who was now fully on top of you.

Aww great timing Thunder.....did you plan this?

"Kinky..." Thunder stands just next to both of you smiling a huge grin on his face.



*Pomf?* the Hell???

You look back up towards Rainbow Dash, now sporty and full erect wingboner. The sudden realisation causes her entire face to change to the same shade as her eyes. She looks at you in embarrassment and does the only thing she can think of.....

Brace yourself...


Your vision fades to darkness as you fade into unconsciousness. Before you black out you can only think of one thing...

She does have strength....



15 minutes later


You come to on your couch, you feel a slight stinging sensation in your head and reach towards it. You’re met with a sharp cold sting as you realise you have an ice pack over your bruised noggin. You think to yourself, move many IQ points you have dropped just today.

"You're lucky I took first aid for extra credit Lightning" You look left and notice Thunder washing his hooves in the sink.

"Oh, thanks you very much nurse Thunder Hoof" you give the best sarcastic tone you can. Thunder only replies with a cheeky smile.

"That's Doctor Thunder Hoof thank you very much!" he trots over to you and removes the icepack from your head. You quickly sit up and scan the room. You notice Rainbow Dash sitting in the corner chair looking away from both of you. Once again that guilty feeling popped up in the back of your throat.

1 day in a new school and I’ve already upset a mare, twice.

You try and recall why you acted like that. In your whole life you were never as reckless or daring. You get up of the chair and slowly walk towards Rainbow Dash.

"You gave your marefriend quite a scare there Lightning" That comment made you gag slightly. But before you could reply, you hear a gasp from Rainbow Dash.

"I'm not his marefriend" She quickly stands up and walks towards Thunder.

"Oh, you don't go that way... i see, it's just that, the way you were 15 minutes ag-" you try and warn Thunder not to provoke her but then remembered who you were talking to.

You sit there watching as Rainbow Dash Furiously hovers above Thunder whacking him with her hooves. Unsurprisingly, he doesn’t even flinch.

"Hehe... stop that, it tickles" You can't help but laugh out loud at this. Rainbow who clearly gave up hope turned back at you. The stare in her eyes make you remember what just happened. As she briskly walks towards you try and cover yourself with your hooves again

Please don't hurt me!

She wraps her hooves around you and locks you in a tight hug. You feel her warm cheeks on your neck and start to blush heavily at the warm feeling. Your arms are also locked tight by your sides and you decide to just let her continue.

"I'm sorry" she manages to whisper quietly to your ear. You try and change the subject and want to move on. You hope nopony else was feeling as uncomfortable in this situation as you did.

"Uhh... Rainbow?"

She looks up at you.

"Weren’t you supposed to be giving us a tour?"

She begins to quickly blush and quickly removes her hooves from your shoulder. You sense she feels slightly embarrassed when she turned round and saw Thunder Hoof just staring at the both of you.

"Oh yeah... come on guys" you quickly turn to Thunder in surprise, Thunder's parents also believed in making Thunder a real gentlecolt. You give a thunder a look of *aren't you supposed to do something*

He quickly looks at you, visibly puzzled. "Lightning, you were out cold for 15 minutes" he looked towards Rainbow Dash who was not showing a small smile. "We've introduced ourselves already"

You feel slightly stupid for not realising that and quickly head for the door with Thunder and Dash.

Oh Right


12:45 Main Student Building


For the last half hour, Rainbow Dash has been showing you around the main areas such as you classes and the facilities around. For a school specially teaching flight, you find it ironic how the school itself was on the ground and how many ponies walked around.

Rainbow lead the group as she points out the various landmarks and classes. She's very brief in the explanation and you now realise why she doesn’t seem very popular with Solar Chaser.

As you and Thunder follow closely behind Rainbow he pulls himself closer to your ear.

"Psst... Lightning, i have to tell you something" You look towards Thunder, his face shows he has a clear concern. You go in closer to listen to what he's about to whisper.

"Dat Ass" DAMNIT THUNDER Shut u-


You quickly try your best to hide your arousal. In the end you settle by walking behind Thunder. He gives you a smug look and only replies with one sentence.

"That was for the train"

I hate you Thunder but.... touché

"Fair one"

Rainbow quickly turns back to see you partly masked behind Thunder "what did you guys say?"

"Oh nothing..." Thunder may be an ass... but he's still your friend.

"You guys want to see anything else?" she genuinely asks both of you. Both of you look at each other blankly.


The growling from your stomach and Thunder's is the only answer she needs.

"To The cafeteria then. I'm starving too, all this walking, and talking and pointing"

wow... she can reeaaly be lazy...


Rainbow and Thunder go for a daffodil sandwich while you opt for some heart clogging hay fries and a hay bacon sandwich. You 3 head over to an empty table to enjoy your meal. Rainbow Dash asks you and Thunder more about where you came from and what you two did in your old school. Halfway through the conversation you are interrupted by a commotion a few table away.

"I SAID, HAND OVER YOUR BITS" a loud voice echoes through the dining hall


Thunder, being the tallest of the 3 of you, can clearly see what's going on. You and Decide to look and see what’s going on.

Three tables away you noticed a dark brown Pegasus with a mid length cream mane pounding his hooves onto the table. Hiding in terror opposite him is a small light yellow Pegasus with long bright pink mane. From what you hear and see he’s taking the poor mare's lunch money. You see her start to well up in finally and decide to step in.

Somepony's got to end this

But before you could move in, you notice Thunder Hoof, approach him from behind. He towers a good foot taller than the brown Pegasus and almost 10 times as intimidating. He places a hoof on the brown colt's back to get his attention.

"Excuse me, what do you think you're doing" His voice expresses genuine inquiry yet set in a stern tone. The brown Colt is quick to respond

"Mind your own business" he continues to collect the bits laid on the table and proceeds to turn around. As soon as he faced Thunder the hall suddenly went silent. The tough stallion clearly didn’t expect a pony like Thunder to approach him.

"Your name?" Thunders voice still stayed moderately quite for a situation like this.

"Uhh.. D-Dumb-Be-Bell..." The brown Pegasus clearly knew when he was out matched. Thunder's face quickly turned to one of pure anger.

"ARE THOSE YOUR BITS YOU'RE HOLDING?!?!!?" The sudden outburst caused everypony around to take a step back, or two... or several.

"N-n-no sir.!" Dumb-Bell quickly dropped the bits back onto the table. His hooves shaking with pure terror. Thunder approached him and picked him up with one hoof. His voice went back to a small whisper.

"And if i ever see you taking anypony's bits again I’ll makes sure you leave the room on a stretcher!" you could see the brown colt almost break into tears. "DO I MAKE MYSLEFT CLEAR?" The Pegasus could only nod furiously, to scared and shocked to conjure any other word.

"NOW SCRAM" With this he quickly made a dash to the exit and flew off out of anypony's view. Thunder stood there watching for a moment before collecting every single Bit on the table and floor, placed them into a small pouch and drop them in front of the yellow Pegasus. The mare, had in fact been in the same position this whole confrontation.

"Ehhh... your bit's miss" Thunder stood lower in an attempt to meet the shy Pegasus at eye level. Before he could say another word she quickly leapt out of her seat.

"Eep!" she quickly galloped away out of the food hall in the opposite direction before anypony could move a muscle. Everybody stood there in shock looking at Thunder. In response, Thunder looked towards me, looking for some answers.

"Was it something i said?" you could only reply with a shrug as most of the crowd dispersed back to eating lunch.

"THAT WAS AWSOME DUDE!" Rainbow Dash gestured for a high hoof and Thunder was quick to return it. "Nopony's ever stood up to Dumb-bell before. Though you might wanna watch out, he does have a gang..." Thunder wasn’t paying attention. The just stood up, picked up the bag of bits and quietly walk out the hall. Rainbow and I followed behind.

"Where are you going?" I quickly stuffed a mouthful of hay fries and walked beside Thunder.

"I’m going to return these bits to their owner" Thunder Hoof quickly made it to the administrative office and handed in the bits to the mare at the desk. After shortly describing the small bright yellow pony and confirming the picture, the mare simply said, "thank you for the good deed". Thunder only nodded and left.


Some time later Your Dorm


You, Thunder and Rainbow Dash make it back to your dorm without further event. By now Rainbow Dash has shown you most of the Academy you need to know, or that interested you. You notice the late afternoon sun start to close in on the horizon. Most other ponies have finished any other sort of class and are now either enjoying their free time off or loitering about on the school grounds.

Your turn back and see Rainbow Dash nervously hovering by the doorway, Most likely wanting to leave by now.

"Do you guys need anything else then?"

"No, I guess were done for today" You give her a small smile to thank her for her effort and company today.

"Umm... I'll see you tomorrow then? First period?" You finally remember to ask about the school timetable. Coming to lessons late wouldn't be a good start to your new school career.

"When does lesson's start?" Rainbow Dash quickly turns back and scratches her head.

Come on... don't tell me you don't even remember when lessons are?!?!

"Oh right!" The gears in her brain have started moving again and she manages to recall the time periods throughout the day.

"But you only mostly need to know when school starts and when your last lesson ends. First one starts at eight and scholars usually finish just after three." With that she heads towards the door and begins to close to door.

Before she shut it, I quickly remembered i never thanked her for the tour and lunch. I quickly run towards the exit hoping to get to her.

"Hey Rainbow!" She stops in her tracks. The door is only barely open. "I wanted to thank you for what you did for Thunder and me today". She doesn’t reply, quickly turned and flew away from our dorm.

Huh? Wonder why she was in such a rush to leave?

You turn back to Thunder who was by the small dining table, he had a quill and some paper, quickly scribbling down something.

"Whatcha up to?" He is taken by surprise at your sudden question and entrance.

Was i really that startling?

"Uhh... I'm just writing a letter for the folks back home. I don't want to worry them so I’m just making it short." You decide not to bother him about this and instead, you choose to retire to your bedroom.


The next day 06:00 Your Dorm




You quickly sit up and furiously rub your eyes, you look around for the source of the noise that interrupted your amazing dream you were having. Looking to your bedside table, you realise your alarm clock was just doing its job. You quickly reset it and hop out of your bed.

Having slept in 1 position for the whole night had given your wings an ache so you decide to give them a quick stretch. You head over to your window to draw the blinds, while doing so you feel the strong burning sunlight penetrate into every corner of the room. The sudden change in light almost blinds you temporarily and you take a moment to regain your sense of sight.

GAH! Celestia, did you have to make the sun so bright?

You imagine a morning shower would do your body good and head into your bathroom. Your morning routine occurs without any event or interruption and 20 minutes later you emerge from your bedroom, ready to take on the challenges for today. You notice Thunder's already pouring himself some cereal, quickly scoffing it down in seconds.

"Morning Thunder" you feel extra jubilant about your first day at your new school. Thunder only turns to you and nods his head with a smile. His cheeks clearly bloated, mouth stuffed with cereal.

"Don’t forget to chew..." You pour yourself some morning sustenance and also quickly devour your meal.

After proceeding to empty out your entire stock of cereal and fruits in one sitting, both of you decided it was best if you headed out for class. The flight from the dorm would probably take a good 5 minutes.

You and Thunder take off into the morning light and slowly make your way towards your classroom. It is then when you notice how many other pegasi are also taking to the skies, either in search of friends or food. You wonder if you would bump into Rainbow Dash this early in the morning.

I don't think she's the early morning kind of pony...

As both of you land by the main building, you are suddenly but quietly called from behind.

"umm... excuse me... but... if you don’t mind me asking, are you Thunder Hoof?" you and thunder quickly turn the to the voice, you are greeted with the shy yellow pony that Thunder returned the bits to. She quickly gasps and hides her face behind her mane having seen Thunder's face.

"Hi... uh, are you ok after yesterday?" She only quietly nods, leaving all three of you in an awkward silence.


You decide to leave Thunder and the pony alone, deciding instead to head to your class."Hey uhh.. Thunder? I guess I'll catch up with you at lunch." Thunder turns and nods as you walk away into the building and out of their sight.

Your first lesson is the Physics of Flying and you recall all students, regardless of whether they prefer the theory of flying or some practical hands on experience must take this lesson. Just outside the class you notice Rainbow Dash loitering by a drinking fountain. She still hasn't noticed you yet and you quickly walk up to her.

Wow, her mane looks like she just got up... or is it always like that?

You decide not to ask, you don't bother probing into ponies personal lives and what they do or don't do in the morning.

"HEY Lighting!" she spots you approaching her and gives a warm smile. You can't help but feel slightly happy being around her again.

Maybe she just has that effect on other ponies?

"Morning Rainbow" both of you head into the class and you try to take a seat by the closest available seat you can find.

"No, not there..." you turn back and notice rainbow shaking her head, she quickly points over to the back row. "were sitting back there". You realise how far back the seats are and feel that Rainbow certainly doesn't have a thing for learning.

"hey.. uh, Rainbow? I don't think you'll learn much from back there" You try and tell her in a way you feel would not offend her. Clearly, it doesn't work.

"Well DUH! only the nerds sit upfront, were athletic scholars, we don't need to know why our wings do what they do." You notice a tone of annoyance in her voice and decide not to bother her any further.

You eventually decide on a compromise. Both of you take seats close to the window, about halfway towards the back and front. You reasoned to Rainbow Dash that she could still sleep or zone out of do whatever she does while you can still absorb some knowledge from the teacher and the board at the front.

"Fine..." she eventually agrees, taking a seat beside you.

I don't know why she's complaining... she's got the better deal.

As time passes by, more students file in into the class and the lesson starts. Halfway throughout the teachers lecture you look over to Dash just to see what she's up to.

You’re surprised to meet a pair of magenta eyes staring right back at you. You realise she’s been staring at you for at least the last 20 minutes. Upon noticing that you spotted her, she quickly turns down to her closed textbook and proceeds to open it to a random page in a bad attempt at hiding her now heavily blushing cheeks.

"Oh i see you're enjoying reading up on 'spontaneous wing reflexes' Rainbow Dash?"

She quickly reads the title of the chapter and notices the multiple diagrams of pegasi with erect wings. She immediately shuts the book, still heavily blushing and proceeds to punch you on the shoulder.

The punch wasn't enough to get a reaction out of you though you feel a small throbbing pain at the afflicted area. You decide to take this as your cue to return your attention to the teacher's ramblings instead.


Lunch Break 12:23


Shortly after the end of your lesson you decide to head over for lunch. On the way to the cafeteria, Rainbow Dash was giving an explanation of why you caught her staring at you during the lesson.

" For the last time! There was something on your face!" She's trying badly to cover up her earlier actions.

"Like what?" She doesn't expect your question and quickly taps herself on the head, trying to think of an excuse

might as well just play along...

"aha! a bug, there was a bug..." her face shows a genuine look of pride as she feels she's made a good excuse.

"Ok then..." you put on your most convincing acceptance face as you enter the Lunch queue. You decide to go for a light fruit salad as Rainbow takes her usual sandwich.

You look over all the lunch tables hoping to find Thunder somewhere. You're surprised to see him sitting at the corner table... with that pony he saved yesterday. you and rainbow decide to head over and take a seat beside him.

"soo... you going to introduce me?" Thunder quickly remembers his manners and gestures towards the yellow pony.

"Uhh.. Lightning this is Fluttershy, Fluttershy Lightning." You give Fluttershy a small smile and she quietly mumbles a greeting.

"And Fluttershy this is Rai-"

"Rainbow Dash. We’ve already met" You quickly turn to Rainbow Dash, she looks back at you with a puzzled face

"What?" You slap your face with a hoof and attempt to recompose yourself.

"You didn't bother to mention this yesterday?" you feel slightly annoyed at this fact but all that feeling washes away when you turn back to see meet her face. She looks like she feels bad, her ears drooping slightly.

"I'm sorry, i didn’t' think it was worth mentioning back then" you feel terrible that you made her upset and quickly try to make it up to her.

Do I really make all ponies feel bad or am I just bad with mares?

"Never mind Rainbow, I guess I didn't bother asking either." she quickly accepts your word and you continue with your lunch. You all talk about what you enjoy about school and you learn that Fluttershy has a thing for animals and nature. Thunder stated that she spent most of her time in the greenhouse or volunteering to take care of the school pets.


After finishing lunch you and Rainbow Dash leave as Thunder and Fluttershy make their own way as well. You suddenly realise the exited look on Rainbow's face.

"What's so exciting?" you look around you and even on yourself for answers but to no avail.

"Next period is training. We're going on the school track, this is my favourite lesson!

You realise this is your chance to see how other pony's fare against you and Rainbow. Both of you quickly change pace but you're quickly stopped by Rainbow Dash?

"Hey? wanna race to the track?" You feel exited for some competition, now that you know what Rainbow's capable of, you think you can bet her.

"OK then" Both of you take position and are ready to take off.


Ok you can do this...



Rainbow Dash immediately sets off leaving you behind once again. Though this time you are left behind for a different reason.



Next Chapter: You get yourself into a bit of trouble with Dumb-bell and his crew


Wow, that took long, The chapters keep getting longer and longer. At this rate chapters would probably be posted every other day. I'll try not to delay but I spend ages fixing any errors or spelling.

I would like to thank everypony who has liked commented or given feedback on my story and I would like to say I’ve taken quite a lot of advice into consideration.

Hopefully with all this feedback, I can improve on my writing skills as I go along.