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Pulling Through - Noponythere

The story of how you get through High school with the help of your friends...

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Chapter 5: Redemption

Here's the 5th chapter for my story. Sorry, for the delay. I had actually finished the chapter and saved along the way. But somehow, pressing shift and scrolling down, causes you to go back a page.

After returning, somehow, it reverted back to 2000 words only. All authors hate re-writing a story. It's odd because you want to recreate your plot word for word but never comes out the same. The only upside is you get to make certain changes to the way it's written.

Enjoy the chapter. The next one will be a little less dramatic... but more intimate.


Chapter 5: Redemption


You and Rainbow Dash swoop across the sky, covering the distance quite quickly. You easily keep up with Rainbow Dash's pace and trail closely behind as she gracefully and effortlessly glide through the air. Both of you spot the administrative building below you, to your two o'clock.

This time, you manage to land with 4 hooves firmly planted on the ground. You have no time to savour your victory as you quickly head f into the building. You enter the main reception area and quickly find the department you're looking for.


You notice a very old mare sitting behind the counter and attempt to make your inquiry. You're suddenly knocked aside and find yourself on your back. You look back up and noticed Rainbow Dash at the counter. She's pounding both her hooves on the counter like she's interrogating a suspect.

Oh sweet Celestia what is she doing....

You hope Rainbow Dash knows what she's doing but you decide not to intervene. You figured she probably knows what she's doing. You're only course of action is praying Rainbow doesn't give the old mare a heart attack.

"Ma'am, I'm going to have to ask you to co-operate!" you watch closely behind as Rainbow finds out what Fluttershy lives. You notice the old mare look up at both of you and give Rainbow her full attention.

"Oh, hello dear. What can I do for you two today?" She speaks with such a quiet humble tone. You only wonder why she's working this position instead of enjoying retirement in some faraway paradise.

Rainbow quickly interjects. "Look lady! This is a matter of life and death here! I need to know where the hay Fluttershy lives."

You can see the genuine concern in Rainbow's face and can only wonder why a pony would go so far and do something like this for another pony. You're lost from the conversation while you stand there, staring at Rainbow Dash. Wondering, just why she was doing what she was.

You snap out of your gaze when you notice Rainbow Dash turn and eyeing you stare at her. She blushes when she spots you staring at her.

Why does she keep blushing...?

"Damnit Lightning! Can't you just stop harassing mares and focus on the task at hand for once"

"Hey..." You decide not to continue as from the corner of your eye, you spot the old Mare coming back with a folder. You watch as she opens it up and pulls a sheet from it.

She passes the sheet of paper over the counter to Rainbow Dash. The mare is still sporting that calm almost carefree attitude. She clearly doesn't understand the nature of the situation. Then again, you or Rainbow never explained anything.

"You kids these days are so dramatic..." you turn and follow Rainbow Dash out of the room and out of the building. She faces you. You only notice the look on her face. You stand there in the awkward silence only wondering what to do or say.

Rainbow is the first to break the awkward silence.


"What?" you either really spaced out for a second or you were really missing something.

"Aren’t you going to comment on like how awesome that was. I mean, did you see how quickly I got that info we needed"

Oh yeah. I forgot this is Rainbow Dash...

You try your best sarcastic tone. "Oh yeah!! That was awesome. You're so cool Rainbow Dash. You like... did that in ten seconds flat. Umm... I’ve never seen anypony cooler than you!"

You quickly get a hoof to the face for your trouble.


You rub your cheeks, hoping to reduce the pink hoof imprint on your face while grabbing the sheet of paper off from Rainbow Dash.

"What I meant to say is... Thanks’ Rainbow Dash, I couldn't have done it without you."

You brace your ears as you hear her loud squee of joy. While she was basking in her glory, you work out where Fluttershy could be hiding. You recognize where her dorm is and quickly take off into the late morning sun. You're quickly tailed by Rainbow Dash in hot pursuit.


"I don't think any pony’s home..." You say in a quiet voice over the incessant banging of the door by Rainbow Dash.

She doesn't stop her attack on the wooden door. "You think? This is Fluttershy were talking about" After a good two minutes at the door, Rainbow gives up and heads round the side.

"Where are you going!?!?" you hope Rainbow hasn't given up this easily at an obstacle.

"I'll be back" you hardly catch a glimpse of her face as she leaves.

Was that a wink?

You sit there patiently for another few minutes only hearing the occasional sound coming from inside. The door quickly opens and you look up, hoping to see Fluttershy at the door only to be greeted by a very sweaty looking Rainbow Dash.

"Told you I’d be back" You quickly wonder how she got inside or more importantly, why she was all that sweaty. Your nose catches her scent mixed with some light deodorant. You somehow enjoy Rainbow's athletic aroma. You quickly feel your wings tightening and try your best to keep them down.

Ignoring the fact you two just broke into somepony's dorm and were now scouring every inch of the room for somepony, you and Rainbow proceed to look for Fluttershy. Rainbow decided to search the living room while you covered her bedroom. Both of you spend ages looking everywhere for her when you catch a light sobbing in the corner of your ear.

You turn towards the source of the noise and notice a small broom closet in the corner. You slowly turn the handle half expecting a demonic beast hiding within, ready to attack you but the logical side of your brain knows that's not possible.

You slowly pull open the door and peek inside. You spot a chain and tug it lightly. The light turns on and in front of you, you see a very sad, crying Fluttershy on the ground. You turn and call out to Rainbow Dash.

"Uhhh... I think I found her"

you think....

"Really?" you're quickly joined by Rainbow Dash whose face lit up when she spots Fluttershy. After dragging her out of the closet you and Rainbow Dash then proceed to try and calm Fluttershy down. You decide Rainbow's interrogation tactics were not the best here and tried appealing to her in a caring manner.

Eventually, you get something out of her.

"I can't talk... they'll hurt me..." you barely hear her quiet voice even close up to her.

"Come on Fluttershy... I thought you liked helping other ponies. I need you to help me by telling me who wants to hurt you. You don't get a response.

figures... blackmail and threats, the one most dangerous weapon in high school...

You and Rainbow decide now, the only other option was to bring her to Thunder and hope she'll talk to him. Rainbow grabs Fluttershy and loads her onto your back...

"What the hay?" you feel slightly burdened by the pony on your back...

"She’s not much of a flier...." you don't bother to argue about how heavy she is and slowly set off back to Thunder.


After dropping Fluttershy off at your door, you quickly proceed to bash on the door and quickly hoof it into the nearby bush. Peering out of the bush, you spot Thunder open the door and jump at the sight of Fluttershy. He quickly brings her in and shuts the door. You can only hope that Fluttershy will talk to Thun-



You tumble out of the bush and land on your back. You get up and shake of the leaves still clinging to your fur. Looking back to Rainbow Dash, you feel a sense of relief that she's still around.

"So... uhh, what was step two of your brilliant plan?" She quickly perks up at your compliment and gives the biggest smile you've ever seen from her.

"Honestly... I never thought we would get this far!"

Wow... I'm glad I put my utmost confidence in you Dash...

"Ummm... now we go find the pony who did this and uhh... we turn them I’m!"

"I thought it was beat them up?"

"That too"

You and Rainbow Dash quickly think of all the different ponies you know who even had the IQ to pull this off. You notice Rainbow shuffle slightly uncomfortably and decide to ask her what's wrong.

"Uhh... everything alright skittles?"


She blushes heavily at your comment. You watch as her cheeks go a hot red pink this time.

"Don't call me that" You quickly find out you have a new nickname for Rainbow.

"Anyways... you ok?"

"Yeah... it's just. I think I know some... Griffon... who may or may not know anypony who could have done it..." you feel she's not telling you everything but you don't press for answers. You knew some griffons but you never really did make friends with them. You've played against a few Griffons in Wingball games and you find they tackle better than they fly.

"Let’s go to her then. Lead the way"

Rainbow takes off towards her friend and you follow once again, close by. This time you notice she's dramatically slower in her flight.

This isn't going to end well...


You both head over to what seems to be the Griffon's section of housing. The immediate atmosphere immediately sends chills down your back. Following Rainbow Dash's lead, you land at some insignificant dorm number you can't remember and Rainbow quickly proceeds to turn back to you.

"Can you like... kind of stay back here?"

"Ummm.... Why?"

"It’s just that Gilda's just not that kind of griffon that likes everypony she meets." She rubs the side of her hoof uneasily. "...And we also have some history." She struggles to find answers and switches to an all out sour, defensive mood. "It's just... it's difficult to explain. OK?"

"OK, Ok I get it..." You feel that instinct in your gut that Rainbow isn't letting telling you everything. You decide to ask her after she talks to this 'Gilda'.

You sit quietly round the corner from the entrance on a solitary park bench. You wait for what seems ages and can only hear some muffled rock music coming from inside the dorm. You look up towards the sun and see that it's slowly approaching midday.

Remembering what you learnt about reading time based on the sun, you reckoned it was about 11:20AM. The late morning sun was sweltering down on you and a quick glance around you quickly confirms most ponies had either hidden inside by now or were cooling off by the pool or lake.

You find the intense heat unbearable, or at least that's what you told yourself to move into the shade and comfort of the sheltered dorm. You decide to pick yourself up and quickly stood in the shaded area, just outside Gilda's dorm.

You weren't much for eavesdropping but since this did involve you, you decided it was ok for you to listen in on what was going inside. You push the door open just a crack and press your keen ear to the door. By now the music from inside had been stopped and you could only hear quiet and barely audible conversation.


Bold for Gilda's speech, italics for your thoughts, and normal text for Rainbow’s speech


"Gilda? Have you been... working on anything recently?"

"You know I’ve taken a break from all that stuff Rainbow"

Working on what!?!?

"Yeah... but you did tell me old habits die hard..."

well... now that you mention it, you know that idiot... what was his name again... Dumb-bell! Yeah... gave me a hundred bits just to get some dirt on somepony

"Which somepony?"

Yeah! Who the hell is this???

"I don't know! Just some new transfer students or something. The smaller one's cute but you know I don't do stable relationships..."

She's not talking about me? Is she?

"So? What did you do?"

You know me... I just followed him around. Waited for him to go into the greenhouse. He was looking for that Flutterbitch... I didn't know he rolled that way. Everypony only see's him hang out with his coltfriend. I never thought he wouldn't be into mares like you Rainbow?"

WHOA, WHOA, WHOA... ponies think I’m gay?

"Shut up... you don't know him. He's like... really cool"

What??! Don’t tell me you like him. Have you seen what he did to that Flutterbitch anyway!

So she's the bitch who set me up???

"Uhh... I have to go, I’ll see you later"

"Catch you around Rainbow Dash"


End of eavesdropping, bold is no longer Gilda


You quickly back away from the door and make a mad dash for your bench. You power your wings to full and dart back around the corner, almost smashing into the bench itself. Moments later you see Rainbow Dash making it round the corner. You sit up and rub the beads of sweat from your face.

"Hey Lightning, I just...... You ok? You look like you just flew a marathon..."

You try your best to keep cool but the burning sun was drenching you in sweat.

"What? No... Besides I wouldn't even sweat this much in a marathon anyway." You give your best excuse. She buys it.

"Pff... as if. Anyway, I talked to Gilda"

Oh really?? I was just expecting you two to have a leisurely pillow fight accompanied with movies and popcorn

"And I didn't find anything"

That's -Bull!

"Rainbow we both know you're bullshitting me! Look, this doesn't need to concern you. You have nothing to lose from this! But me? I could get expelled if the teachers saw this!"

"You were listening in on me!" her surprise now turns to anger. She moves closer to you and you can feel the heat coming off from her cheeks. You smell the mild hint of wild berries in her breath.

You move back, trying to make sense of this situation. Suddenly you feel the urge to snap at Rainbow.

"Look, this doesn't need to concern you! But this could be the end of my school career. I could get expelled for this"

You quickly turn and fly off towards Gilda's dorm. You hear Rainbow call out your name just behind you but you don’t turn back to look.



You come crashing through the wooden door. Fragmenting it into splinters. This time you ignore the pain and quickly get up. You brush off some small shards of wood caught in your wing feathers.

Hey... I’m getting good at this door smashing stuff.

You return your attention to the griffon in the room. "You better destroy those pictures" Finally looking up at your assailant, you realise that she's considerably larger than you and almost certain to beat you in a fight.

"Aww... did somepony come for something?" She brandishes a small stash of incriminating photos in her claws. Almost teasing you with it.

"You better get rid of them... or else!"

"Or what?" She was right. You smashed right in there without a plan and now it looked like you were done for.

"Look who we have here?" You turn around and spot Dumb-Bell accompanied by 3 other ponies, blocking the door. You know you were dead if you stayed here and quickly formulated a plan.

five on one, aww come on....

"I'm going to rip those tiny wings off your sorry body." Finally deciding to take action, you make a right hoof at Dumb-Bell hitting him square in the jaw, knocking him unconscious before he hid the floor. You took this opportunity to do what you did best.


You make a mad dash out the door and leap into the sky. You power your wings to full in an attempt to escape your attackers. Turning back, you notice that they've also taken off in hot pursuit of you. You turn on your wingball brain and try to come up with a plan. Your only option was to get away from them or pick them off one by one.

You fly manically in the air, trying to avoid a pony that has caught up to you by now. You make a sudden swerve and quickly slow down. You kick with your rear legs, knocking him in the forehead. He quickly drops out of the sky and hit's the ground with a thud.

One down, four more to go.

You fly low, desperately trying to lose your attackers in between the buildings. Two other ponies persist and trail you closely, mimicking your every movement. One follows close behind you whiles the other just above you. You attempt a few sudden swerves and even a sharp turn but the other ponies are quickly gaining ground on you.

You spot a narrow alleyway and head towards it. At the last second you tilt sideways and zip into the narrow opening. The other pony behind you had no time to react. Causing him to smash into the brick wall. You feel a small triumph as you get out of the alley. Though it's short lived; the other pony was smart enough to fly over the building and was now heading right at you.

You spot him tucks his wings in and goes straight into a dive. By now there was nothing else you could do but close your eyes and prepare for the inevitable.

"My life can't end now!!! I have so much I haven't done, graduate from flight school, earn a living, get laid..."

He hits you with full impact and you both go crashing towards the ground. You hit the ground at an astounding speed and your impact was only slightly cushioned by the other pony, who was now beneath you. You try and open your eyes and mouth but dusk quickly causes you to shut both.

You attempt to get up but a searing pain in both your back and legs cause you to collapse. You lie there, in a heap of dirt and pony at the mercy of your attackers. You see the two ponies you knocked out earlier, now pinning you down on the dirt. One of them has lost a few teeth while the other might need some surgery.

"Well well, you gave us quite a chase. Now, anything to say before I crush those wings of yours?"

You only prepare yourself for the immense pain. You feel a claw bending back your wings, slowly torturing them and destroying the tissue. You think about how your entire life is going to end if you don't die right here, right now. You would be wingless, lose your scholarship, drop out from school and lose your friends.

"GET THE FUCK OF OFF HIM!!" Rainbow Dash?

You try and look up but you can't see past your assailants. Your attackers themselves have stopped in their tracks and now turn to face your savoir.


The two ponies pinning you promptly proceed to flying off at full speed, into the distance while Gilda and Dumb-Bell settle for charging at Thunder.

Bad idea...

Needless to say, both of them were quickly pinned and taken down by Thunder. By now you could see various teachers and security ponies leading Gilda and Dumb-Bell away.

Behind Thunder you spot a hiding Fluttershy peeking over Thunder, quickly glancing at you. She gives you a small and shy but genuine smile and you return it. You try again to get up but the pain in your legs cause you to fall back into the pile of dust. You spot Thunder walk up to you and break into tears and only mutters two words before turning away.

"I'm sorry..." Thunder's always been such an emotional pony; you decide to let Fluttershy comfort him before talking to him later.


You turn your head around and spot Rainbow rushing towards you. She has a relieved though sad look on her face.

"Heya Skittles, you missed the party!" you try and keep the mood cheery but you notice she’s clearly upset.

"I'm sorry I wasn't there for you"

"No, Rainbow. You did the right thing." You finally manage to stumble back onto four legs. "...Besides, you wouldn’t have been able to out fly them anyway..."

Rainbow Dash playfully nudges your shoulder. She's still feeling a bit down but something is still bugging you in your head.

There is no way anypony would do so much for somepony they've met a week ago.

"Hey... Rainbow?"

"Yeah lightning?" You finally muster up the courage to ask

"Why did you do this for me?"

"What do you mean!?!? I already told you!"

"Yeah but why for me..."

She struggles to find excuses. Eventually she looks nervously down. Her voice changes to a quiet whisper. You move closer to hear her

"Because.... I.... I, I like you."

So? We’re friends. I like you too...

You're taken by surprise but still not satisfied by the answer. You nervously scratch your head. "I like you to Rainbow, That's why friends were."

"NO... You don't understand?" She moves closer, your faces nearly touching. Once again you can smell the wild berries in her breath and the scent of her mane.

"Lightning... I love you..."


Next Chapter: The recent events have left you out of action and in recovery. But will this give you some time to get to know somepony?


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