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Pulling Through - Noponythere

The story of how you get through High school with the help of your friends...

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Chapter 3: Fight or Flight?

Welcome to Chapter 3 of this story. I thank all the readers are supporting this story and seriously appreciate some of the feedback given.

Sorry for Taking so long to post the last few chapters. I haven't been in the author writing mood even though i was aching to continue the story. Plus, I spend forever to proofread. enjoy the chapter!

If you continue to spot any typos or grammatical error, I greatly appreciate you pointing it out, even if I feel really stupid for missing it.


Chapter 3: Fight of Flight?


You eventually make it to the sports track after choosing to fly upwards and trying to spot it from above. As you land you notice a rather amused Rainbow Dash having a light chuckle.

"Yeah yeah, laugh it up Dash..." You try to punch Rainbow Dash on the shoulder but as you reach out she quickly dodges your terrible attempt, causing you to trip up and fall over.

You regain your balance and composure and hoped nopony saw that last scene. As you brush off your wings Rainbow Dash had now controlled her fit of laughter and was walking towards the sports coach. By now, everypony in your class had arrived and was warming up or chatting amongst themselves.

The coach quickly briefed everyone on what they needed to do. The lesson was simple enough; everypony was free to practice their manoeuvres. Many ponies split up into groups or partners and quickly dispersed to the many different flying tracks and assault courses.

You feel yourself quickly being dragged away to one of the various courses by Rainbow Dash. You read the sign by the start of the course.

Advanced agility track. Proceed with caution

"Time me" She throws you a stopwatch and heads over to the starting position. "Watch and learn rookie..." you decide to sit yourself down further back from the track so you can watch Rainbow Dash work through the course.

She quickly takes off and quickly navigates the easy obstacles such as variously shaped clouds. The sight of her agility and extreme manoeuvrability astounds you as you almost forget to start the timer. Throughout the track she continues to amaze you as she performs moves like 90 degree turns and quick drops from the sky. Every time she folds her wings in to quickly drop back to the ground you can help but hold your breath, somehow thinking she wouldn't recover in time. She then proceeds to perform loop the loops and barrel rolls past many of the obstacles. As she makes it out the other side of the track she flies over to your position.

You're left in awe as you try and comprehend how she even performed some of those manoeuvres. If you learnt anything in your physics lesson, you were pretty sure some of those moves she performed were supposed to be impossible. You sit there quietly with your mouth hanging open in disbelief.

"So... what did you think?" she looks at you and notices you hadn't even stopped the timer.

"Hello... Equestria to Lightning?" She frantically waves her hooves in front of your face, eventually deciding a slap was the most effective way of grabbing your attention.


"OW" you snap out of your daze and quickly nurse your now red cheek. She looks straight at you with an unimpressed look and grabs the timer from your other hoof.

"Are you this abusive to all the colts you meet?" She quickly turns back to you with a smile on her face

"Nah, just you" she takes a seat next to you and stares at you blankly for a moment. You start to feel slightly nervous in this situation, not knowing what to do. You eventually break the silence.


"I said, what did you think about my performance?"

"Well... it was certainly a show, but I'm pretty sure you broke at least three laws of physics in the past 2 minutes."

She quickly dismisses your claims, "What you don't know, can't hurt you" she says it with such confidence, while you try to explain how that saying doesn't actually work.

Instead of continueing to argue, you decide to attempt the course. As you take your position by the start you notice Rainbow Dash eagerly watching by the sidelines. You quickly take off and try o follow the route Rainbow Dash took. You easily navigate past the starting obstacles but struggle slightly with the later ones.

You decide to not try copying Rainbow's moves and navigate past the clouds you own way. Needless to say you made it out the other end in one piece, slightly banged up but in one piece.

"Ehhh... not bad rookie but it could have been 20% cooler..."

Is that supposed to mean anything?!??!

You continue to practice for the next half hour throughout many of the other courses and quickly find that what you lacked in speed and agility you made up in endurance. Anything that Rainbow couldn't blast through in 10 seconds flat, often ended in her losing her stamina and abandoning her flight.

Unfortunately this also had the effect of her in full sweat and crashing down on top of you.

*pant pant* "just give me a second" *pant pant* "let me try that again."

You can't help but feel slightly giddy at the thought of Rainbow in full sweat and on top of you...

Stop it brain! It’s just a workout

That's not the only workout I bet she does...

Shut up!

"Uhh, Rainbow, do you mind getting off me?"

*pant pant* "I said, hold on-" *pant pant* "-a second"

You eventually managed to get Rainbow off of you and decide to call it a wrap. You follow rainbow Dash back to the sports hall only to have Rainbow Dash turn back to you with a puzzled look on her face.

"What are you doing?" you look back at her with a blank face. You don't know what you're actually doing.

"umm... following you?"

"Not into the mares shower room you aren't..."


A quick look at your surroundings confirms that you are actually just in front of the locker rooms. You start to blush at the fact you nearly followed Rainbow Dash into the mares shower room though also somewhat disappointed...

"Oh yeah, um... I guess I’ll see you later then?" you try to keep it cool in front of Rainbow; she doesn't hit you in any way... so that’s a good start.

"Yeah, I'll see you later" she turns back and walk's into the mares locker room. You decide not to hang about in case anypony notices you and gets any ideas.


Colt’s locker room


You decide the best course of action was a long hot shower and quickly proceed to the shower stall. You let the warm water pour over your body as you continue to clean both your wings and body. You let the cascading water rush over your head, washing away both any grime and sweat but also any other worry or thought.

You quickly dry yourself off with the towels provided and head towards the exit. Before you could make it there, you're quickly stopped as you feel a hoof placed on your shoulder. You turn to face the pony and notice the brown Pegasus from the other day.

"Hey, Lightning Strike"

How does he know my name?

"What do you want Dumb-bell?"

"I heard you're pretty close to BLUNDER hoof, is that true?"

" Thunder hoof , and yeah, we were best friends since foalhood"

What Dumb-Bell does next takes you by surprise. He quickly proceeds to slam you into the nearby locker and continue pin you against the steel door.

"Well, you better tell him to back off or somepony's going to get it!"

"I'm not scared of you" What you said was true. Though, even if Thunder was bigger than Dumb-Bell, you were certainly no match to fight him. You decide to not antagonize him further.

"Oh yeah? Well maybe some other pony then?" you quickly try and think of all the other ponies you know. Only one other pony pops up in your mind.


"Don’t you dare do anything to Fluttershy!" You start to feel the anger boil up inside you. There was no way you were letting somepony get hurt on your account.

"Either you break it up with Thunder or Fluttershy gets it" He quickly let's go of you and proceeds to fly out of the locker room. You quickly pick yourself up and try and head off to look for Fluttershy.

Where does she hang out again... the garden? greenhouse?

You decide to go to the closer of the two, the greenhouse. You quickly take off into the afternoon sun in search of Fluttershy.


The greenhouse


Landing quickly beside the greenhouse entrance, you waste no time to look for FLuttershy, so much that you decide opening the glass door would take too long and instead choose to smash through the single pane.


Forget what you see in movies, jumping through glass hurts like hell! You stumble back up and brush off the remaining glass shards caught in your wing feathers, you examine yourself for any injuries but luckily you only sustained minor cuts. All the adrenaline rushing through your body has caused you to work up quite a sweat. You wipe the beads of sweat with your hoof and set off in search of your friend.

As you travel further into the glass building you notice the surrounding vegetation thicken. You look up to see how much sunlight you had left and delved deeper into the colourful mixture of flora, quickly deciding now was not the best time to be admiring the view.

"Fluttershy?!?" you take a deep breath and fill your overworked lungs with air. "FLUTTERSHY?!?!"

You hear the rustling of leaves behind you and turn to see the yellow Pegasus hiding amongst the bushes. She's clearly distressed and scared right now but you can't help but wonder if that's how she acts normally.

"Fluttershy! There you are! I’ve been looking for you everywhere! Have you seen Dumb-bell anywhere?" She turns away from you, her face hidden behind her bright pink mane. You move closer to her hoping to get an answer from her.

"Did he hurt you? Are you ok?" You clearly either look that scary or you just plain suck at talking to mare's but as you move closer you realise she’s backing up into a small depression in the ground. You quickly try and move in to stop her from falling but catch one of your hooves in some roots.


The resulting trip has you losing your balance and falling onto Fluttershy. You both tumble of your hooves and into the small sunken part of the ground. You pick yourself up once again and realise you're lying on top of Fluttershy who is also now on her back. You stare at each other in silence for a second.



Fluttershy's only response is pitifully quiet half scream, half cry while flailing her hooves about. You try and stop her by grabbing her hooves in one hoof and covering her mouth with the other. You decide now is not the time to be wasting in a greenhouse. You remember you needed to get Fluttershy somewhere safe.



You quickly turn to face in the direction of the sound and only notice a shadowy figure fly off from the bushes. You quickly fly off into the general direction to look for the pony stalker. By the time you turn back to get Fluttershy you notice she had also galloped away in the opposite direction, towards the exit. You power up your wings and quickly head out in search of her once again.

You scour the surrounding areas and buildings in search of Fluttershy but to no avail. You decide by now that she had either found somepony to tell or made it back to her dorm. You reluctantly head back towards your own dorm and explain what happened to Thunder.

Though whatever adrenaline was rushing through your body earlier had now been used to the last drop and you suddenly feel hardly able you walk, your wing muscles ache to the point you decide to drag your wings behind you as you slowly walk back through the dimly lit pathways towards your dorm.


After a gruelling forty minutes you eventually make it back to your dorm in one piece and weakly tapped the door with a hoof. The door quickly opens and you ready yourself to explain what happened to Thunder but as you tried to walk past you realise that Thunder was in fact still blocking the doorway.

"Look, Thunder I need to tell you-"

You look up to see Thunder expecting a welcoming smile but instead you are greeted with the you’re in trouble now... expression on his face. He quickly pushes you back out and pulls out a picture from behind him.

"You mind explaining this!" His voice is low and deep but you can sense anger and fury in it. You look up towards the picture only to be stunned by what you see; your jaw hangs down as you suddenly feel a mixure of anger, sadness, bloodlust and also stupidity...

The paper was in fact a photo. A photo of two ponies. A photo of a sweaty, blood covered you lying on top of Fluttershy pinning her down with your wing in its full erect pride. If you didn't know any better, this looked like a perfect photo of you trying to rape Fluttershy. In fact, the sudden realisation had hit you like a giant boulder to the head. It had all been a set up.

"I can explain!" you try to bring yourself eye to eye with Thunder but you are neither in a position to fly up or bring him down.

"You know, apparently somepony's been stalking Fluttershy for the last 2 days, she'd been hiding in the greenhouse where only two other ponies knew where she would be" you feel a lump forming in your throat.

"I never would have thought somepony like you would have done something like that!" You attempt look back up to defend yourself but he continues.

"Look, if we weren’t friend's since foalhood you'd already be dead by now." you look into his eyes and know what he was saying was true. “But I'm giving you a chance to turn yourself in." You feel your heart sink; the only other pony in life you could depend on was probably now your worst enemy.

You take this opportunity to interrupt. "Look Thunder, you know I wouldn't do this. This was all a set up, Dumb-Bell" You look up and see Thunder turn away from the comment.

"There's no denying it Lightning, I saw the way you looked at Fluttershy back in the cafeteria. And we both know from the Fluttershy's bits incident that somepony like Dumb-Bell wouldn't be able to do something like that!"

"ARE YOU LISTENING TO WHAT YOU’RE SAYING!!!!" You try in desperation to appeal to Thunder, he only drops his head. You notice some tears for in the side of his eyes.

"Are you listening to what you're saying?" It was true, if you were anypony else, Lightning Strike would be as guilty as a pony who just murdered in cold blood.

You look back down and start to think how your life became the wreck it is now. Looking back up you see Thunder had already closed the door. Nopony now would be able to protest your innocence, not even Fluttershy would come out to tell the truth. You imagine yourself incarcerated in a juvenile pony prison, wasting your years away...

You turn around and decide to head off into the night; you prepare to take off only to notice a cyan blue Pegasus in front of you. You think how long Rainbow Dash had been listening in on what Thunder had to day. You feel mixed emotions in your stomach as you think somepony can hear you out but also deep sadness thinking that Rainbow heard what had happened.

Rainbow looked at you with teary eyes, her body in a somewhat defensive stand. You knew she would never believe your story though you still try to go closer to her, hoping she would hear you out. She backs off slowly.

"Is that what happened?"


Next Chapter: Will anypony listen to you? How will you be able to clear your name


It takes forever to write these chapters and proofread them but hopefully they're ok.

I feel somewhat bad making my OC suffer all the pain. Then again, he was kind of stupid...