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Pulling Through - Noponythere

The story of how you get through High school with the help of your friends...

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This is my first Fic, if it goes well, i might continue it.

This is told from a second person narritive

anything in italics are your own thoughts.


You never really thought you would ever make the cut. Wingball was the only thing you were actually really good at. In all subjects you never failed, though your grades were not anything to brag about. You guessed you always said you could pull through.

What made you want to play Wingball? a quest for fame and fortune? Wonder lust?
Nope, the only person who convinced you to join the team was your childhood friend, Thunder Hoof.


3 Months ago

"Why not?" cried Thunder Hoof. "You could be great at it!"

“Because, I don't think I’m cut out for that kind of sport..." you reply, lowering your head to the ground.

"Come on, you'll never know how good you are until we try it", you feel yourself being dragged by the tail, creeping backwards.

Oh come on....

"Thunder! stop that!" you shout at him. You’re surprised that he’s dragging you down the hallway. I hope nopony sees me like this...

Thunder had quite a large build for a stallion of his age and always had the appearance of a tough school bully. The only thing is, his personality was quite the opposite. He rarely ever laid a hoof on anypony, and he was always looking out for you and anypony else.

"I don’t even know how to play, they wouldn't even consider me!" you continue, still being ponyhandled down the corridor.

"its SOOO simple!" said Thunder Hoof with a huge grin on his face. "i read about it in a book, all you need to do is tackle the pony on the other team with the ball and hold it for as long as possible, other than tha-"

You cut him off "EXACTLY! That would be great for you, you’re HUGE, nopony else in school can take you on!"

Thunder hoof paused for a minute, bringing you to a halt but still firmly holding tight to you. "Yeah I guess..." he contemplated for a short moment, "But I’m not much for dodging in the air, you've seen me yourself, haven't you?"

You recall watching him in Aerial Acrobatics and manoeuvres class... not a pretty sight

"Besides, he continues, that’s why I need you to join as well, you're amazing with speed and tricks and all those things..." he starts dragging you again, you don't bother struggling, and you learnt that a long time ago.

"Do I really have a choice in this..." you mumble just loud enough for Thunder hoof to catch it. He stops in his tracks again, he lets go of your tail and you pick yourself up. You turn to him, hopefully to make him think about what he is about to do.

Although when your head did turn to face him, a different sight caught your eye. Thunder was standing uneasy there rubbing the back of his head with his hoof. a small tear wells up in the corner of his eye.

"I’m not trying to force you to do anything Lightning..." he tries to avoid looking you in the face, he always did when he felt you were disappointed in him.”It’s just that, if we make the top team, the school can offer us a scholarship, to Cloudsdale, we co-

"WAIT!" you cut him off again

I should really stop doing that; I really don't want it to be a habit

"Where in Cloudsdale?" you ask, this catches his attention, he stops avoiding you and now is staring at you with a huge grin plastered all over his face.

"This is the best part" he continues "the top team gets to attend Cloudsdale's Flight Academy for the Gifted and Talented" wow, you think to yourself, only the top students in Equestria get to attend. You actually considered the idea of you in the Academy. The things you could do there, the people you could meet, and then it hits you...

"Thunder, you realise we would have to attend the Academy as boarding students right?" You feel slightly disheartened at the idea of having to leave the comfort and safety of your school, your friends but also your family.

"Yeah, I guess that's a downside but we won’t be alone Lightning, we'll have each other, and im sure there are plenty of friends we'll make" replied Thunder, leading both of you to the signup slip

Wait! Since when did we start walking?!?!

You realise since you both started talking about Cloudsdale, both of you continued to walk towards the gym. You consider, how hard it would be to make the top team, the school didn't exactly have the best sports training in Equestria...

DAMN YOU Princess Celestia and your budget cuts!!!!

You hear a voice calling out to you...

"Hey- uh... Lightning...?" A hoof starts to shakes you "Lightning!"

you snap out of your silly daydreaming to see Thunder scribbling your names on the signup sheets. You see a long list of names, mostly ponies you knew but some you never hear your whole life. you read the form, teams and conditions etc...

Tryouts at 09:00, huh? Early start i guess?

"Sooo...." You notice Thunder slowly pace towards the Cafeteria, "i guess we start tomorrow."

You notice a bit of anxiety in him... and yourself for that matter.

"How do you think we’ll do?" he looks to up to you for advice, well actually he looks down to you...

"meh" you reply to him, apathy dripping all over,

"I guess we'll pull through"


The next day, 08:55


You meet thunder by your lockers and head towards the gym.

"You ready for today?" you sense uncertainty in his voice

You feel a sense of confidence fill inside you. Come to think about it, how hard could it be? You were the fastest and most agile Pegasus in school and nobody else you knew in the whole town could take down Thunder in a brawl.

"Yeah I’m ready!" you reply as both of you walk through the gym doors to the outside field. You stand before at least 20 other pegasi, many of whom you know but the rest were all just as huge as thunder and more... intimidating.


You turn to Thunder and pull him close "What the hay man!!!" you tremble as you feel all your confidence drains from you’re small physique.

"Ummm Lightning, the form said it was an interschool tryout, our school was chosen as the tryout centre this year" he replies to you calmly. You notice Thunder Hoof in his calm normal state. That was the thing about him, for a huge menacing pony he sure had a heart of gold and was always calm about everything.

You guessed that’s why you two were best friends from the start. You weren’t exactly the opposite of him, but your traits complimented him. Where he was shy and modest, you were outgoing and confident, at least you thought so. Thunder would always come to you for help and you always depended on him. You both treated each other as equal and respected each other. Even if you two didn't always see eye to eye (literally, he stands way taller).

"Well... how bad could it be?" you turn to see your opposition; these pegasi looked like they could rip you to shreds if they got their hooves on you.

"Just do what you do best Lightning" You turn to listen you your friends inspirational words.

"Thanks Thunder, the same goes for you too" you give a reassuring smile.

"Running away that is"

Buck you Thunder, Buck you....


After the tryouts


"THAT WAS HORRIBLE!!" you cry out, leaning on your locker. Not in shame but in disappointment. You got tackled at least dozen times throughout the whole session.

"ARE YOU KIDDING!?!?!?" Lifting your head you notice Thunder hovering just above you, you've never seen him more exited.

"Thunder, they stampeded me, i was horrible" You start to head towards your usual hangout, thunder hovering close behind. Time to go drown your sorrow in some strong cider non age restricted drink and 20 pints of Rocky road ice-cream.

"Excuse me- Are you two Lightning and Thunder?" You turn expecting to see some participant, probably here to rub it in and disappoint you. You are shocked to see the tryout coach, Coach Speed Wing smiling at both of you like you were him newest trophies.

"Yes sir!" you weren’t happy but that didn't mean you couldn't show some respect and interest at school; that’s what your parents had always thought you. You may be pissed, the world may be out to get you but it doesn't hurt to show some kindness and respect to others.

“I was watching both of you two particularly closely..."

Great, the *I’m sorry didn’t couldn't make the team good try, maybe next year speech*

"And I would like to offer you two a place out of the 5 we had. I saw some amazing determination and attitude in the field today," he turns to Thunder you was staring right at him for the last half minute wide open.

"where did you get that amazing body and strength, Thunder?" you slap thunder other the back of his head, he immediately breaks from his trance and replies.

"umm... my dad sir"

"Well... I have never seen a stallion as strong as you in a long time"

"Like who Mr Speed wing?" exclaimed Thunder Hoof, clearly he’s speaking faster than he can talk.

"Awww... just some young red stallion in a small farm... i can't even remember the name, Ponyville or something, I dunno just an Earth Pony.”

He then looks to face me; he walks by and ruffles my mane. "And you!"


Wow, "Yeah?" really. Just shut up now....

"I have yet to see a Pegasus with more raw talent and determination to win a game ever" He was telling some truth, I always wanted to win... well anything non-academic.

"There were times when your techniques could have used some refinement but i know the Academy can help you with that"

You stare at him confused, there were many other pegasi who played better than both of you

"Why us sir?"

"Because”, he looks at you closely, now with an expression of complete seriousness. "I want ponies who I know, want to play Wingball badly and be good at it. I want somepony who wants to fight for what they want." By now you feel slightly confident in yourself and equally as embarrassed...

"So, I take it you two will accept my offer? Cloudsdale could really do with ponies like you now" You return your focus to the coach, repeatedly switching your gaze between him and Thunder. Smeared on your friends hoof is an expression of half happiness and half with an almost sincere look of begging "Can weeeee PLEAAAASE?"

You chuckle ever so slightly, even if you had second thoughts about Wingball, you would never turn down an opportunity of a lifetime like this. "You know Thunder? You should look at yourself in the mirror?"

This directs the coach’s attention to Thunder Hoof now somewhat sporting a bright red hue on his face. His brown coat makes it easy to spot when blood rushes to his face.

Coach Speed Wing takes this as his cue to rejoin the conversation, "I guess I will be seeing you in 3 months time then ehh?" This surprises both you and Thunder Hoof, both of you stare at him, mouths hanging open.

"OHH! Don't worry about being transferred so soon; I’ll worry about all the paperwork and bureaucracy. You two only need to pack your things and get there."

Still unconvinced by this sudden change you decide to interrupt, "What about joining halfway through the semester? Won’t we be behind on work?"

"oh no, heh" Speed Wing laughs out, "The Academy has a special programme to help with students that enter halfway, you two will have extra courses to catch up with the rest. With both of your talent, i expect you two to go f-"



You turn to see, your friend slumped on the floor, all this excitement was too much to handle... well, for a pony like him. His mouth was still open, tongue hanging out *Eww* and you notice his wings slightly unfolded and it was clear he was.... excited.

"Uhh, I think I’ll leave you two to break the news to your families. I'll go and finish filling up the relevant forms. I hope I’ll see you guys progress in the future, no in fact I want to see you on the Junior National League Team in a year's time"

You only barely caught the last part as he departed down the hallway, though there was no mistake in what you heard.

The National League....

Everypony knew only the finest in Equestria Play for the Junior National League Team.


Now... you think to yourself, how to get this mammoth of a pony from here to the nurse's office. "Oh Well" you say to yourself, "I Always like a good challenge"


Next chapter: Lightning and Thunder take to the skies for Cloudsdale and start a new life as boarding students. They meet some interesting people on the way.


Yay introduction over. I hope you enjoyed the first taste of Lighting's life.
More explanation and plot development next chapter. I have planned the entire plot although if you wish to see any extra time in his school career, i can include that, Proms, parties etc. I might even write another story from Thunders perspective if people like this.

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