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Reunited - Noponythere

Sequel to my previous story, Does RD finally meet her highschool love after all these years?

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Thanks everypony for all the support and comments for my last story. I enjoyed writing the fic and felt it really needed that ending.

Although a book may have a sad ending, the sequel can still redeem it...

Please note that this chapter (only!) is second person from Rainbow's perspective . The next ones will not...

Let us continue our story


Prologue "Another bit... Another day!


You toss and tumble in your heavenly cloud bed. Those dreams haunting you in your sleep again. You quickly get up, checking your neck you have a cold sweat. It was that dream again. The day you wrote the letter and cowardly abandoned your colt-friend, your lover... your best friend. You think it over to yourself again and again.

How the hell am I the element of loyalty!! I couldn't even go through flight school with the only pony I loved...

You bury your face into the airy cloud pillow and let out the waterworks. Nopony had ever seen you like this before and you want to keep it that way. You keep your emotional side to your bedroom; your reputation would be ruined if the town saw you acting like a lovesick filly. All around you are the many posters and souvenirs that lined your dorm room walls and shelves. You keep them there to remind you of Lightning but the pain of leaving him still creeps up on you.

You quickly scramble under your bed and fumble about with a cardboard box. You carefully pry open the old container and spot you’re most cherished, favourite memories inside.

The ticket Lightning got you on your sixteenth birthday. Beside it lay the autographed picture Lighting also got for you on that occasion. Around them lay the many other memories of Lightning taking you out on the best nights of your life.

You quickly slam the box shut and shove it deep under your bed. You break out into another wave of tears that soak into your pillow and sheets.


You slam your bead onto the pillow and sit in silence for a moment. Eventually, you decide to get on with life again and put on your brave face. You slowly drag yourself to your bathroom and stare into the empty mirror. From the reflection you can see a pathetic pony who left the only thing she loved in the world because she couldn't handle schoolwork.

You examine yourself closer and start to rub your eyes, now puffy and swollen from the teary outburst earlier. You turn to make your way into the shower when a thought quickly creeps up into your mind.


That's like the shower Lightning used to make love to me in...

You can't help but chuckle lightly at remembering your passionate moments. back then, you were either eager to try 'new' things or just a really horny pony. Either way, a typical teenage pony. Upon remembering Lightning again, you can’t help but start to break into tears again. You quickly turn the shower onto highest blast on cold and start to wash your body.


You dry yourself quickly, trying not to think back to how Lightning used to do things for you and to you. This was just another one of those days. Those days when you feel your past is going to haunt you again. These episodes used to happen every night for the first year. Then every other night and eventually now... only about twice a month.

You dry your multicoloured hair and furiously rubbed it to get your signature rugged look. you check the time and quickly remembered your task for the day... Somepony needed to clear the sky and you were the only pony in the weather clearing team here.

You could say it was just another day. Another day for another bit to be earned.

You jump out your bedroom window, apathetic enough not to use the front door. You make a steep dive towards the ground but quickly pull up giving a moderate ground clearance. You weren't showing off for anypony today so why try hard?

You head off in search of those pesky clouds and make quick work of clearing the sky. In a whole hour you were done with the day's work. Another 200 easy bits in the bag. You make your way back to your cloud home but you are quickly interrupted by a quiet voice coming from below.

You look down and spot a tiny orange Pegasus on a scooter. Scootaloo.

You stop midflight to greet your admirer. You give her a polite wave. She shouts out something to you, though you barely make out what she’s saying...


"I know, kid..."


You heard her clearly that time. You feel the piercing remark go through your heart. You hold back a tear and just continue flying back to your cloud home. In the distance you can hear her calling out to you. You don't look back, making the shortest possible flight possible to avoid any other ponies.


Landing just outside your home, you spot a pink envelope on your doorstep. By the looks of the crater in front of the doorstep you presume derpy had just delivered the mail. You quickly grab a piece of cloud and repair the huge dent in your floor.


Lightning used to crash on my doorstep

You block your distant memories and open the pink envelope. The distinct smell of baked goods immediately fills your nostrils and by that you know that this was sent by Pinkie Pie. Inside, the note was a bright, multicoloured invite to another one of her meaningless parties. You look at the time and notice the party to start in just about 20 minutes. She never was known for planning parties days in advance like a normal pony would.

Sure, just a "WHY DONT YOU COME IN 2 MINUTES!?!?"

You pause momentarily in your thoughts and take a deep breath. You can feel your heavy breathing and see your chest rising as falling with your lung size. You feel the individual beads of sweat trickling down your neck, you were feeling real agitated today. Everything just seemed to rile you up. It could be down to you missing Lightning or maybe it was just your PMS acting out...

"I guess I'll go... Nothing better to do anyway."

You take a gently flight high in the sky where nopony will see or bother you. You take the time to contemplate your life and what you've done. You look at your life goals and how you want to get there. you question what do you really want in life?

"I want Lightning back..."

Shit... All this thinking is making my head hurt...

You quickly end your day dreaming flight and head over to sugarcube corner. You push the door open and quickly sense the jolly atmosphere inside. The entire place was covered in an array of decorations panning from balloons and streamers to ribbons and confetti.

The whole crew was there, doing their own thing. Fluttershy was the first one to spot you; she waves politely and beckons you to come over. Fluttershy was and still is the only pony to know about what you got up to in flight school. Every time you spot her, you notice her changed personality from the Academy. She did complete her final year with Thunder but after they graduated... they just made their own ways. Or as Fluttershy decided to call it 'We took a break from each other'.

You used to pester her about what happened to Lightning. She would tell you that besides being a quiet pony who just got on with life, he truly missed you.

"Um... Rainbow Dash?"

You snap out of your depressing daydream...

"were you thinking of him again?"

You look into Fluttershy's eyes; she has that comforting, caring look about her. You feel half your worries melt away and let a small tear out.

"Yeah... I was Flutter's"

"Hay ya two! Whata yer up to?

You turn around and spot Applejack with her Stetson hat. She stare you in the eyes and can instantly read your mood.

"Are you okay sugarcube?"

"I'm fine Applejack."

"Okay then... Just makin sure you two were fine."

You leave the small corner Flutterhshy is hiding in and quickly join the rest of the group with the celebrations. You spot Pinkie being... Pinkie by the buffet table and notice Twilight giving some sort of lecture to Rarity. Applejack was busy making sure Pinkie didn't destroy anything but was happily sipping her mug of apple cider.

Damn... I could really go for a cider right now...

"Rainbow Dash!-"

You turn to the sound of the voice, you see Twilight make her way over to you accompanied by Rarity. you dread having a dramatic encounter with Rarity.

"-Just the pony we wanted to talk to!"

"What do you mean?"

"Well... The mayor just told me something I’m sure you're happy to hear."

"I'm finally getting a raise for my work?"

"ehh... give it another year. BUT now you get to be a boss!"


Rarity quickly interjects.

"Darling! Some handsome new Pegasus is coming in as a weather pony this afternoon! I heard he's quite the charmer."

"So what?"

There's a quiet pause in the room. Most of your friends have stopped their shenanigans and are focused on your conversation. You spot Twilight gibing a very nervous look towards the ground. She starts tapping her hoof on the wooden floor.

"Well... we thought maybe this would have been... a good opportunity to... You know, meet somepony that could be good for you."


Pinkie Pie quickly jumps into the conversation.

"BECAUSE SILLY, you've been acting all depressed and lonely so we thought maybe a nice stallion would be good for you!"

"You want me to date him?"

"Yeah! You get so angsty sometimes and maybe you could use somepony to... ease any tension you might have"

"So you want me to fuck him?"

Twilight can’t put on any straight face. You can see the sneaky smile on her face.

"Pretty much..."

"Ah mean... It's not like you've ever gotten laid before Rainbow but maybe a relationship would be healthy for you."

"Applejack! you too?"

You look at the whole ring of friends surrounding you. Every one of them seems adamant on making you meet the new pony. Only Fluttershy had been left out of the circle. You turn and spot her just next to the buffet table. She clearly notices how awkward this situation has become and does her best not to interfere.

You don’t want to meet some new pony, even if he is the most irresistible Pegasus anyponmy could ever see. You can feel the anger and sadness creep up on you. You try not to let it spill but the other keep going on about how good it could be for you.

"Rainbow dear, look, this fellow might just be the one for yo-"


You smash your hoof on the ground. Everypony stops talking and looks at you. On your face, you can feel the tears streaming down your cheeks.

"I had only one pony I ever loved in my life. He was the most awesome, coolest and kindest colt I ever met. Sorry to disappoint you all but I’m not a virgin."

You hear an array of gasps from your friends. You continue with your outburst.

"He made love to me like no pony could and I would never, ever break my promise to him!"

An awkward silence creeps up on you. You feel your heart racing and your lungs racing to fill themselves with air. You look around you; all your friends are in shock. You decide that now was the time to leave.

You slowly make your way out, nopony else makes a move. Before you exited the building, you quickly shouted out a last remark to the group before flying off to your house in tears.


You could almost hear the multitude of gasps, shrieks and faints in the bakery behind you. You feel horrible for doing that to Fluttershy but also for your friends. Maybe they were right; maybe you were just being a bit bitchy.

Fuck it... I'm going to make this pony's life as hard as possible if he makes a move on me

You once again dive into your king sized cloud bed and bury your head into the pillow. After a few minutes of teary cries, the entire bed had swollen up, saturated with your teardrops of sorrow.

Suddenly you hear your doorbell ringing. You know it to be the newcomer. You reluctantly get off your bed and make your way downstairs. You grumble under your breath hand take a painstakingly long time to get down.

Eventually, you make it to your front door. You quickly unlock the door and swing it open. You look down from his hooves and turn your gaze slowly upwards. You spot the same coat colour and cute mane you remembered years ago. Your eyes finally meet his, those same adorable eyes you fell in love with back in the Academy. You take a step back and drop your jaw in surprise. You don't know what to say. It was him...

"Uhh... Hiya Skittles!"


Next Chapter: You get reacquainted with your long lost friend...


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