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Reunited - Noponythere

Sequel to my previous story, Does RD finally meet her highschool love after all these years?

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Chapter 1: Where your Loyalties Lie

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Chapter1: Where your Loyalties Lie


The previous day...

You pack your small and trusty saddlebag with your worldly possessions. Besides your close memories and your bits, you have nothing else of value to bring with you. You were sick and tired of living in the big city. This sort of life just wasn't meant for you...

Since you graduated from the Academy, you went on to play wing ball on a professional level. At first you admired the glitz and glamour of the celebrity life. You were doing what you loved best and got some reputation for doing it. Then came the endorsements, and sponsors. Then the contracts and all the deals. Going on a tour here, travelling for miles there. You often ended up living in Canterlot, leaving your beloved second home Cloudsdale. You would be signing a contract for a club but you hated it. It was like selling your body to them. You were sick and tired of a life in the limelight.

So you chose to leave. You made a sudden drop out of the wing ball teams and competitions, nopony saw you for weeks on end. You flew back to Cloudsdale and got busy sipping cider on a lounge chair while enjoying the peace and quiet of your high-rise penthouse. But it wasn't in your nature to just sit back and relax. You had that thirst for adventure and excitement. You wanted to work...

What other jobs were there for a Pegasus in Cloudsdale? One day you just woke up and trotted over to the weather department. You were young, twenty years old, single and graduated from the best Pegasus Academy in Equestria... So you worked as a cloud clearing pony.

The months went by as you took pride in your work. In strikes you that you never did this earlier. Wing ball was definitely more fun and challenging but now that you think about it, it's much better as a spare time activity than a job. Of course, nopony like you could ever work a job like that and not meet any other such opposites. You always had a bit of tension in you, and some of your colleges never minded some casual sex.

You still never forgot the letter back in flight school. You promised not to have any other relationships with a pony until you either saw Rainbow Dash again, or she moves on. Either way, having an old flame find you snuggling in bed with another pony doesn't bode well for your health.

It was the same routine every day. You got up at six. Started work at nine. Clear the damn clouds by lunch. Then clock out for the day. The work was never that exciting and the pay was definitely nothing to shout about. The sad depressing routine slowly became repetitive and monotonous. Day in, day out. Every day, you're fussing.

On the occasional evening, maybe some nice pony from PR (Pony Resources) offered you a good time in bed. Nothing serious, it was just good for your mental health... that's what she said at least...

Somehow, word just got out that you used to play wing ball. Everypony around you started to notice. Ponies would bug you out in the streets. Fans would swarm you for pictures and autographs and the press were like blood sucking parasprites. All the fame and attention also affected your work life. You could say the other ponies in the office got jealous of you. They wanted you to become what you didn't want. Of course you couldn't keep up with it. You've been putting up with it for the last 3 months and it's driving you insane. One night, you took the largest saddlebag you could find and stuffed anything and everything you could take into it

You grab you bad and quickly leave your apartment. You avoid taking the elevator and decide to fly out the window down to the ground floor. As you reach it, you toss your penthouse keys and half a month’s rent onto the front desk. You didn't bother catching the puzzled look on the receptionist's face having hundreds of bits land on her workspace.

You make a b-line for your office, hoping to avoid any fans along the way. You quickly make it past all your colleagues and quickly get to your manager's office. You knock politely on the door. There's a brief silence, you feel the sweat drops on every inch of your body. A quite but commanding female voice comes from inside.

"Come in"

You slowly open the door and spot your boss lounging on her swivel chair. She smiles at you and gives you a slight hint of a seductive manner. one night, you both decided to leave work late and she needed somepony to escort her home. Somehow, she couldn't let you go without a reward and a pay raise would have been so much better but you allowed for a more 'satisfactory' reward.

"Umm... boss, I really need a huge favour."

"Lightning... Can't it wait until this evening?"

"Nonono... It's not that. I need to move."

"Move? what's wrong with here?"

"I need to get away from this place..."

You hear that regrettable sad sigh. Most ponies’ you spend time with usually end their time with you with a sigh. Why do you let so many mares down?

"Fine. Where do you want to move to?"

"I just want any place where there's a position open and the ponies there don’t know shit about Cloudsdale"

"There is a position open...here. There's only one cloud clearer there and it looks like she could use as spare pair of wings."

"Thanks Twinkle"

"I told you no pet names! I am your boss!"

"Not anymore"

You quickly grab the transfer sheet and high tail it out of the room. As you swoop through the office hundreds of papers fly off in every direction. You didn't care. You just needed to get away from here. You had no time to even check the sheet.

In no time you make it to the train station. You try and keep a low profile as to not attract unwanted attention. You avoid all the main roads and flight paths and stick to alleys and small streets. You run up to the ticket booth, slamming your hooves onto the counter. You nearly give the pony on the other side a heart attack but the old stallion quickly recovers from his shock.

"Um I need a one way ticket to...-"

You look down at the name of the small town-


"Sure thing, pal"

The pony hands you a small white ticket. You pay the necessary bits and head out of the ticketing office. You can already feel the sweltering heat of the late morning sun on your body and quickly head for the appropriate platform.


20 minutes later


You happily enjoy your comfortable ride on the near empty train. Since the station, besides the conductor, nopony had bothered you. You look up at the clock and notice the time. You stare out your window and also spot the station of the small town coming into view.

Besides some few shops, houses and a few scattered municipal buildings scattered about, you see nothing but empty undeveloped grassland. Further in the distance you spot a huge apple orchard growing larger by the second.

The train comes to an abrupt stop and you quickly disembark. You look around and see nopony on the only platform here. You quickly strap on your saddlebag and take to the skies for a good vantage point. As you fly higher and higher, you spot a floating cloud home in the near distance. The rainbows flowing down from it provide a huge sparkle to the whole thing.

You quickly make towards the appealing home in the skies hoping to ask for directions. As you approach, the architecture and nature of the building start to remind you of your old schoolmate Rainbow Dash. The thoughts of your time spent with her start to fill your mind and you slowly wipe a tear forming on your cheek.

You make a soft landing on the semi solid cloud, landing with a slight thump. You look to the door and knock politely and quietly on the door. You feel beads of sweat forming on your body as you wait for the pony to answer the door. Inside you can hear the faint sound of hooves loudly making their way to the door.

Somepony's had a rough day...

The door quickly swings open and you quickly spot the flurry of cyan fur and rainbow mane. After all those years alone, you turn up at a house and have her open up to see you at her front door. Since your school days, she hadn't grown too much but she certainly had matured a bit. Her body was now larger and those curves just looked much more defined.

You both stand there in a mixture of amazement and shock, startled to see each other in such spontaneous circumstances. You feel your leg muscles tense up and lock. You want to do something but you just can’t feel it in you. She also stands there with her mouth agape, clearly stunned at seeing you. You can’t help but think of how cute she looks when she’s surprised like that.

Eventually, you open your big mouth and utter a quite greeting.

"Ummm... Hiya Skittles!"

Before you know it, you feel yourself blinded by her actions. She quickly leapt off her hooves and jumped onto you. You quickly lose balance and fall over onto the cloud ground, crushed by the cyan pony smothering you in hugs and kisses. You don't resist and quickly return the gestures.


"umm... Missed you too Rainbow Dash"

You feel quickly overwhelmed by her body, gently but teasingly rubbing against you. You quickly try to hide your arousal but you are quickly spotted by Rainbow Dash.

"God, Lightning. Only what? 3 minutes after seeing my and you want to fuck me?"

"You're laying on top of me Dashie"

She slowly gets off and pulls you back onto all four. You both stand there in an awkward silence avoiding eye contact but both giggling at the reunion between you two. You look at Rainbow dead in the eyes and strike up conversation.

"Actually, I'm here to look for the weather manager for Ponyville..."

"You're looking right at her!"

You stare at her, she jumps into a pumped up pose and smiles delightfully at you. It quickly hits you that you're new boss was standing right in front of you. Her face also quickly changes when she thinks about your question.

"wait... are you the new po-"

"Pony in town? yeah..."

"OHH MY GAWD! I'm our boss and you're my slave!"

"WHOAH! I'm an employee"

"Sure... Anyway, were going to have so much fun..."

She quickly leads you by the hoof and drags you inside the house. You try and say something but you are quickly stopped. You're mouth it covered by a hoof and she quickly slams the door shut. She looks at you with a seductive look and lies down on her couch provocatively.

"Can we fuck now and talk later lightning...?"

"Are you sure about that Rainbow... I mean we just met each other after what? 4, 5 years? Maybe we could just-"

You feel a strong grip pull you down onto the couch. You fall beside Rainbow Dash, in a very compromising position.

"Now lick..."

"Come again?"

"You heard me..."

Celestia save me...


You both lay panting on the sofa, limbs intertwined and covered in sweat. After your "workout" with Rainbow Dash, you both feel the energy sucked out of you and lay motionless where you lie. Between pants, you hear her put together a barely coherent sentence.

"Ohhh damn... I missed having that feeling of you in me."

"Yeah, and I forgot just how tight you were compared to those other ponies."

"Wait what?"

"I mean, not that they compared to you!"

You just realised how much you screwed up and quickly get up from your seat. You start to feel the churning sensation within your stomach and try your best to handle the situation.

"How many ponies have you been sleeping with?"

"A few... Hey I'm entitled to a sexual life you know. It's not like I had any more relationships!"

"Yeah... I'm sure that’s what you told them as you made love to them!"

"Come on Rainbow! Some ponies just need to let out a little stress once in a while. Ok?"

"Oh and you think I've been going around, screwing random ponies, huh?"

"I still love you Dashie!"

"Forget it. I don't want to see you anymore!"

She quickly gets up and flies out the window. You quickly try to catch up to her but she turns around and you and growls ferociously. You back down and let leave the room. You collapse back into her sofa and pummel your frustration into the cloud furniture. You think to yourself why you had to be such an idiot.

You decide to pick your sorry ass off the sofa and look for the mare you just upset. You quickly get off and fly out the door, promptly making your way out to the town of Ponyville. As you gracefully take to the skies, you start to contemplate what Rainbow Dash really said to you.

Maybe she had really been waiting all this time for me...

You start to feel the anger inside you fill up as you realise how long she had been waiting, alone and without company. For all these years, she had never dated anypony else. You start to realise just how loyal your Dashie was to you and you let that slip out of your mind.

You hastily spot that bakery you passed on the way into town. You make out the sign and easily distinguish it from the other buildings around it.

Sugarcube Corner

You trot on in and find the foyer filled with a few ponies, all huddled together, chatting in a group. You notice the four of them, a bright pink earth pony with the bubbly mane, and a cute little purple unicorn with very a straightened mane. There's also a very stylish ghost white pony with mane styled in an artistic fashion. Then there was the other pony. The hot looking Earth pony who was sporting a large Stetson hat and leaning back against the counter. You closely examine her slender but fit body, ranking very closely to Rainbow's. Her coat was a deep orange and with the mane to compliment it. You're gaze slowly moves down her body from chest to waist and further down...

"Ar yah quite done oogling me partner?"

Your eyes quickly refocus back to the whole group who have now turned to face you. They quickly break their ranks and circle around you. The purple unicorn steps forward and introduces herself first.

"Hello. I'm Twilight Sparkle; I'm the librarian here and student of Princess Celestia herself!"

Before you can speak, the second, white unicorn quickly interjects.

"And my names Rarity Darling... My. What's a handsome new pony like you doing in this town?

Once again, you open your mouth to speak but a quick flash of pink quickly pushes you to the ground. You realise it to be the pink pony, who just tumbled right on top of you.


You only barely manage to catch the last bit. if your hearing was sound, then she was called Pinkie pie. You start to shuffle uneasily under the weight of the pony on top of you. She was sitting right on top of your groin and you were desperate to get her off before anything unwanted appears on scene.

"Pinkie could you kindly get off me please?"

"OK, since you said please!"

She promptly hops off your nether regions and takes place near the group of friends. You start to stir in your spot and smile blankly at the group. You expect another introduction but looking past the herd, the orange Earth pony stares at you, partly disgruntled and only reply quietly.

"Ah'm Apple Jack, if you head over to Sweet Apple Acres, you'll probably catch me round there."

"Thank you all, I'm the New pony in town. My name's Lightning Strike and I was wondering if you had seen a cyan pony with a rainbow mane around?"

Pinkie loudly replies.

"You mean Dashie?"

"ummm... Yeah. I really need to find her-"

"Hold it a second there, bub. Don't you get up to anything with Dashie!"


Rarity politely steps in.

"Yes darling... Rainbow Dash had already met somepony back in flight school and the last thing she needs right now is another follower, chatting her up."

"Actually, girls... I’m-"

"There's no place for you in the game of love right now."

"No! I'm the pony she loved during flight school. We used to be together, before she left..."

"Oh, Lightning, I'm so sorry"

"That's fine Twilight... but I just met her earlier, and we kinda got up to something before i may have blurted out that I also had sex with other ponies."

"WHAT?!? How could you say that to poor Dashie?"

"Yeah, i know but-"

"She's like the Element of Loyalty, She would stand by you no matter what and you go off mating with other ponies!"

"Damnit I'm sorry OK? But I really need to tell her I'm sorry, I guess I just needed some stress relief and couldn’t get it."

You drop your head in apology and depression. You feel a hoof against your shoulder and look up to see AppleJack, smiling kindly at you. You feel a strong sense of kindness form and quickly return the smile.

"Here yah go sugarcube. Just give her this and say sorry, Rainbow May be stubborn but she’s quick to apologise."

The group hand you a wrapped present and a bouquet of flowers. You quickly thank them and fly and quickly as you can to look for your Dashie. You decide the best place to apologise was at her huge house and make for there.


You open the front door where you are greeted with your previous... mess with Rainbow Dash. You can’t help but chuckle slightly at the sight but quickly return your attention to the rest of the room. You quietly creep inside and slowly climb up the huge spiralling staircase.

"Hello? Skittles?"

No response.

You continue down her huge corridor and push a door which you think leads to her bedroom. You push it open slowly and head inside the pitch black room. You make your way in slowly before hearing somepony move in the shadow. Before you can react you feel a sharp stinging pain in the back of your head as a hoof collides with it. You collapse onto the ground falling unconscious instantly.


You regain your senses and quickly examine your surroundings; surprisingly you're on a comfy king sized double bed. You try and reach for something but your hooves are bounded by a rope. You start to feel a sense of panic engulf you as you suddenly realise the situation you are in.

"Hello Lightning..."

"Dashie, please I want to say sorry"

"It seems you forgot where your loyalties lie. And if you haven't heard... I'm the element of Loyalty. I guess I just have to teach you a lesson..."


Next Chapter: You start your new job with your boss and lover.


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