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Ray Bradbury was a giant among science fiction writers, most remembered for his Mars stories. From Bradbury Landing where the Curiosity rover explored, to the many movies and TV shows that follow his writing, he left his footprints across many worlds. June 5 will be the 9th anniversary of his death, and I thought I’d write a small tribute to his influence on my pony hobby, as well as a farewell to the recent seasons of the show.

This is a tribute to his Martian Chronicles, where Humankind discovers a strange alien race who vanishes unexpectedly. Where have they gone? Ask the children and you will find they never left.

Golden Oak Library Picture credit to Gates McCloud on Deviant Art

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Since his release and redemption, Discord has gotten to know Fluttershy's friends very well but he's never done the same with her family. As they're important to her (and she's important to him), the Lord of Chaos takes it upon himself to make the introductions.

Unfortunately, he decides that the best place to start is with her brother, Zephyr Breeze.

Created for the May Pairings contest

Featured 5/28/2020 - 5/31/2020!

Reviewed by PresentPerfect with a rating of Highly Recommended!

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Minuette has an imaginary friend. At least, that's what everypony else thinks.

When ten-year-old magic student Minuette comes into possession of an antique vanity mirror, she is surprised to discover there is a creature living inside: A bug pony with big fangs and glowing eyes. Most little foals would probably be scared of such a creature, but not Minuette. Armed with a cheerful smile, she decides to befriend the bug in her mirror and uncover the mystery behind his bewildering predicament.

It's just such a shame that nopony else can see him.

Edited by Mister Hypothetical

This story is part of 'The Bugs in Strange Places' series, whose other entries include The Bug in The Herd, The Bug in The Basement, and The Bug in The Cave. You do not need to read any of these previous stories to enjoy this one, as they are not directly connected.

Inspiration for this story comes directly from this fine individual right here.

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After an earnest question from Sandbar results in a meltdown and tears, he's pointed away from Ocellus and towards the only Changeling who can advise him on how to make things right. It won’t be without meandering through a few different topics. Even well into his twilight years, Pharynx still enjoys playing with his food.

This is an entry in the Snippet Series, an anthology of old oneshots I (and my good buddy Str8aura) wrote based around interesting pics I found. New ones will be posted every Thursday for the foreseeable future.

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Spike and Gabby have been dating for quite some time now, but this is the first time Spike has invited his girlfriend to spend Heart's Warming Eve with him and his family. Will Spike be able to survive the onslaught? Will Gabby achieve her secret goal?

Request done for OmniFox.

Covert-Art by gsphere!

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Gallus has some pouncing that he needs to get out his system.

However, his friends aren't really cooperating.

Featured 12/13/2019

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This story is a sequel to Sharing the Night

A collection of vignettes which are, on occasion, based on, but not canon to, other stories by Cast-Iron Caryatid.

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This story is a sequel to A Trip Through the Mirror

For a changeling, love is magic, and magic is love. They are one and the same within the changeling body. To share magic is to share love. And we all know what happens when an unreformed changeling shares love. Unfortunately for Chrysalis, she got caught up in the moment and forgot for just a second. But a second was enough...

A "what if?", alternate ending for "Frenemies".

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Spike goes to the bar at night, every night, to drink by himself. Rainbow Dash sits in the stool next to him. In each passing moment, the gap between them becomes smaller and smaller.

Until there is nothing separating them.

[Cover by xenon]

This story is inspired by the song St. Eriksplan by Low Roar. It was also written in a sleepy daze.

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While the Elements of Harmony are away from Ponyville, a group of dedicated, honest, resourceful, and dedicated… Oh, wait. We said dedicated already. Anyway, some ponies have to fill the gaps, like spackle. This is the story of one.

He has to fill in for Twilight Sparkle. The poor guy.

Editors: Tek
Cover art: Screenshot

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