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Starlight Glimmer likes to overthink things. Love is probably not one of the things she should overthink. Or approach as a task. Thorax will be in her sights for the next few days, leaving her with the question if she can confront both of their feelings within that time, or handle his foal-like curiosity of the equestrian world.

Edited/Proofread by Rocinate

Chapters (4)

A warm-hearted, young foal is found in the wilds of the icy north. Is he some unfortunate pony or a true spawn of evil.

Collaborative work between Myself and Rocinante. Edited by Rinnaul

Chapters (4)

A simple wish was all he asked for; a few happy memories.

When Luna agrees to grant a foal's wish, is she prepared for how much will impact not only his life, but hers as well?

- Collab done with Rocinante
- Edited by Flamer_Brony
- Artwork done by Neko-Me

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This story is a sequel to Predator

(The prequel story is Mature/Gore, but isn't required reading to understand the plot, just an early introduction to an antagonist.)

So, what do you do when your life takes a sudden turn for the worse due to someone else's asinine behavior? Well, if you already paid for that convention ticket and have your costume together, why not go ahead and enjoy yourself. And when your convention trip is interrupted by suddenly waking up in the world of magical talking ponies, in the humanized body of one of the most evil beings they've ever known?

Why not try convincing them you're not a bad guy and then having an adventure? What's a convention compared to that? Of course, it's not like wielding dark magic will make anything go terribly wrong...

Thanks to Asilin, Proper Noun, Exelzior, and Rocinante for their help and input.

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More agile than a turtle. Stronger than a mouse. More noble than a lettuce. His emblem is a heart.
He is... The Crimson Grasshopper!

In the quiet town of Ponyville a new hero appears to make the already safe town even more safe.

Proofreader/Editor: Rocinante

(In the loving memory of Roberto Gomez Bolaños. The original Crimson Grasshopper.)

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash decided to go on a trip to Mexicolt to visit the location of one of Daring Doo's books. But they didn't know they arrived in the eve of the Day of the Dead.
What kind of things will they see?

(This story features words, phrases, and references to Mexican culture. The notes to their meaning can be found at the bottom of each chapter.)


Cover art: Marking

Chapters (3)

In the warmth of her cloud home, Rainbow Dash is about to turn in for the night when she hears Scootaloo crying outside in the middle of a vicious blizzard. Plucking the freezing filly from the snow, Rainbow hopes to provide some much-needed comfort for the otherwise tough young pegasus, but she uncovers a disturbing reality that she knows she cannot handle alone.

Knowing only one pony that could really help her out, Rainbow enlists Twilight’s help, determined to set things straight for Scootaloo. But what Rainbow doesn’t know is that in her efforts to provide a better life for the filly, her friendship with Twilight will develop into something more.

Edited by Alcatraz, Rated Ponystar, Rocinante, Ponysopher, Marshal Twilight, Knight of Cerebus, ShimmeringStallion, and Jake The Army Guy

Proofread by Neko Majin C

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Scootaloo has a great life. Her mother and father love her, and she adores them in return. She does well in school, even if some of the kids are jerks. Sure, she doesn't really have any friends, but she doesn't mind too much. She has almost everything she could wish for. And with her eighth birthday coming soon, who knows, maybe things will only get better from here. After all, everypony knows if you make a wish on your birthday then it comes true, right?

Please, leave a comment telling me what you think, I love hearing from my readers.

Edited by: Rainedash and Rocinante

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Yes, there is a crossover tag, but read down to see why it's there.

Alexander Laythem is a master engineer who lives in isolation with his AI assistant, Rose. Unforeseen events result in these scientists and engineers traversing the boundaries of reality to a world that was supposed to be fictional, forever losing their place in the human world. With the help of some of the friendlier of the native inhabitants, Alex and Rose plan to rebuild and pick up their research where it left off. But as more knowledge is gained and technologies are developed, an ancient power with an insatiable hunger for control awakens, hell bent on bending reality to its whims with the single goal of creating and maintaining the perfect society. Takes place largely during season 2.

Rated teen because of the occasional use of "strong language." Also, if you're going to favorite it, please go ahead and leave a like as well! I truly appreciate each and every one!

I've added the dark and gore tags as of chapter 39: Full Force Forward. Should be worth noting that I will downplay the gore as much as humanly possible. It's not the focus of anything, but it's there. Most of the technological aspects are referenced from the Unreal franchise, hence the crossover tag. Keep in mind, however, that crossed-over elements from the games largely take a back seat and only serve as inspiration and setting. I'm focusing on the plot itself to make it as good as I possibly can, and I'm always going over it to fix little things here and there.

Special thanks to amazing Rocinante for pre-reading and editing!

*First featured on 7/29/14!*

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Applebloom makes a terrifying descovery that she is pregnant. How will she tell her family and friends about it? And, what will she do?

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