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Princess Celestia was going for an incognito stroll through the town in order to unwind from court, that was until she came across a small oddity of a shop called 'Cliff's Craft' on Elder Street.

So, she decided to pay Equestria's only resident human a visit.

[E] Means it has been professionally edited.

Mild violence, swearing and sexual themes.

Please note: In this story ponies (and others) are similar (anthropomorphic) to humans. Though ponies (for example) are generally shorter, have fur, magic, cutie/destiny marks, and the extra appendages like wings or horns.

Also shout outs to:
PurpleFloof for editting!
Dekaskittalz for proof reading!
Vongoalyken for the advice!

Chapters (9)

A large corporation in Manehattan hires you to fulfill the Diversity and Inclusion goals and reach the target numbers on the key metrics such as the absence of gender and racial bias. They specialize in customized spell solutions, distributed enchantment systems and cloud mana storage: three things that you, a human, didn't know even exist.

To their surprise, you are not entirely useless.

This is an RGRE (Reversed Gender Roles Equestria) story. You were warned.

Huge thanks to Vayne Hellslinger for helping me to make this stuff more readable.

Chapters (2)

On Earth, women might not give such a big fat man the time of day... Things are different in Reversed Gender Roles Equestria though. Mares are attracted to soft, cuddly, and thicc stallions, and one man overshadows everyone by being the biggest and thiccest of them all... And Celestia is sure to fully use it to her advantage.

Based slightly on a meme, and several others, a 1000 word story challenge.

Chapters (1)

Twilight and friends freak out when they hear that a stallion lives alone in the Everfree. They want to "bring him to safety" (and possibly herd with them). He wants to stay as far away from them as possible. When he runs for the hills, he knows they'll follow.

What he doesn't expect is that they'll continue to follow, and follow, and follow...

Very bad RGRE. Don't treat this like actual RGRE, because this is a hot mess.

Chapters (4)

So, I was living a fairly normal life, going to school, reading fanfics, marvelling at the magnificence of the internet and humanity at large, you know, a totally normal person. Then, suddenly, I wasn't. No biggie, because every brony's dream came true for me: I was reborn as a pony, an Alicorn even! That sounds great, right? Ah, aha, um, nope! Not when I'm the "son" of God-Empress Celestia of the Holy Empire of Equestria, who would make even the Imperium of 40k balk at her xenophobia and egomania. Well, I've got magic, that has to count for something, right?

If you would, please contribute to my Patreon, where you can support me and commission stories: Link

2017-07-09: Holy salmon, I've been featured. My first ever story got featured. In 3 days. I have no idea what I did to have the honour, but thank you all!

Edit: Here's a picture of the main character, Solus:

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I should have known something was up when I found an old Halloween costume in my closet from when I was six. I really should have known something was wrong when the costume actually fit.


Good thing Mewtwo is still one of my favorite Pokemon, because I am one, and this is most definitely not my world.

A Tale of the Displaced

April 8: Sorry all. Accidentally hit the Publish button on latest chapter before I was ready. Carry on.

April 9: Okay, the chapter Friendship Report is up for real now.

There are and will be crossover chapters with other Displaced authors and characters. Those chapters are meant to be fun, but I understand that some people do not like such crossovers. That is fine. The main story stands on its own: you can skip the crossover chapters without having to worry about missing anything important. Though I hope you will at least give those chapters a chance.

But please, do not comment solely to say how you dislike Displaced crossover chapters. It is not conducive, and it just spams the comments section with negativity. By all means, criticize my work, tell me what isn't working or what you think I could be done better, but please don't insult me by deriding my choices for my story. Any such comments made from here on out may be judged as spam and deleted.

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Eric Lancer has been stranded in Equestria for a few months now. After mysteriously appearing in the Everfree Forest, the human was forced to live with the fact that there was no way home. Taken in by Twilight Sparkle, all is well for the human as he tries to make friends with the local populace.
As it turns out, the locals of Ponyville aren't very friendly to an omnivore they know nothing about. Even the ponies he once called friends turn out to be manipulative xenophobes who are under strict orders from Princess Celestia to keep an eye on the untrustworthy human.
After learning of their true intentions, Eric leaves the town of Ponyville in the middle of the night. As it turns out, the human has a fate encounter that might just make his life worth living. And a certain mare might be along for the ride of her life.

Story is rated T for the following reasons: Flirting, mild/harsh language, mild violence, implied sexual situations, and pony x human relationship.
The story takes place after Season 3 of the show.

Update: Got a cover photo for the story! And I love it. It was drawn by the amazing Scarlet Heart. I will add a link to her DA. Go check her out, she is really good!

Featured: Yay!!! Featured in the featured box for like an hour probably, but I will take it! (2-22-17)

Chapters (3)

We all know Shining Armor to be the hero that gets thrown around and beaten by the abnormal enemies of Equestria.

We know him to be the good guy that keeps going headstrong in a fight.

He's done it with Sombra.

He's done it with Tirek.

This new challenge, however, is going to be his most difficult one ever. He is alone and broken by the lies his friends and family have used to keep him in the dark.

Now that his loved one have brought the truth to the light, there are going to be consequences to lying about what has happened with Cadance' pregnancy.

Shining Armor is not going to understand for them. But they will understand this. . .

He is hurt.

He is angry.

He is done with his friends and family, especially Cadance.

Author Notes

Inspired by Zamairiac. Thank you by the way. :pinkiehappy:

A Semi-Dark Short Story to the alternate universe of Shining Armor and Cadance having a screw-up in their marriage. And by "Screw-Up" I mean they are both in the wrong of what has put the gap in their love.

No, there is no rape or gore in this story. The twist of their conflict, however, is going to be a little messed up.

Chapters (2)

The land of ponies is as everyone knows is a land of magic, happiness and kindness. It's all of the Ponyville ponies and Equestria, but what about those in Everfree? What if there is another Pony there, but using powers that nopony dare uses? Everyone knows of Manticores, a rhyming Zebra, Cockatrice, Hydras, and other such creatures, but what if there is something more then that? What if deeper in the Everfree is a stallion that no one dares cross or even try to harm unless they want to get cursed, hexed or even had a spell placed on them that won't come off until a lesson is learned.

One such pony lives in the woods as very few speak to him and vice versa. Though what happens when the said stallion comes to town every now and then for supplies? A few herbs, some food and of course what if they come to him for special needs? A hex on a bully or a potion for help in courage? Only if they can pay the price.

To the stallion, it's just another day for a voodoo Pony. Though what if one day, some ponies need to rely on such forbidden magic to save the day now and again? Well then, he maybe in business for something more then potions and voodoo spells. Or perhaps the Forest holds secrets, like deals that were made within their confines or some of the ponies are not what they seem?

Rated T for effects from curses and bad language mostly. Also all the ponies do have tech just so you know. Also there are going to be more characters encountered then just the five character's tagged, just so everyone knows. Also Tags maybe updated as time goes on, just be patient with me.

Chapters (17)

Princess Celestia young and foolish had commited a grave error. Long ago to create her empire she tried to eliminate any threat and gain any power she could to protect her kingdom. In one such gambit she tried to recruit the King of Storms. An alicorn with full control over the weather when he fought back she ended him with the elements of harmony. In doing so she lost the power setting it free as a ghost that none should summon the storm. The king however put a spell on his power making it seek a new host with one condition, the host could not be equine.

Chapters (7)
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