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Eric Lancer has been stranded in Equestria for a few months now. After mysteriously appearing in the Everfree Forest, the human was forced to live with the fact that there was no way home. Taken in by Twilight Sparkle, all is well for the human as he tries to make friends with the local populace.
As it turns out, the locals of Ponyville aren't very friendly to an omnivore they know nothing about. Even the ponies he once called friends turn out to be manipulative xenophobes who are under strict orders from Princess Celestia to keep an eye on the untrustworthy human.
After learning of their true intentions, Eric leaves the town of Ponyville in the middle of the night. As it turns out, the human has a fate encounter that might just make his life worth living. And a certain mare might be along for the ride of her life.

Story is rated T for the following reasons: Flirting, mild/harsh language, mild violence, implied sexual situations, and pony x human relationship.
The story takes place after Season 3 of the show.

Update: Got a cover photo for the story! And I love it. It was drawn by the amazing Scarlet Heart. I will add a link to her DA. Go check her out, she is really good!

Featured: Yay!!! Featured in the featured box for like an hour probably, but I will take it! (2-22-17)

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7577150 That is actually what inspired the story believe it or not lol.


I was born ready !!

great beginning i love the fact that she is a demon and the xenophobic and FIM is for ponies concept
oh and fucking Manipulestia/Xenolestia.

7577358 Considering that the paragons of harmony are jerks...yeah this is much more favorable...

Interesting, can't wait to see where this goes.

7577859 Thank you! Also, your avatar looks freaking delicious!!

Oreon is best eeveelution.

7578175 Agreed! Though would that be considered animal cruelty if I ate one?

Probably, but you can deal with that later.

7578197 Very true... I must test this now. Bring me an Oreon!!!

Yes. More. :pinkiehappy:I want to see where this train goes. Pun probably intended.

7578360 And more you shall have! If things go well, I will upload the second chapter tonight.

What will happen next? And why Celestia resents the human? :rainbowhuh:

this is really good so far. looking forward to more! :pinkiehappy:

Succubus anyone?

7579352 Nope. She is not. Though there is a cute page on fb called Lilith the succubus pony. I've known her for a long time.

Human isn't a pushover, observant, manipulative, this I like.

Ohhh, this looks abit different! Liking the start, def looking forward to more. :derpyderp2:

I don't need this. I don't need this. I don't need this...... I NEED THIS!!!!!!!!:flutterrage::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

So the same ponies who reformed NMM, Discord (for some reason we still don't know), and now Thorax are still racist xenophobes.

Uh-huh. :ajbemused:

7580945 In the description of the story, I stated that this takes place right after season 3 of the show...
Not to mention that even after Discord was reformed, almost everypony but Fluttershy still didn't really trust him.

So Celestia hates humans cause they are back stabbing war-mongers? No offense, but this has been done to death with many HiE fics

"And I says to Celestia, I says 'Biiiiiiiiiiiitch you racist!' " :pinkiegasp:
"You really said it?" :rainbowderp:
"Huh?" :pinkiecrazy:
"You said bitch to her?" :rainbowhuh:
"Y-yeah, for sho" :pinkiesad2:

7580945 NMM was never reformed, nor was Thorax, NMM was cleansed via the Elements of Harmony and Thorax was just a nice changeling.

7580945 As for Discord, he has the ability to transform all of Equestria and possibly the rest of the world into a chaotic mess. If your arch enemy could do that with ease you'd want him on your side as well.

7580965 Whatever, point is there's no trace of the xenophobic nonsense. I'm not putting much effort into this because the entire issue is absurd.

Not to mention, this is another profoundly lazy setup where the human just pops into Equestria randomly and the ponies are racist 'because they are', and now we have a demon who also just shows up and the mention of the devil... in Equestria... and we're told his entire backstory, including all the racism of the ponies, from a teensy bit of narrative telling so we can get to the plot, which is a pretty typical 'hurr-durr, I can trick an ancient demon and make her my slave cuz I'm smarter than everything' trope. Yeah, the Dresden-verse demons would have this guy's soul for lunch in 10 seconds flat. A proper literary demon's eyes wouldn't glow and reveal their methods. Heck, they'd use something far cleverer... like a die enchanted to always flip to the side they need to win.

Let's see this guy worm his way out of that. This isn't even as clever as the plot of the old "Wishmaster" movie, in which a much cleverer djinn spins wishes to harm the wisher.

Feh, I'd win this guy's soul without even trying. On a bad day.

This set up could be tossed into pretty much every single fandom in existence with almost no alteration save named details. It's a bland, stripped-down version of a trope.

celestia is "all-powerfull" couldn't she read the memories of eric and ask her sister to spy his dreams ? or is she stupid ? ah and i hate stereotypes . frankly just because she had bads experiences with humans means that all humans are evils .

7580953 Discord was reformed in Season 3. "Keep Calm and Flutter On".

We'd seen Gilda and Gustav Le Grand, Iron Will, Cranky Doodle and Matilda, Mulia Mild... quite a few non-pony inhabitants, and no xenophobia.

In fact, the only race we saw which DID exhibit unambiguous evidence of racial superiority at that point were the changelings, who saw ponies only as a food source as stated by Queen Chrysalis herself, and the dragons as evidenced by the statements of one Garble.

As for pony attitudes towards dragons, the ponies admire them but are (quite sensibly) nervous around them due to dragons' immense size, strength, and frequently hostile and territorial nature.

Also, for the purposes of this story and since everything with regard to the racist ponies takes place off-screen and is summed up in a handful of self-monologue paragraphs... why was it even included? Was that the only reason you could think of for the human to leave? From what I see of him already, he'd have been bored in Ponyville regardless and simply left to find some place more exciting... at which point the demon would show up to tempt him with no other changes needed to the narrative.

7580992 Celestia may be powerful, but she does not have power to read his mind. I don't believe it is cannon in the show so I do not wish to give her that ability. As for Luna, she is able to enter a dream if somepony is having a nightmare. Eric doesn't usually dream, and when he does, it usually isn't a nightmare. So basically, Luna would have to play, find the needle in the haystack with pretty much all of Equestria.

7581011 Has celestia ever met this human while he was in ponyville?

7581004 You are right that Discord was reformed in season three of the show. Even though this happened, most ponies were still very cautious of him.
It is also true that I should maybe clarify it a bit better in the story. The reason why they are xenophobic of the human is because they have never seen one before. Have something you know nothing about enter your town and you don't know if it is friendly or not. Also find out that it eats meat and I wouldn't really want to associate with it either if I were a pony. They are scared, and when people get scared, they can become angry, which is why I said they are Xenophobic of the human. I haven't given a lot of examples yet of what the human had to go through, though I will in the coming chapters. This is just one of the drawbacks of posting a story chapter by chapter. You can't read ahead to find answers and understand why I wrote it the way I did.

7581024 No. She met him only once, though that will be explained in the next chapter.


Also find out that it eats meat and I wouldn't really want to associate with it either if I were a pony.

So, making rather large assumptions based upon... what?

The ponies seem to only really fear things that either they haven't spoken to or which demonstrate overt hostility. And I'm quite certain Celestia would not fear one mortal human with no magic... seriously, would you fear a guy with no limbs and a soft squishy body you could flatten by batting your eyelash? That's about the level of difference in power and capabilities we're talking here. If Celestia was so worried about 'dangerous' creatures, she NEVER would have attempted to reform Discord... for no real reason... something which (in reality) was almost certain to fail and result in the most powerful entity in their world taking over with ease, this time potentially in perpetuity! Instead, a xenophobic Celestia would have had the Bearers look for a more powerful sealing device or spell to keep him petrified forever.

It just doesn't make sense for a xenophobe to try and befriend the most powerful non-pony enemy they've ever met.

7581052 then why does she assume that he is bad? you cant judge a book by its cover.

7581112 It will be explained later in the story.

7581061 There is a reason why I wrote this story and chapters the way I did. If i were to divulge my train of thought, it would spoil the story and I do now wish to do that. Yes, right now everything might seem absurd, but like i said before. That is what happens when you submit a story in parts. If you want more answers, you will have to wait until I have more chapters out. Sorry if that is not the answer you want.

I love this story so far. I can not wait to read more. I would also like to find out what class of demon Lilith is. Please keep up the good work you have a fan for this story.

The name of the latest chapter is based on a lyric from this song.

7581340 Hehe. I'm glad you caught that. That was the song that inspired this story.

7580945 Yeah, I like the idea of this story, but that made me cringe pretty hard. I get so tired of seeing the misanthropy trope. This still has potential, so I'll track for now.

7581180 Unless the guy showed up and tried to eat Fluttershy... then punched Celestia in the face... and tried to take over the world... and is bitching about being mistrusted for it.

I grant that it's possible he's a bastard in self-denial, since we currently only have his word to go on.

Still, if that were the case, one would think he'd be under much heavier guard or at the very least not permitted to board a train at will. I just can't think of any rationale that makes sense of the circumstances. And then there's the random appearance in Equestria, which happens in the overwhelming majority of HiE stories and tends to be strongly indicative of lackluster storytelling.


This be like Conversion Bureau except they are still in Equestria and one human managed to find his way there.

This is almost the same exact story that was all the rage (in the negative sense of the word) back before even half of Season 2 had aired. To say this story is beating a dead horse story concept, and badly, is an understatement. I think racist Celestia even has her own group on this website because of how many OOC portrayals of her as a xenophobe have appeared on this website since all the way back.

I think I had a groangasm you must do another

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