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Just a girl who likes Star Wars and ponies.

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Introduction, maybe? A bio?

As said in my wonderfully thought out title, this is, I guess, a bio. So lets get on with that.

Hi I'm EquinoxLiege, Equinox or Liege is fine. I'm a girl who watched the first episode of this show (after getting yelled at by friends to do so) and thought how come the moment they used the elements I knew I needed to watch more of this show?

Those stupid ponies and their magical friendship artifacts.

I also think I'm hilarious, so get used to it.

Fact: I love Star Wars.

I may or may not be planing a displaced fic with Revan as the displaced Oh wait! This story is a thing now! Go check that out on the side.

Fact: I love video games

Fact: The only thing I do all day is play video games

So anyway if you see this it means you probably are here for some fic I wrote.

Theres a reason my personal tag on tumblr is 'nerd rambles'

I'm such a video game nerd.

I'll shut up now.

Why did I write this?

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Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy the story so far.

Thanks for the fave on Pas de Deux. Glad you liked it! :twilightsmile:

Thank you for adding A Proper Introduction to your favorites! Feedback is always appreciated!

Thank you for the fav on Celestia and Luna Regret Playing Truth or Dare :twilightsmile:

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