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Featured on January 24th-28th, 2020

You stumbled apon facing the toughest challenge since coming to Equestria; fighting off three overpowered villains with a bell to take all the magic from the ponies. It is up to you to help stop them from getting more powerful by using yourself as bait. When Chrysalis encounters you though, a clever idea struck your vision.

To ask her out!

Cover art by mirroredsea

Audio reading by StraightToThePointStudio

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Welcome to the jungle

This year Page managed to get back to Canterlot for Hearth's Warming and this is the story about that.

This will be a three part mini-story posted from the 23-26th of December.

Happy Hearth's Warming everyone!:twilightsmile:

Image made by: Closetbrony2

Chapters (3)

When you're unemployed, life tends to suck a little. Especially when no one is hiring at the time, friends have moved somewhere far from you, due to life and work, and the rent is due tomorrow...
And then you see an add on the paper, that looks like a reasonably good job-offer, so of course you'd give it a shot... Only to be changed into your heavy homebrew d&d character after a single phone call, and charged with guarding two powerful relics: A True Magic Mirror and The Tablet of Secrets.

Oh and also getting re-located in another world, where ponies and other magical creatures live. Guess I shall see how will they answer my riddles... Or pay me a toll, whether they be commoner or royalty...

Displaced/Isekai'd protagonist warning.:derpytongue2:
Tags and rating MIGHT change as the story progresses.

Edit: Huh? This got Featured on its first day? Surprised:derpyderp1: And got hot too?:derpyderp2:

Chapters (9)

This story is a sequel to Clueless in Equestria

He was once a human, and still remains so in his much smaller head. After making use of Luna's sizable magical talent, he has rewound from a middle-aged human to a unicorn colt just old enough to start learning how to use their horn.

Of course, it wouldn't do to have an orphaned foal, and Luna is far too busy with royal duties to take upon this strange unicorn, so she allows him to pick a guardian. He chooses his pony self, Rough Draft, who was once his original character before his arrival, and proved to be a real pony, with his own aspirations and quirks.

Rough Draft and Trixie, who had the (mis)fortune of being present during all of this, are now acting as David's parents as he learns everything there is to know about being a unicorn.

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Chapters (30)

Sunset is caught when attempting to steal Twilight's crown. They show her friendship and she learns the error of her ways. Upon returning to the human world Sunset is determined to make real friends. She attends a party hosted by The Dazzlings, unaware they are the legendary Vampire banished by Starswirl the Bearded. Human world AU. FIM mostly Canon. AdagioXSunset. Vampire Dazzlings.

Chapters (6)

Anon is tired of the hectic day-to-day of living amongst the ponyfolk and decides to purchase some land in the Everfree to have some peace and quiet all by his lonesome. How much land you ask? All of it

Join me in watching as Anon sorts out the bits and bobs of his newfound assets. It is sure to be a ride, and definitely not a smooth one.

Join our Discord Server here if you want updates as soon as new chapters are posted and dank memes.

Takes place starting shortly after the conclusion of Slice of Life.

Featured for Nine Consecutive days from 6-20-21 to 6-29-21!

Check out the audiobook by Straighttothepoint!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhMoe4RfYz0

Chapters (7)

This story is about a pony that arrives in Equestria through the Always Free Forest, it also happens that Luna is looking for a student so a lot is happening. Is Chrysalis a villain with nothing out for revenge too? I feel sorry for who will solve all this, it will be a nightmare. Or the nightmare itself is charged with solving...

PS:A help, please?

in short, I give up, but I don't.

now explaining everything I as everyone should know or who don't, I recommend seeing the "BR" of my name I am a Brazilian, the problem is that my country's language is Portuguese, and the site asks that the stories be in English, so in summary i have a good story but i can't put it here for that reason.

I could change her language, but the problem is that I know almost nothing about English, what always helped me was the google translator, but it's not the best at translating from Portuguese to English if you understand me, so I thought... . " who better to translate than those who speak the language day after day?" So I need help, someone who can adapt the language from Portuguese to English would be great and would be very happy.

Chapters (2)

Mael had always been a valuable asset to the holy war, even before he became an archangel. With his elder brother, Ludociel, being signed in as Stigma's new leader after his parents were killed in battle, Mael became one of the main targets of the demon race and ones who opposed stigma's ideologies. Ludociel loved his brother more than his own life, he didn't want Mael to grow up with the trauma's of the holy war, and being so active in the war, Ludociel wasn't home much for his little brother, and when he was he was usually to tired to care for him. Knowing that this life would bring a bad upbringing for his little brother, Ludociel and his two closest friends, Sariel and Tarmiel, who were not yet archangels, used a spell in secret to banish Mael from this world so he wouldn't have to grow up in war.

Meanwhile, in a parallel world, one of peace and little strife. A ruler of a great nation was mourning for her sister in her garden. Celestia knew that her sister wouldn't return for a long time and only had one wish, for someone to fill the void in her heart that appeared when she banished her sister, when she found a small alicorn colt who had 4 wings.

Other info:
Rated T for mentions of war through the story.
Cover art is Mine, I finally made some cover art, I also posted it on Derpibooru
~370 years before the main story.
Mael is about 4 years old at the beginning
Ludociel is about 19-20 years old
My first attempt at a 'Momlestia' fanfic.
Most importantly, contains a ponified member of the goddess race.

Featured 4/27/21

Chapters (12)

One day, I become Princess Celestia in the middle of Lunch at school. A year of testing, spellcrafting, and preparing later, I end up in Equestria, thanks to Discord. Now, I get to meet Celestia, Luna, and others of Royal Company as I troll the shit out of everything. Maybe I'll learn some new tricks too.

Thanks to Blazing Archangel for pointing me to this picture. It fits perfectly!

Chapters (12)

This story is a sequel to Sirens of the Night II

Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, Sonata Dusk, Sunset Shimmer, and Scootaloo are ordinary teen girls, well as ordinary as teen girls with magical powers can be. However, Incognito is still out there, plotting to bring about the end of Sunset Shimmer. And then there is Gilda, a fellow classmate that has created a rivalry with both Sunset and Aria. But as long as Sunset has her family and their friends, then they can face anything together. Nothing to worry about, right?

Chapters (8)