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Cozy Glow has a problem, it's her conscience it's been bugging her for a while and it's about time she got rid of it. With this last hurtle out of the way all she has to do is take over Equestria. yeah so what if she's split herself in two not her problem anymore, right? Well this new Cozy doesn't know why but now she's on her own in a world that hates and despises her.

Tirek and Chrysalis are waiting so there's no time to deal with her unwanted twin, time to have in her words "to much fun".

Meanwhile Twilight deals with her responsibilities of ruling Equestria and Starlight and Trixie set out on a world wide Magic tour. Unbeknownst to them a part of Cozy Glow remains free in a new body and has yet to sort out her lot in life.

Chapters (6)

Yesterday was a big day. The best part was my sister, Flitterheart, and I both got our cutie marks! My mark even came with a crazy new ability, too. And I got a new sister, well, sort of. She calls herself ‘Cozy Glow’ and she lives in my head. I haven’t told Mommy or Flitterheart about her yet. Maybe tomorrow. Right now though, I’ve got to prepare for our double cuteceañera. The whole family’s going to be there, and we’re always strongest when we’re all together.

Unlimited power!

Will you stop that, Cozy Glow? It’s not funny.

Mark my words, Cozyheart, we’re going to take over the world. Or die trying.

Written for the Cozy Glow contest, I chose the prompt: Cutie mark yesterday, cuteceañera today!

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Starlight Glimmer asks a question of Twilight: If Rainbow Dash had never done the sonic rainboom, would Equestria be better or worse than it is now, on the whole? Twilight, always interested in the hypothetical, agrees to find out.

This is essentially a write-up of the Season 5 finale, inspired by its animatic, as I was deeply inspired by it. Given that the season is on hiatus, I decided to do the unthinkable and actually write a serious pony fic. There will be spoilers from the animatic.
I hope you enjoy this fanfic! Rated T for caution, would rate E10+ if I could. I doubt anything T will happen, but it might get a bit bleak in some later chapters.
Pre-reading by someone who asked me to refer to them as TidepoolSW, as well as the excellent DragonDance, which I am very grateful for. Edited by a wonderful user who wishes to remain anonymous. Thank you very much!

Chapters (2)

Sequel to My Little Pony: The Human Nine's Adventures in Equestria and this is the second part of my Human Nine's Adventures series that was originally started by MaxTV1234.

(Follows Seasons 5 -7)

With Sarah being the Queen of Harmony and finally unlocking their past, Ren Loodan, Carrie and Mason Hunter, Jack Yamaki, Nicole Bonnie, Rantaro Wilde, Skye Jones, Kaede Ross and Jamie Watson will continue their adventures throughout Equestria, learning about the Magic of Friendship and facing the forces of evil that threaten Equestria and... finally return home to end Void's Great Fall on their planet once and for all.

Note: Characters, except for my OC belong to MaxTV1234 and I suggest reading Ren's Adventures in Equestria and the Human Nine's Adventures in Equestria before you read this so it'll make sense.

Chapters (2)

In this Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria; Ren, Mason, Carrie, Kaede, Nicole, Jack, Rantaro and Jamie are the resident humans in Equestria. But when another human with a huge secret enters their lives. They all find themselves on a wild ride filled with crossovers and amazing adventures big and small.

Chapters (93)

Sweetie Belle is on vacation with her family in Fillydelphia, when she spies a lonely old shop window with a mysterious toy within its depths. A doll fashioned in her image. It's been a long time since some pony has dared open these doors, but determined to uncover its secrets, she braves the unknown to venture within...

Special thanks to Rogueunicorn, DudeGuyOne, Dihydrogen Oxide, Alcatraz, AClosetBrony, Discord Kantus and Gadgetphile for the job of Editing/Pre-Reading and general advice.

Now with 100% Less errors, courtesy of Nekonyancer. AND... A brand new scarier ending.

Chinese Translation by MLM: Here

Review by PresentPerfect: Here
Available in Print: Here
Audio Drama by GutiuSerenade: Here
Dramatic Reading done by Plagen Shiki: Here

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When Spoiled Rich refuses to allow Diamond Tiara to play with the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Diamond Tiara gets help from the local hypnotherapist.

Chapters (1)

Diamond Tiara is unable to grasp the true spirit of Christmas. Thankfully, there are three spirits, who may just have what it takes to turn that sour attitude around and help the filly embrace what Christmas is truly all about: kindness and sharing.

Chapters (1)

Currently undergoing maintenance, not much for the first few chapters but expect the latter to be vastly different. I will post the originals on google docs if anyone wishes to read them.

An evil book thought to have been effectively sealed for eternity finds its way into the hooves of a little unicorn filly. What they don't know can hurt them as curiosity, temptation and lust for power drives one of their friends to the extremes and beyond.

Edited by Brittany Tielke

Chapters (11)

A Long Time ago, The Mane 6 Defeated Nightmare Moon and the Darkness inside Princess Luna is gone.
Or.... was it?
Sweetie Belle comes across piece of that defeated from that night long ago. She decides to keep it. But what she doesn't know is that, the Darkness is still there, waiting for it's next host. Will history repeat it's self? Will Princess Luna help stop the Darkness that once control her?

Chapters (5)
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