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CJ Esmerio

I'm a 23-year-old MLP brony fan (since September 2016), and I love writing stories for people to enjoy.



Twilight and her friends have faced many challenges throughout their years of great friendship, but things start to take a big turn when they encounter a darkness that is not from their world, as well as making a few new friends along the way. Takes place after Season 6, and so on. Also guest-starring Stardust Balance from "A Journey Beyond Sanity".

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Love it, I had to walk around my room to calm myself down, when Casey re-met Twilight.

Rainbow............... really got lucky on her behalf

Stardust Balance from "A Journey Beyond Sanity".

Where can I read that story?

Where is the cover image from?

Um, I think it was from DeviantArt

"Of course," replied the purple unicorn.

shouldn't that be Alicorn?

Yup, thanks for pointing that out to me XD I got her and Starlight mixed up

"But what Spike, Applebloom, and Sweetie Belle?"

there should be a About between what and Spike :/

Grrrr!!!! This villain is so, so, SO diabolic!! first he puts Twilight's friends into stone, then he attacked Sunset Shimmer?!! oh he is so going to regret for doing that to my favorite character overall!! :twilightangry2:

Comment posted by JimmyHook19 deleted Aug 25th, 2017

I like The Looney Tunes Movie reference that Pinkie made in the car chase sequence

thanks! Glad you noticed it :pinkiehappy:

my one thought is why is just Trixie wearing socks in the icon

I honestly have no idea 😂

XD, I get the reference! (Tara did both Bubbles and Twilight's voices)

Why didn't you respond to my comment?

My apologies... you can find the Stardust story on here; just type it in the search title

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