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CJ Esmerio

I'm a 23-year-old MLP brony fan (since September 2016), and I love writing stories for people to enjoy.


This story is a sequel to My Little Pony: An Epic Adventure

Sunset Shimmer wakes up one day to soon discover that she's been erased from her friends' memories, leading her to search for the magic and the perpetrator who did such a dreadful deed.

However, she's not the only one who suffers from this unfortunate event.

Based on the book "A Friendship to Remember", as well as the Equestria Girls special of the same name. Takes place sometime after "An Epic Adventure".

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How is this an extended version of the special, it hasn't been repeased yet, right?

I'll fix that lol... I meant an alternate version of the book that the special itself is based on

Ah ok, sorry, wasn't trying to be rude, just confused

No worries, you're fine :twilightsmile:

I'll be watching this to see where it goes. :twilightsmile:

Ok, but here is the thing. Would the magic erase video evidence? The Dance Magic Music Video?


Wait, the magic erases video too?

Comment posted by CJ Esmerio deleted Feb 21st, 2018
Comment posted by KR Chrome deleted Feb 18th, 2018

How is this an extended version of either the book or the special when it's shorter than both?

you'll see what I mean in future chapters

I know I said before that it would, but now it will not

Comment posted by Knight N Gale deleted Feb 21st, 2018

Um.....you didn't really have to go and delete my comment but whatever lol

No, I'm sorry about that 😂 I was barely awake when I read it, and I ended up deleting it instead of replying to it

Oh ok lol. Is that why you added the story to a sunset and twilight shipping group as well?

Lol why don't you add it to this group. This group has a folder for friendshipping which is what I expect this story is about.


This is good. Are there any more chapter?

*enthusiastic applause*

Well done, CJ!!! I absolutely loved this!! In my opinion, it was even better than the actual movie.

shouldn't twilight be doing the spending time with sunset considering she hardly ever spends time with her that doesn't involve being a hero.

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