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I'll help heal you, please just keep fighting you can count on me! As I a prince I can't give up when everyone is counting on me to assist you.

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Sunset Shimmer, personal student of Princess Luna, was never one for Friendship or much of anything that didn't involve drugs, sex or rock and roll. She was ordered to off to Ponyville to manage the Winter Night Festival, in the hopes that a week of detox would set her back on an upstanding path.

However, not all goes as planned when Luna's sister, the tyrannical despot Daybreaker, escapes her imprisonment within the Sun and returns to destroy Equestria. Accompanied by a motley crew of local ponies, Sunset must work to save Equestria, and maybe even make a few friends along the way.

Edited by: Amorous, Mr Salespony

Inspired by: The Elements of the Crystal Empire, Ghost BC's Absolution

Chapters (9)

Shortly after a changeling drone leaves her egg in the human world in a last-ditch effort to save it, a young man named Eventide Oath finds himself struggling to decide what to do with a newborn changeling nymph. He has no idea what it is, where it came from, or anything else about it. But with a little help from a good friend, he commits himself to take care of the little guy. Who knows? Maybe the small, bug-like equine will be just what he needs to make his life a little bit brighter.

(Inspired by the original premise and opening chapters of "I Am A Pet Changeling," with some smaller sources of inspiration coming from the anime movie, "Wolf Children."
This story is also the spiritual successor to 'The Bug in The Herd,' which was the first multi-chapter Fanfiction that I wrote that I also managed to see all the way to completion.)

Now with a reading!

(Cover art provided by the absolutely wonderful AureliaCharmCutiees. Go and show her some love!)

Editing now provided by Mister Hypothetical!

Featured on 8/7/2018, the same day I posted it! Glad to see people like it!

Chapters (67)

*Revised on 9/2/18!

Cruel. Heartless.
That's how some would describe what those two did. Maybe they're not wrong. But, we were just foals, and after everything I've done since then, how can I possibly consider myself any better?

These thoughts have plagued Fizzlepop Berrytwist, a.k.a Tempest Shadow, ever since the Storm King invasion was thwarted several months ago. Unable to run from her demons any longer, Tempest returns to the place where it all began in the hopes of reconnecting with all those she left behind.

My first one-shot! :yay:!
WARNING! Contains spoilers for the movie! (kind of obvious from the description though)
Careful of spoilers in the comments.
Edited (eventually) by, Scootareader (he said it was okay to make the eventually joke! :trollestia:)
Cover art by, markelsmith866
1/10/19. Inspired my buddy, The Bricklayer, to write his own story where Tempy returns home and reconnects with her past. Check it out! A Simple Truth One Must Face

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Tears of a princess

Cancelled, lack of interest from readers.

Young Nova Sentry isn't an ordinary prince. He's the son of both Princess Twilight Sparkle and Luna. Annoyed of his royal life, constant studies, and dull parties. Nova decides to cause a little bit of trouble to spice up his life and annoy his mothers in the process. But when Nova's befriends the wrong pony at his most valuable moment. This new friend will influence the young prince in the wrong way. Leading Nova towards the wrong path in life. Nova will unknowingly betray his nation, his family, and possibly his freedom.

This story is now apart of a trilogy:

Chapters (3)

There’s only one more night until Pistachio goes with Rarity to Manehattan to be her guest during Fashion Week. He’s starting to get hype to hang out with one of the famous ponies in Equestria but at the same time he never went to Manehattan. That wasn’t until he heard someone outside and unexpected meeting the Gift Givers of the Grove.

Thanks to Daniyel099 for editing this.

Chapters (1)

So this story is going to feature many miniature versions of characters from across the Multiverse. Please be advised this is written for the sake of joking around which is in fact how the main idea for this story has come about. My dear friend Unknown_Griffin and I were passing off jokes to each other when the idea of a beer size Papyrus came about. We were talking about how tall that character is, 6ft 1inch, and I added bet that Twilight would get a real kick by asking him about how a skeleton could move without muscle mass

We kept exchanging certain interviews and aftermaths that could spring from certain characters antics. Thus this was born. There will be continuity {insert Silver Quill} for certain characters returning for another session. So hope you enjoy what follows.

Co-writer: Unknown_Griffin

Chapters (1)

Sweet Mist is a newer member of Luna's guard, and has put on a little weight over the Hearth's Warming holidays. But she'll find slimming down rather difficult when she meets a certain apple-loving pony who has an overstocking problem...

My first writing of 2019! Just a silly quick thing I had an idea for last night.
Hope you enjoy!

Chapters (1)

After losing her hive, Queen Chrysalis is forced to start another one. Luckily she has the help of a few loyal subjects who never accepted their fellow changelings new way of life. They must stay hidden from enemies, collect enough food to survive and rebuild their strength. Now the first brood has hatched and there is something very different about one of the larva.

Chapters (53)

Beyond Equestria, the lands to the north are hostile and unforgiving. Ponies eke out a subsistence in uncontrollable weather, separated by mile after frigid mile of snow and mountains. A land where only the hardiest survive is no place for civilization.

Yet civilization encroaches from time to time. When a colossal bounty is placed on the head of a unicorn deep in the arts of necromancy, a motley crew of bounty hunters assembles and gives chase. It’s too good a chance to pass up. They’ll bring her to justice, no matter what it stands in their way. Not her dark magic. Not the inhospitable environment.

And certainly not each other.

Chapters (17)

Jimmy is out one day in Roanoke when he comes across something odd, something that will transform his life...literally.

NOTE: This is not part of Canterlot Adventures.

Edit: HOLY CRAP! My story got into the Featured section! :D :yay:

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