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Writing stories I wish were on here, or simply getting inspired to write my own version of said topic. And now you know why I write fanfics!


This story is a sequel to Tears of a princess

Cancelled, lack of interest from readers.

Young Nova Sentry isn't an ordinary prince. He's the son of both Princess Twilight Sparkle and Luna. Annoyed of his royal life, constant studies, and dull parties. Nova decides to cause a little bit of trouble to spice up his life and annoy his mothers in the process. But when Nova's befriends the wrong pony at his most valuable moment. This new friend will influence the young prince in the wrong way. Leading Nova towards the wrong path in life. Nova will unknowingly betray his nation, his family, and possibly his freedom.

This story is now apart of a trilogy:

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 4 )

Yes! I've been reading this series before I made an account so happy that there's another entry in the storyline!😂

i hope spearhead gets found out

Wait, so his name is Nova Sentry... ...But he's not Flash Sentry's son. I don't get it.

It’s to honour flash. Twilight named nova after flash in the last chapter of tears of a Princess

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