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Ok, for everyone reading this, I am making this new story, which is basically a rewrite, however I’m hoping this one will be better than the last and won’t get such a negative reaction towards it. the last one was terrible, I’ll admit that. Now for the real summary.

Hello! I’m Buzz Lightyear, I don’t know how I got here, or if I can get back, but I’m going to make the best of it!

Join Buzz in his adventures in Equestria!

The sex, violence and profanity tags mean there will be sexual references, double entendres, and a few fights and or competitions, and a little bit of cursing. You have been warned.

Now, I had a plan to have the timeline to be a bit out of wack, so I can get in the best predicaments and problems.

I’m going to add a disclaimer, even though I get nagged about adding one. But just so we’re clear, and because I don’t really care what others think, I’m going to add one anyway just because I feel like it.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buzz lightyear or Mlp, Buzz belongs to Disney Pixar, and mlp belongs to hasbro. 

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Exactly what you saw earlier when you clicked on the short description.

Man dies and comes back as the pony of shadows, if you liked Venom and let there be Carnage, This is the story for you!

And if anyone wants to read this, be warned, shit’s about to get real.

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Hi I’m Mechagodzilla, I’ve been sent to Equestria by the merchant, now I’m an unstoppable giant robot. Weird day huh?

Before you read, I’d like to explain to you which Mechagodzilla this is, this Mechagodzilla is from the millennium series movie called Godzilla against Mechagodzilla, however I put in the weapons from the movie Godzilla Tokyo S.O.S., but I didn’t put in The triple maser canon, I kept the absolute zero weapon because I liked it better. I’m probably gonna add a few monsters from Godzilla movies, so be sure to give this a few likes and comments to keep the ball rolling. Hope you’ll enjoy it. I will make sure the chapters are long so you might have to wait a while before the next few chapters.

I was thinking of making this story a sequel to A Lone Synth(rewrite) but I didn’t think it would be good, so I decided to make this instead, I’m hoping it turns out a little better than a few others I’ve made.

Disclaimer: I do not own my little pony: friendship is magic or Mechagodzilla or any of the other giant monsters from TOHO and etcetera.

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Hi, my name is Buzz, at least it is now, but now I’m in Equestria and I’m the real Buzz Lightyear, only I’m not a toy, I’m the real deal!

That’s right folks, I'm making a Buzz Lightyear fanfic, because there are very few of them, I’m as surprised as you are! That’s why I’m making these stories, to pave the way for new possibilities and new ideas for your imagination!

I know that kind of sounds a bit sappy, but it gets the point across doesn’t it?

This is also because DISNEY PIXAR, is making a Buzz Lightyear movie that will be out June 14, 2022
Join me in the adventures of Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buzz Lightyear or my little pony.

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My name is Captain underpants, but it used to be james smithe, I was about to watch the captain underpants movie for the hundredth time, only for me to end up bald, fat, and wearing nothing but underwear and a cape.

Is this some kind of joke? If it is I'm not laughing.

Join captain underpants in: journey to talking pony land!

Disclaimer: I do not own my little pony or captain underpants.

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This fic, is about a fan of Hazbin Hotel, who made his own Alastor costume for halloween in New Orleans. Unfortunately he never got to go trick or treating, because he ordered the final piece of his costume from the merchant.

Warning: story includes content that may be uncomfortable for some readers.

Disclaimer: I do not own my little pony, the Alastor character, or the art within the story.

I'm mostly making this story because some people (you know who you are) have not written many stories like this, that feature the Hazbin Hotel franchise. So I must take it upon myself to pave the way for more of its kind. I do believe that this may be one of my best works, I’m gonna be working really hard on this. I hope you enjoy.

Enjoy my story, and please give it a like, and follow me for more content on my other stories.

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Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, a lone Synth is back and better than ever!

And things will go a bit smoother if everyone who reads and likes my stories also follow me.

Hey, this story is about a guy who goes to a convention dressed up as his own synth character named R-E-X. He finds the merchant, and guess what, ends up In Equestria right when Luna first turned into Nightmare Moon.

This will be a third story of mine, that might cross over to one of my other stories.

Disclaimer: I do not own the art, and I do not own mlp.

P.S. sex tag is only there for a few sex jokes.

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hey, I'm a Graboid, but I wasn't always one, I was human, then I went to a convention center dressed up like a Graboid. Now I'm in Equestria, and I'm just tunneling around.

I'm a Graboid that is a 35 foot long killing machine, and I like eating sweets. I like to swim, and sitting around in the sun.

This will be my fourth story, hope you all enjoy.

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This story is a sequel to The Dark One Has Risen

Hey folks! Mamoru Shinigami is back in this all new adventure.
join me as I venture out into the incredible world of Pokémon and......... More ponies!?!

Anthro ponies instead of feral ponies is a little better I guess, but hey what can you do?
This will be very Interesting!

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon or my little pony: friendship is magic

Ps sex tag is only for sex jokes. There will be no sex.
Violence tag is obvious cuz it's Pokémon, The Pokémon battle and get hurt.

and to everyone who read the first story id like to ask you to read it again, I made a few changes.

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Hi I’m Mamoru Shinigami, one morning I woke up in a land of talking Multicolor ponies, all because I got a letter from the merchant. not the craziest thing, but it’s definitely insane. Now let’s see what kind of mischief I get wrapped up in!!

Mamoru Shinigami's powers come from dark magic. With his dark magic, it seems like he has superpowers but in actuality his powers are just dark magic, manifesting as to appear like superpowers.

This story shall go to the series finale. So strap yourselves in for a wild ride. It may say alternate universe in the tags, but that's because There will be a few small differences here and there, not many but enough to make things interesting.

This is my first story. As you read it will begin a little boring, but then you may have a little more excitement with each chapter as the story progresses. I apologize in advance for the prologue. The other chapters will be a little more tasteful.

And I'd like to thank DarkKing2 for the art on the cover.

Disclaimer: I do not own my little pony: friendship is magic, it belongs to hasbro.

Ps, sex tag is mostly for prologue and a few sex jokes later on.
The rest of the mature tags are there because the character is an antihero, so stuff happens.

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