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Rainbow Dash questions her sexuality, Twilight gets confused, and Fluttershy is scared of everything.

What else is there to mention?
Oh, there's also a lesson in here somewhere.

Written by Shane(Best buddy)
Edited by me, twas a team effort.

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Greetings, and welcome to this amazing story write by yours truly.

No, not him, the other one. ME!

Anyway I will not have one of those descriptions that are all like "aaaaaahhhh this happens and you'll have to keep reading to find out what happened next!" No, those have gotten annoying to me.

All I ask of you is the give this a chance, and listen as the Conserto of creation plays though my fingertips and lands neatly on the page.

This, is the Symphony of Harmony.

this story is somewhat centered around music and mechanics in Equestria, like cars.

Oh and you may rage at me sometimes.

Chapters (2)

Jon is a mafia hit-man that loved his job with all his heart, but when a strange man sends him to a new world with a evil purpose what will he do?

He'll do more then evil, oh yes. A bone lord can do a lot of evil things.

Written in the world that was made by Rust and expanded by Blackwing.

Chapters (12)

Not the real end of Father Night, I just felt like writing this for something sad to go up by me. and now for some inspirational words.

Love like no tomorrow, for it may be your last day to love, and if it isn't, then love all the more.

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In the year 1977 A.S. (After Sparkle) the Lunar Republic still rules, as does the equally-powerful, yet underrated Coal and Oil Superpowers of Equestria, or COSE, until several long-forgotten ponies emerge from the darkness: Celestia, Twilight Sparkle, and the old king Father Night. Join these hero's as they try to stop the Lunar Republic and COSE from doing whatever it is there doing.

A story from the mind of Fleetwood_Brougham and written by myself. Please enjoy.

Chapters (4)

Earth's Guardian of darkness, Kurosawa, or Dark, has been thrown into Equestria in a very odd turn of events, 'I'm here too!' Pinkie please calm down you get to brake the forth wall as much as you want in the story. 'Okie-Dokie-Lokie!' Anyway let's see what happens shall we?

There will be blood and some gore but not until WAY later on so I'll put up the 'Dark' tag when they show up. and some romance here and there.

Chapters (11)

the sequel to my story 'Father Night', I recommend everyone go read that first or you may get a bit confused. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/12304/Father-Night
I hope you all enjoy!

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A young man by the name of Connor finds something he would have never have expected

DISCLAIMER: I do not own MLP:FIM or 'My Little Dashie' and please go easy on me. And if someone could would they draw me a cover thingy for this? I would very much be thankful and give you a shout-out. thanks!

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