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Hello, and goodbye, *Bang*


Not the real end of Father Night, I just felt like writing this for something sad to go up by me. and now for some inspirational words.

Love like no tomorrow, for it may be your last day to love, and if it isn't, then love all the more.

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“We won’t forget anything about you. Ever....”
You're damn straight I won't!:raritycry:
Thumbs-up 4 U!
BTW, thanks for letting me beat you up.

483726 BTW, how the hell does a pegasus get a horn?:trollestia:

483728 Oh you don't know? Well I suppose I can tell you, I turned you into a alicorn after the wedding :trollestia:

483735 Yeah, that's cool....
"A road trip?"
Classic Fleetwood!

483754 it would seem, Good thing I got that one right!

i cant cry easy but my tear dam did get leaks bro nice story :moustache::moustache::moustache:

we will never die we may be gone but we will be watching

490272 mind= blown all over the walls with a shotgun by god.

you are a god.
Are you saying you shot yourself in the face with a fucking shotgun?

I salute you

493893 It's funny when you can't die, when you jump off a building and just walk away the faces of people passing is priceless!

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