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Hello, and goodbye, *Bang*


In the year 1977 A.S. (After Sparkle) the Lunar Republic still rules, as does the equally-powerful, yet underrated Coal and Oil Superpowers of Equestria, or COSE, until several long-forgotten ponies emerge from the darkness: Celestia, Twilight Sparkle, and the old king Father Night. Join these hero's as they try to stop the Lunar Republic and COSE from doing whatever it is there doing.

A story from the mind of Fleetwood_Brougham and written by myself. Please enjoy.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 27 )

I know the grammer andspelling might be off but hey just enjoy it.

Aaaaand it's up!


you would post this while im in class! !now i have to wait 2 more hours!

Not exactly sure what that was about, but I'm jelly. Fleetwood and I go way back.

When this reaches 700 readers, we will celebrate!

And we will dance!
*insert badly-drawn animation of Fleetwood shuffling*

431543 Yes, must find best dance music when this happens!

431549 Use "Star Wars Disco" by Meco!

431330 Well, the only reason I'm not in class is that I'm "home sick".

431339 I have ties to more ponies than just you, man.


Good thing I'm not a pony, lol

437368 Wait...You aren't a pony?!


I love this fic sooooooooooooooooo much, I think my head's going to-
*falls over, has seisure*

437801 By the way, I was the sixth like.

I thought there was gonna be a 'Night shot first' scene.

You know
star wars
Han shot first

Dis is calling to me, a cry for aid to a dfark lord who is totes into it.

Yes, YES!


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