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Hello, and goodbye, *Bang*


Greetings, and welcome to this amazing story write by yours truly.

No, not him, the other one. ME!

Anyway I will not have one of those descriptions that are all like "aaaaaahhhh this happens and you'll have to keep reading to find out what happened next!" No, those have gotten annoying to me.

All I ask of you is the give this a chance, and listen as the Conserto of creation plays though my fingertips and lands neatly on the page.

This, is the Symphony of Harmony.

this story is somewhat centered around music and mechanics in Equestria, like cars.

Oh and you may rage at me sometimes.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 22 )

I won't do that thing where I thumbs up my own story, not this time.

This story will be the GREATEST THING WE'VE EVER DONE!

Hey, where's MY credit?

1055111 EVERYWHERE! Your characters so you get credit.

1055123 Apparently, I'm, "The Other You".

1055158 "Congratulations, Fleetwood, you're the new Father Night!"

I'll see you in COURT!

The sumary would have been better if you put conserto of creation instead of putting symphony twice

1055803>>1056576I loled at your cmoments!


Yeah, I bet you did. :twilightsmile:

1094996 they made me laugh so hard I fell out of my office chair ( rofl ftw)

WOW! Then, you'd probably like our collab stories, my writing style mixed with his sense of humor might be a good combination.

1095018 that and get a mat for the chair to rest on( damn you slippery hardwood flooring!)

1095048 I would of helped you write it but .........my grammar sucks :pinkiecrazy:

1047738 yeah i did that to mine to see if I could thumbs up my story then I relized i couldn't take it back:facehoof: but the story was cancelled so I won't be doing that again

1105037 I helped with the summary a little!:rainbowkiss:

1191065you did a great job too, friend! :ajsmug:

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