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Rainbow Dash learns responsibility the hard way after one night with Soarin' changes her life forever.

An ongoing series of slice-of-life snapshots, family friendly - or rather, clop-free.

Velocity - Rainbow Dash is never late. Today she's very late, in a way she never expected.

Home Away - Dash takes flight with the one pony who means means more to her than any other.

Skywriting - Sometimes you just can't speak all the words you need to say, and a letter is all you can manage.

We Few, We Happy Few - Don't ever tell this filly what she can and can't be.

Somewhere to Be - A storm rolls out of the Everfree on Dash's day off. She's got a game to get to, and there's no way this'll slow her down!

All chapters originally written as separate entries for flash-fic blog Thirty Minute Ponies (TMP). I highly recommend a visit to TMP if you're looking for some of the best 1000-word gems in pony fiction. Many thanks to TMP for inspiring me to write!

NOTE: Not related to the Luna's Librarian / Rustic & Romantic / If the Flight Suit Fits continuity. Originally this was an Alternate Universe fork from Egghead and Featherbrain, but is now a separate story entirely.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 88 )

It only takes the once, Soarin. Besides, let's face it: knowing Dash's luck it literally would only take the once.

Okay, this is a very bittersweet story. It requires taking a negative view of Spitfire (and, let's face it, as a secondary character who's had maybe a total of ten minutes on-screen focus, you can do what you like). Rainbow Dash is clearly making the best of this she can but, if the princesses can't change this, probably nothing will...

Unless Spitfire and Soarin have an unfortunate... "accident".

Is it odd that this story has 9 thumbs up and 15 Favorites, and it's not even live yet?

2415371 i like accidents accidents occure when the god of chaos turns you into a bunny... PLEASE TURN SOARIN INTO A BUNNY!!! or a rock that works to... DISCORD I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME TURN SOARIN INTO A ROCK OR SOMETHING!!! seriously give rainbow her kid back.

you know... sometimes I just could smack Spitfire into a wall... And whats that about wanting Soarin' all to her own? They apparenty werent even together when it happened so whats with the drama? Ugh.... where's a Yuri when you need one?...

2415419 I dont think Soarin' has done anything wrong. It's Spitfire who should be turned into a rock. Actually... Discord! Turn her into a carrot! Then we will feed her to Angel! Most embarrassing death ever! Being eaten by a cute little bunny

This... I approve of this story. Nicely written and interesting idea, will be watching for the next chapter

I'm liking this story. The idea that it's linked to egghead and featherbrain is kinda cool, I support it even though you said you weren't going to have them linked. I think a chapter in egghead and featherbrain about Twilight consoling Rainbow after she fails to get custody should link them it would add a really cool aspect to both of them. Anyway, done rambling, I like this story about Rainbow and her foal, you have made another wonderful story keep up the good work

2415384 Not in particular. I'd already read every story in the collection, noticed it existed as an entity to be upvoted, and upvoted it, before it even existed. Such is the nature of stories based in thirty minute pony stories, and stories that exist in shell form prior to going live. Additionally, I'm sure that the hype drove some to upvote quickly, so there'as that too.

Just by reading the description, I knew what it was. Girl thing. Honestly surprised Spitfire and the other mares didn't get it. Anyway, BRUNNEN, STOP MAKING GOOD STORIES. I CAN'T FIT THEM ALL IN ONE BOX NOW.

“Velocity Diane Dash, don’t you ever, ever say that again. Never! If it meant I could stay with you, I’d tear my own wings off. Forget the Wonderbolts! Nothing, and I mean nothing at all, is more important to me than you. Do you understand?”

Feels. :heart::fluttershbad:

TwiDash and SoarinFire in one fic plus Dash's adorable filly? *tries not to spaz over the awesomeness*

Dammit, Spitfire :twilightangry2:

I'm assuming Soarin is the one preventing this, since if the parents agree to a living arrangement for their child, the courts can't say shit.

Which I guess explains why Spitfire's working him to death, if she thinks he's being a douche.

And the next chapter proves me wrong.

And really, courts love awarding custody to the father? It's like Equestria is the opposite of the United States ;)

Ah I see. Well congrats Soarin looks like the alter gods have blessed you and Rainbow Dash. :pinkiesmile:

That sucks not being able to see your child very often when you've done nothing wrong. :fluttercry:

Really Spitifire you can't be happy for Soarin and let him and Rainbow Dash work things out? There's being stupid and then there's being just plain selfish! :flutterrage:

2415371 Well as long as Spitifre's the one who suffers the "accident" and not Soarin then any plan is fine by me. :pinkiecrazy:

who's the other mom?

Based on my fav date, I've been waiting on this story for almost 14 weeks.

Daaaamn, this Spitfire is a terrible pony. So she fires Dash for getting knocked up and then pushes for and gets custody of the foal for herself and Soarin? :twilightangry2:

Kinda screams for a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Dash does do everything fast, after all.

Bittersweet was the goal here, so... yay?

The thought of sabotage probably crossed somepony's mind.

Spitfire's not the nicest pony in this story, is she?


I seriously considered making this a prequel to Egghead & Featherbrain, and folding these chapters in. It's not where I wanted to take E&F, and I couldn't decide how to work in the edits I liked, so I kept it separate.

Yep, girl thing. I wondered how many readers would get the reference the first time Dash stumbled around, dazed and disbelieving, whispering "I'm late."

You're correct, it's a little bit of reversal of Earth (US) norms. Here, most courts default to taking the birth mother's side unless her situation is really egregious. It takes two to tango, so Soarin's not guiltless here, but he's got his own reasons for not following Dash.

It happens here, and thanks to one jackhole judge, in Equestria too. Somehow I don't think that judge'll get reappointed to the bench, but the damage has already been done.

Talk about a complicated relationship! Dash is Velocity's birth mother. Velocity lives with Soarin' and Spitfire, which makes Spitfire her stepmom. Dash herself is living with Twilight, which makes Twilight Verlocity's "other mom", at least in Dash's eyes. Note that Dash doesn't let Velocity call Twilight "mom", though - she tells her to call Twi "Miss Twilight".

:| ... Grr.


TARGET: Residence of Judge Head-Up-Plot

Momma Dash! :rainbowderp: Welp, that's new. :rainbowkiss: BUT SO AWESOME!

Love it all! Go Vee! :pinkiehappy:

Hm... I'm not so sure about this story. Looks good, except for this one little thing in the description.

one night with Soarin

I'll sleep on it and contact a notary. :unsuresweetie:

YAY NEW STORY!!!!!:yay:

2415526 They weren't together when it happened? That's not really the impression I got.

This is both the cutest and the most heartbreaking thing I've read. Great job. If only I could write something with half the emotion you've put into here.

When I read the initial description I was like eww soarindash but I love your stories and I am glad I gave it a chance :) onto the next chappie! Keep up the great work

2416101 I was thinking twilight cuz it says she moved in her with lol

Ahhh this was a good chappie...I love the 1000 word entry style you do...short sweet and to the point

And now I possess an undying hatred for Spitfire, good job.

Annnnnd... Featured! You people are awesome.



at least I'm not the only one now.

This is an interesting concept. i like it!

Well spitfire let me just say...
YOU SELFSH LITTLE BRAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:
yes yes I know I have a spifire pic as an avatar :facehoof:
( the truth is I actually knida like this pic of spitfire; mane down, calm, reading a book; I like it. :twilightsmile: )
I HATE HER in this story :flutterrage:
as always I pretend there are two of everypony one to hate :flutterrage: and one to love. :heart:
great story by the way :twilightsmile:
:yay: yay!

sad story:raritycry:
but so far so good :twilightsmile:
still hating spitfire :twilightangry2:

2417990 same, but i was starting to get the idea it was spitfire, because she almost said mom, but then she say Miss Spitfire [i think its cuz soarin maybe with spitfire]


Well I thought already after the first series "Huh... Something tells me, Dash would make a really good mother... she doubt her self and because of that she thinks very intense about the results of her actions... at least if it really matters, she tries even if she is convinced that she would probably fail, she always overcome her limits and become better every time she tries something, even if she have no idea what she is doing she tries to do it right, to give it all."

I always asked my self, if I'm the only one who beliefs that. :rainbowkiss:

Wow, that was unexpected... Love it, so far...

Gah! I felt like crying, and fics & stuff never make me cry!


Vee's a blast to write, and I can only imagine she'll get to be more fun.

It only takes once...

YAY! Thanks! Glad you liked it.

Were they or weren't they? Filling in that little detail could be a chapter in itself. Or two.

Many thanks! I've got one more collection about this size that's almost ready to release. WHo knows? One day maybe there'll be enough to make an appendix to that thing you did. Which I will blog about shortly.

Yeah - in my other Spitfire story she's a hothead but at least tolerable. I'll add a chapter here eventually featuring her and Soarin, and we'll see her side of events.

Dash will be an excellent mom, a soon as she gets the chance.

Dash = birth mother. Spitfire = stepmother. Twilight = birth mother's girlfriend / unofficial stepmother. Complicated much? Believe me, real live can get way messier than this.

Let me ask this just to get it out of the way. Bare botom, is this a soarindash fic?

Are you talking about the Yuri I'm thinking about or is there another Yuri I don't know? Because the Yuri I know would probably have quite the bone to pick with Spitfire. 'Do what is right and punish the unjust' and all that.

Anyway, why would Spitfire want to sue for custody? Sure to spite Dash, but is it really worth having the constant reminder that the person you are with was with someone else before you? Regardless, I hope that Dash gets custody as soon as possible.

This story is meant to skip years timeframe-wise with every chapter, so the next time we see Dash, who knows? As for Spitfire - she has her reasons. I'll hit those soon. We've only heard one side of the story. I can't guarantee it'll make her any more likeable, but I can tell you it's not 100% out of spite.

Not exactly a spoiler, so I'll call it: no. I debated adding the Romance tag at all. We'll see characters in relationships, but the story's not about the romantic relationships. The story's about Dash and Velocity at its core. Dash's relationships will play a role, but they're still in the periphery.

Oh hell with it, I'll read it. I just asked because I have a history of Raging horribly if soarinDash is in a story at all. It's better to ask and prevent these things then to put us both through the trouble.

As long as it's not too big of a part, I'm sure I'll be fine. :twilightsmile:

Then you should be happy with just how wrong this SoarinDash goes - or how right, if you're in the "everything happens for a reason" camp.

I was really confused at the 'Im late' thing. ThenvI started to understand when she went to Sorin

Getting legitimately sad from this:fluttercry:

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