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A gifted tinkerer, Ratchet Fix It was a colt determined to do his best in a new town far from his hometown of Coltchester as he left to take the job of engineer in the town of Ponyville, his life would be changed for the better meeting new friends and having some interesting adventures.

(Badly in need of an editor.)

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Nice start so far. Btw I found some errors in the text. The main one that I noted was

(...he was an average colt of medium brown fur and medium brown fur,) Repeat of words there man.

Other than that nice start, like I said

1645206Whoopsie, Fixed it now thanks for mentioning it and thanks for the comment :)

1645227No problem anytime. When do you think the next chapter will be out?

1645282 If I don't get bogged down by my coursework, possibly tonight but most likely tommorow

Hoorah sounds like a plan. I'll check it out then when it gets here, I'm definatly interested in what happens. Avante! :pinkiehappy:

1645332Hehe thanks :D

Oh my...
This... Is... So... Awesome! :rainbowkiss:
Insta fav and like
LOVE the premise, but if I may ask... are you in need of an editor? There are a number of grammar mistakes which I found and some things which honestly should have been caught. As an example...

A gifted tinker of mecahnics and general DIY Ratchet Fix It was a colt determined to do his best in a new town far from his hometown of Coltchester, taking the job of engineer and machanic in the town of Ponyville his life would be changed for the better meeting new friends and having some interesting adventures.

First, the bolded words: You misspelled mechanic not once, but twice, and in two different ways. In addition, you could easily remove one or the other and still get a complete thought.
Second, the underlined word: It should be tinkerer. Tinker is a verb while adding the extra -er makes it a descriptor.
Third, the italicized phrase: It needs to be changed around so that it flows more smoothly. Here is a good replacement using your own words... A gifted tinkerer and general DIY, Ratchet Fix It was a colt determined to... hmmm... really, the only thing that need's doing to improve the flow is to remove the phrase 'of mechanic' and add a comma.
Fourth, you made that entire paragraph one sentence...

PM me if you are interested in improving your writing.

1645709Glad you liked it so far, Mental note for myself - Stop writting things at two in the morning =. = :twilightblush: and as for editing sure why not :twilightsmile:

Is it that time of night? Because you just capitalized 'mental' for no reason and added an extra t to 'writing' :trixieshiftright:
And before I commit myself, I have a few questions which I need to ask. Expect a PM from me.

1645844-Facedesk- =_=

Nice OC, I must say.

1646326 Thank you :)

Nice bit of humor in this chapter, nice. Heres a question though, ias Twilight still walking around with cake on her? Lol

1661067 Nah cleaned herself off with her bippity boppity vodoo magic shit, you know the drill :P

1665221 I will never simply call it magic again. A mug of complimentary vodka for you!

1665394Hehe thanks :twilightsmile:

Very good so far! Loved the part with Derpy X3

1665221Lol I see rofls. Twilight and her magica lols:rainbowlaugh:

Damn dude thats funny. Id see something like that happening honestly, nice work so far ^^. Cant wait for chapter 4:pinkiehappy:

:pinkiehappy: LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Keep it coming, love the LOTR reference :pinkiehappy:

1669150 :twilightsmile: Someone noticed! thank you :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

Oh man, this is going to be interesting lol. In the long run though, is this fic going to play out with an 'epic adventure' of sorts were Ratchet helps save the day or is it going to be random events that he takes part in and helps out with?

Btw First Wooooot! :trollestia:

1680498Yes and no, I've got a couple ideas that intertwine with events from the actual series which will crop up in later chapters as well as some bits of randomness which is what the first bunch of chapters are about. And without giving to much away towards the end of this story itself it will turn slightly darker.

1681753Oh man, shit just got real :D. Sounds like a good story, I cant wait to read it:rainbowkiss:

New chapter? Oh man, Twilight beems with happiness:twilightsmile:

Nice man, very well done. Trixie has finally met her match, A PAU kicks all sorts of ass dosn't he? Lol:rainbowlaugh:

Makes you wonder though, what evil things Trixie has planned for Ratchet and A PAU? Find out next time on Pony Ball Z!

(Sorry had to:twilightblush:)

1718973Hah it's all good and you'll just have to wait and see what she has for the duo in the next chapter :rainbowwild:

Pretty good- may require a bit of proofing (just some run-on sentences, seems a bit rushed)
overall, not bad! worth a fav!

good chapters cant wait for the next one. :eeyup:

1752481Thank you, I'm hoping to get it out by sunday if my uni work dosn't get in the way :twilightsmile:

Second day in town and already making an enemy.

Nobody ever enters, and nobody ever leaves.

(Joke) Alt. Title: Ratchet & Spike: A New Beginning Of A Romcomedventure

OOOOOH shit just got real.

This is getting interesting:eeyup:

good chapter like the ending of this chapter cant wait for the next one. :eeyup:

With any luck if I can avoid procrastinating the next chapter it should be done by today or least Sat

Hmmm I have a feeling a couple thugs are gonna get their asses handed to them by some of gadget's gadgets *snort*.

Just have to wait and see :derpytongue2:

Horseapples! he needs a better defense system. I'm surprised he never thought of it before. Oh well, I'm looking forward to loads of retribution. I'd probably burn the word 'Evil' into their flanks over their cutie marks so everpony would know what they are.

Hehe, well the finale chapter is most likely going to be the longest and yes, they will be retribution....maybe....maybe not who knows :pinkiecrazy:

great chapter good cliffhanger cant wait for the next chapter.

...I'm disappointed Rachet never got a badass moment, but all's well that ends well. you do realize that just about every bad guy who falls to their death ALWAYS come back.

Don't worry, it's not the last time you'll see Ratchet, theres going to be a sequal to this. I've left a couple of hints about whos going to be in it as well as where it will take place :pinkiehappy: Hope you've enjoyed this anyway :twilightsmile:

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