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Tiberia Silverfang

Hello I am Tiberia, I like drawing, writing and reading. Not really much to say but still learing how to draw and write better, and to also hope to one day become an animatior.


takes place after the events of equestria girls, rainbow rocks and the friendship games: after a horrible acciedent and terrible school life, tiberious is sent to canterlot where he tries to put his past behind him and soon meets indigo zap, does she have the means to mend his broken heart?

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Roden: It's true Tiberious, we have all suffered in some way, some more than others, but we still suffered

Shard: Just don't let that negativity consume you, you can reach out here

Roden: You can find peace now, we've all got your back

Interesting redo, should be more interesting as time goes on.

Just one teeny tiny nitpick though, some of the sentences are a little off, thats about it

I think it's better if Indigo Zap doesn't transfer in this one, a relationship of a CHS student and Crystal Prep is like Romeo and Juliet, minus the suicide at the end of the story.

great chapter man, look forward to the next one
6980181 and ragga, if indigo doesn't transfer, then who will fang/tiberious get together with?

6980218 err, that's the point of Romeo and Juliet thing, they meet up somehow.

6980245 randomly bump into each other, only this time not in a school, but on the sidewalk!

What a twist!

An excellent start. Can't wait to see more.

6980170 Tiberious: Thanks Roden and Shard, im glad to have better friends here.
Thanks man, as well the reason why is i was changing somethings and messed up a bit.

6980181 Hmm... a romeo and juliet story in the PoME universe, nice i like the idea.

6980267 Thank you guys, the next chapter will come out soon as i can, also the next chapter will be a bit more on the main character and introducing the love intrest.

Man! That was a rough beginning for Tiberious. :fluttershyouch:

Lone Wolf: I'm sorry for your loss through all these years Fang. At least you've know your parents. The only thing I have of mine is a picture of them when I was only a few months old. Remember the good times you've had with your parents and girlfriend. Let them be your treasure through your life.

Alchemy: Nice to see you again and I look forward to being your friend Tiberious. Great start to your remake.
Agreed this looks like it will be a great story.

6980327 KO awesome remake and funny that you put Crocker in the story. Laughable. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowlaugh:

Rapid: Fang i'm so sorry that happened to you i can't imagine the pain you went through during those years and i'm so sorry to what has happened to you.
Also good job on the rewrite Tiberious question will you ever use the idea that you PM'd me about?

6980327 *chuckles* Make sure you tell her that a friend of hers is coming for a visit soon.
Eclipse, be nice.

6980372 Tiberious: I will always treasure the memories, for they shall live on here *points to his head* and in here *places a hand on his heart* for they shall live on as long as i live.

6980472 Tiberious: Thanks Alchemy, and we both thank you.
Yup, i feel like we can make a better story this way.

6980480 Thanks as well we thought it would be funny to put in.

6980547 Tiberious: It was terrible man, but i know with the help of everyone i can escape the darkness and into the light.
Thanks Lunar, as well yes i will but sometime later in chapters, it will still follow the same way to be exact with Fang getting his nickname, becoming part of the arrow family, and him and Indigo getting together might use the same idea from the original but tweak it more.

6980618 Dude your crazy, and that what makes you a great part of the group.

6981062 Alright have a good night Tiberious.

6981062 *chuckles* You can't be crazy if you were never normal to begin with.

6981932 Good point man, good point

6982501 Multiple reasons really, the story got out of hand, supernatural stuff, the half-demon story line, did not get the characters right, so the end result was give the story a reboot and tell a different story with it.

6982597 Yup, but i do still have the original, i might re-uploaded it as an alternate universe type thing.

6982779 Thank you, but i might do it a little bit later in the future, don't know yet.

Hey, I just had an idea. In Rodens new backstory he lost his siblings, as well as his father who's death was his fault, with this he become slightly closed off. Maybe Fang and Roads (Rodens nickname) could meet each other and become best friends due to understanding and matching personalities.

6982803 That is, the smartest idea ever, i like it man. They both become friends because they both have a common ground, i like it man very great idea.

6982818 glad you like it. Btw I'm still up for helping with a chapter

6982852 You are welcome man, as well that's good to hear, i will make sure to message you about it.

Leger is a jerk.
Alchemy: no kidding guys like him make me sort of glad to not go to crystal prep anymore.

Now this was good. Very good.

Treble: I swear if someone f*cking roleplays, I'll parade around CHS in the nude.

6997400 Yeah he is, but he got what he deserved.
Fang: aint that the truth, but im glad to have friends like you guys.

6997406 Thank you very much Ragga.
Fang: Why do I get the feeling that someone is going to take that challenge.

Lemon Zest, you know me better than that. I never attack someone without reason. Like Ledger, we made a deal: I would help him with his schoolwork, due to his failing grades, and in return he stops flirting with Indigo. He didn't honor that agreement, so I attacked him.

So the Crystal Prep students will make more appearances including our Oc's? Cool, I like it.
Nice chapter btw. :raritywink:

Pretty good chapter Tiberious well done but... you misdid one of Rapid's details he has magenta eyes not ruby eyes.
Rapid: Also why does everything bad sometijmes happen at our school....

A tip, you might wan't to try breaking up your paragraph's a little with spacing, it make it easier to read. Other than that, good chapter.

Roden: Looks like Blueblood isn't the only one I need to straighten out, I'll head over to Crystal Prep as soon as possible to deal with Ledger

Zanny: Time for a douchebag beatdown

Zerlinda: I'll get the popcorn

Romeo and Juliet style huh? I like it

I like where this is going and I agree with Gran you might want to break up you paragraphs. Awesome chapter Fang.

6997748 Yes, but she was looking out for the school, you, and the students as well making sure you do not get arrested.

6997859 Thank you very much, as well it will be switching between schools so I thought it would be a good idea.

6997951 Sorry about that Lunar, could not find your character description.
Fang: As well Rapid.... I have no idea, guess both of our schools will be like that now.

6997970 I will make sure to keep that in mind Grann, as well thank you very much.

6998013 Fang: All I have to say Roden is good luck with that man.
As well thank you, the idea was given by Ragga_muffin and thought it would be neat to do.

6998082 Thank you Cosmic as well I will make sure to keep it in mind.

6998201 *scoffs* Please. I've been arrested many times, but I always get out.

6998293 Oh that's not all I've done. I convinced my birth parents to put 1 million dollar life insurance policies on themselves and to put me as the beneficiary on their will so I got all the money. And after a little accident, they sadly perished. Now I have 2 million dollars in the bank.

6998444 *dark chuckle* At least I didn't kill them myself. Oh wait, I did.
Why do you sound proud of that?
Oh I am. I'm very proud of myself for murdering them and forging their documents to give me a ridiculous amount of money.

6998612 *groans* Please don't. Just promise me that you didn't kill anyone else.
....No one important.
Just this kid in my 4th grade class. I don't remember her name.
Why did you kill a little girl?!
She wouldn't stop whining every day over something stupid, so I killed her in a dark alleyway.

6998659 You know what, in the words of seventy`s spider man, I'm going to back out of here and come back when shit is less weird. *begins to walk backwards out of the room*

6998686 I agree, I will be back in about ten minutes and things better be less weird. *walks out the door and closes it*

6998695 Eh, give it 5 minutes.
*sighs* You have a long way to go.

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